The French

Must be Hump Day

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There seem to be endless drawings of French maids being punished with martinets. Usually, it’s the lady of the house doing the honors. I suppose it’s an occupational hazard.

Sometimes the roles are reversed

I am told using a ladder is a French invention

The martinet is often seen

Really Consensual Spanking

So you went in the kitchen, annoyed your wife for the 2,000th time, suggested she paddle you with a kitchen spoon, she did, both felt better, sex followed. Ooops, wrong blog. How could a woman believe she was affecting behavior after two-thousand times with no change? She has to know it’s a game.

It’s good seeing women (and men) that know what they want and need and make it clear to their partner what that is and when they need it.

Thinking about all the times Bacall has brought me a paddle or started paddling herself to show me what was on her mind.

This post is what OBB is about


Thanks for all your likes. I followed your links, but found nothing about you.


EndArt – Once More

I don’t know the name or anything about of one of the most prolific spanking illustrators. Today, I bring you a few illustrations that have not already been worn out on other sites. Along with humor, there was often an erotic element to the drawings. Most illustrations were of women being spanked by men or women. There were more than a few illustrations showing men getting the board from a woman. No one got off easy.


For some, a spanking is almost incidental to the scene


Someone called this guy Bigfoot in a recent post. Here he is flogging a lass.

I feel a little sorry for this gal. Handcuffed and paddled fast and furious


For those into anal and hair pulling

If you Google spreader bars, you will find the industrial version


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

One like this is for home use. Easily made.

This one is offered for $180

Kinda unique





May Day

I could post a lot of stuff. But I will not.

The Biden administration acts as if it has a broad mandate to pursue the most ambitious left-wing agenda in history, involving a massive expansion of the federal government and unsustainable spending increases.

One example is the $1.9 trillion Covid relief package, which goes mostly to new programs that have nothing to do with the coronavirus. Similarly, Mr. Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal would spend hundreds of billions on roads, bridges, ports, airports, utility grids and broadband— but almost $1.5 trillion on other things.

All this largess requires confiscatory tax increases that would punish savings by raising capital-gains tax rates, devastate small businesses that pass profits through to their owners by taxing income more heavily, and make U.S. businesses less competitive abroad by raising corporate rates well above those of foreign competitors.

There are also bills that would federalize elections, force unionization of America’s workforce, and make the district of Columbia a state. And of course, the panel to study packing the Supreme Court and diminishing its power to curtail unconstitutional laws and executive actions.

The above is now dated after his 6 trillion wish list of this week.



Hump Day for the working masses

I don’t see enough of this attire in the wild. But, when I do, I want to spank what I see.

Bacall showed me these shorts. We both regret she would no longer look good in them. She liked to dress like this and priss around.

When I see yoga pants in the wild, it seems most women hang a jacket over their bottoms to prevent viewing. Makes me wonder why they wear them.

What about a pair of well-fitting jeans?

Jodphurs, not just for riding

I can not puzzle this screen name out, but I appreciate his/her regular Likes.

Be like bklynny.

Paddling Debbie

Debbie loved to have her bubble butt paddled. I was honored to do so.

The First Time – She wore a schoolgirl outfit – her idea

Bending over the dining room chair that she checked for proper spanking height before buying

Bacall gives her what-for

A Sunday morning going away paddling

Bulls eyes! – Just getting started

Our custom spoon in action