Menu Of Some Half Decent Spankings On SpankingTube

If you find one that you like, see if the poster have others that have some appeal to you. You may find that some posters under either F/M or M/F have other clips where the other partner is spanked. They switch, but not in same clip.

If you have a fav, send me the link.

They are listed in the usual categories, F/M, M/F, Switching and Self Spank.

If any of the links give problems, please let me know so I can fix it.


Spanked to Orgasm – JcBc

She uses a hairbrush on him OTK

Topless Caning – hungariancouple

I like slim folks, like we used to be

Paddling Part2 – cajun_spank

She paddles hard and he takes it. Maybe when I was younger I could have taken the paddling he gets.

No Nonsense F/M – flibackpaddled

She wears a classic 1950’s polka dot dress and burns his buns with a red Fli-Back paddle

A little too much for me, but I am sure it will appeal to many

Bath brush OTK by the fire

Paddle Him

The Spanking Couple. This one is discipline,  but putting that aside it’s the way Bacall paddles me – hard and slow.


I get a Very hard Spanking! – dirtylittlesecret

Sounds like the guy from agoodspanking

Message Received – agoodspankin

He delivers a good paddling and she takes it

Lucky #7 Part 2 – agoodspanking

He does it again

27th Birthday Swats – naughty kitten

As advertised, 27 licks

Caned As Foreplay – LovelyFetish

Short romantic canning and shagging

70 colpi con il frustine – sculacciateroma

Erotic canning. She wears “spanking panties”.

A Little Harder – two_weirdos

Erotic with a belt

Seems Like I Will Be Posting… – canjun_spank

She takes as good as she gives.

The Professor Paddles Maryanne – The_Shadow

Attractive couple, she takes a wood paddle over the end of a couch

I Asked For It – zilor

She wanted the paddle, she got the paddle

Alyssa Is Late – AmateurSpankings

A realistic paddling clip from Amateur Spankings,

Severe Paddlings Outdoors – realspankings

Another pro clip from Real Spankingsm for the outdoor fans

Three Girl School Paddling – MichaelRMasterson

Michael Masterson puts the wood to three gals in jeans in a school setting


A Duel With a Big Wood Hairbrush – cplspank

Some will think this is just silly, but I like it and I have played this way more than once.

45 Seconds of Agony – cplspank

As advertised, both spank the other for 45 seconds.

Come Here Sweetheart – tango kilo

She paddles him a lot more than he paddles her, but they do switch.

Paddling Each Other – FilecabinetOTK

She is Miss Giggles but they have fun

Self Spank

Releasing Some Stress – Pixxitoy87

In Covid times, you need some relief