Hump Day for the working masses

I don’t see enough of this attire in the wild. But, when I do, I want to spank what I see.

Bacall showed me these shorts. We both regret she would no longer look good in them. She liked to dress like this and priss around.

When I see yoga pants in the wild, it seems most women hang a jacket over their bottoms to prevent viewing. Makes me wonder why they wear them.

What about a pair of well-fitting jeans?

Jodphurs, not just for riding

I can not puzzle this screen name out, but I appreciate his/her regular Likes.

Be like bklynny.

Yoga Pants

A post for men who like to see a rounded highly spankable bottom in tight pants. Yes, the gals know exactly how you are going to react.

The first group are not yoga pants but in the same zipcode.


And now as advertised Yoga pants

And finally Heidi

How we do it down here in Redneck Country. These are skinny dipping party robes. We try to waste but recycle.


That’s a wrap for the week


Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

Another reason that I like yoga pants that in addition to showing off the woman’s form, it hides any ink.

Would make a great recruiting poster

In homes across the country, thousands of women are taking butt selfies every minute

If there is a guy behind her watching the game, he is nuts