One Dozen Pair Of White Panties – II

Once in blue moon, I see a spanking on SpankingTube that interests me. This is one of them. Light hearted, playful and they talk to each other. If you have a SpankingTube account sign on and give them a like. 27th Birthday Spanking


And now another baker’s dozen + 1 of white panties just in time for a white Christmas.

What Makes Spanking Special

My biggest joy in spanking a woman for the first time is exploring what she wants, what will make it special for her. She bares her soul, perhaps for the first time, telling another human how she wants to be spanked. That deep secret is special to me. For me, it’s like having sex for the first time, but well planned. At some point in the discussion she asks what will make it special for me. That’s the thing with women, they see both sides of a relationship and they want it to work for both. Will this outfit work for you? What about panties? Is being called Daddy OK or would you prefer Uncle? Bless them, they cover all the details. You can call me submissive, but I much prefer to have them tell me what want and do it, rather than telling them how I will do it. There is time for that later.


When asked what I think is the prefect spanking outfit, I always love to see a woman in a short plaid skirt, white underwear, long white socks, a black bra and a white see through blouse. A school girl look mixed with tart wear. I don’t see them as school girls or treat them as such, but I like the combination.

I can still recall the first time we shopped for a fitted white blouse for Bacall. She was so proper then. She was not all that comfortable even wearing it around the house. She warmed up to the look after a little time. Sadly BMI, does not allow for the look any longer.

Bra exposure seems to be popular with the movie stars being photographed at openings. Otherwise, I have not seen many such photographs on the web.


tart wear2

tart wear3


I think the next picture I fliched from Wordsmith. He shares my penchant for long white socks.

Is that a Playboy bunny on her blouse?

I am shocked to see where her left hand is.

What a deplorable setting. Have schools gone down that much?

knee socks

Sports Anyone?


Is it too late for tennis? We don’t keep up with it. One of the regular readers pointed me in the direction of the these pictures, so I wanted to share them with you, even if tennis season is over, spankable bottoms are always in season.

Seems that I forgot to do a Friday post, so I will schedule this for Saturday morning in the US.

Enjoy the weekend!



Three pictures for the sports fans.

The last one is girdle like.