Once again I have several images that I find strange.

Your Jeopardy Host

Now This Is A Party. Bells?

The Old Ball and Chain?

The Brits are truly odd. How could a guy get off on having a Girl Guide spank him? Yet another picture taken in unfinished basement.

The Brits also get off on carpet beaters and plimsolls.

How does sticking it through a hole enhance the experience? How many glasses of wine have these women had?

This must be from some English magazine like Janus. The spanker was always 70-something while the spankee was much younger. Perhaps he was the publisher?




I don’t think I will ever understand the attraction of an anal hook

I find these Girl Guides outfits a bit odd.

You want to be spanked by a Girl Scout?

Basements, equipment rooms, etc. seem to do double duty as dungeons.

Birthday party? You suppose alcohol was in anyway involved?

You pull her skirt up and see this

Would love to know the story about this

Handjobs – WTF

In Animal House there is a scene where a couple is parking and she puts on white gloves to give him a handjob. I see the humor in that as it was not too far removed from the tentative sexual mores of those times. Or at least what a good girl was supposed to be like.

I have always enjoyed a handjob. In my old age, I have learned that handjobs take forms I never imagined. Edging – getting close, and then stopping several times. OK, prolongs the fun. Ruined, she takes her hand off just before he cums, he squirts but does not orgasm. Why the heck a guy would want that is beyond me. A variation is holding in his squirt with her finger.

Then we have slapping or whipping the cock. Gads.

Or how about a handjob where she wears rubber kitchen gloves?

Some men of the FLR type want to be locked in cock cages and only be free when their mistress allows that.  I can not relate to that for him or her.



Here is an illustration that seems to be popular. The caption is below.

Panties, cock cage, he gets let out once a month for a handjob from his wife, but he only has 60 seconds or, maybe next month.

I guess this means some men are not comfortable being men.

In masturbation clips I have seen, the women’s face may be shown or be completely or partially hidden. The man’s face is never shown. The man is usually quiet, but the women may doing the moaning. WTF?

I think I would prefer the white gloved handjob in Animal House to some of these.

WTF – Pumpkin Edition

Images have been building up in the WTF folder.

She is scary, but some man wanted a picture of her

I can not think of a reason for this
The Brits are a little different

We all seem to like it different, but a slipper? Really. That would be like a feather to me.

It seems to me that a lot of men who want to be spanked are submissive to the extreme.  They want the woman completely in charge. They want to serve the woman and deny themselves. I learn this is Locktober, the celebration of chastity and no male orgasms. I am to believe that their women are quite happy with only oral sex. It’s a strange new world. 

With her dressed in black skimpies, putting on a cock cage would never enter my mind

Dildo’s are quite popular. Amazon sells the shit out of them. But, why would anyone think of posing this shot in the kitchen? WTF

This is totally beyond my comprehension.

Wonder Why More Submissive Men Don’t Demand This?


Time to post the accumulated WFT pictures.

Why are 10% of spanking pictures are taken with a computer in the background? Thankful computers are no longer this size.

Another 15% of spanking pictures are taken in the kitchen. Why is this room so popular?

But fully 25% are taken in hotel/motel rooms

A foam slipper is so not going to hurt. You Brits. From foam slippers to canes. Quite a range.

What the hell is she aiming at? His shoulders?

Seem humans can perv on any object, even Wellies.

WTF Friday

I have not posted what I consider rather odd pictures in awhile. So today, I do. 

Ghost gal with an attitude

At first glance, I thought the kids were offering Mom a hairbrush. However, research says When Andrews, an itinerant portraitist, painted the children of Nathan Starr in Middletown, Connecticut, he went beyond the traditional “conversation piece” format to offer an intimate view of the family playing an early form of badminton called “battledore and shuttlecock” in a Greek Revival parlor, whose open doors reveal a sweeping view of the Connecticut River. In what appears to be a private narrative, the youngest child in the picture, Edward, holds a hoop in his right hand and a gaming stick in his left, pointed heavenward; his death in 1835 may have been the occasion for the group portrait.

OK, that concludes your art history class for today.

Another WTF

I enjoy posting these kind of pictures. Perhaps it makes me feel smug.

The first one is spanking related. Evidently taken during a cheesy spanking video. I get the scouting uniforms, even if that is not my thing. It’s the spanker. Pink hair! Hose are not worn with such a uniform. Nor are air force insignia. The spankee does have rather cute cheeks.


Moving along and out of spanking we come this one. I guess she is pegging him, but WTF is with the rain boots.


Enjoy the weekend. We plan to.


z mice

There are many things beside quantum mechanics that I do not understand. Here are two of them.

wtf - jap sailor outfit wtf asian6

Some spanking blogs have a strong fascination with Asian women, many of whom are photographed in sailor outfits. What’s with that?

x What_The_Fuck_Is_This_Shit

On some Tumblr blogs along with spanking pictures I see pictures like this one. What the F**k is this about!

wtf dick tumblr_n1krdgU7pA1ra163eo10_r1_400

Some men like to do really strange things with their equipment. She can not contain her giggles.