Daisy Dukes

You want to hear my excuse for not posting at the regular time? I thought not. It’s a really good one tho. In one word,¬† BUSY.

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A salute to Daisy Dukes


Today’s special¬† humor

If you laughed you either hate men or women.

Life Changes

Long-time readers, all three of you, know that over the last 15 years we have spent 6 to 8 months each traveling the western states in our RV. It has been a most enjoyable way of life for us. The RV has been parked since we got home last October.

Leukemia has been a roller coaster ride of feeling almost normal to not feeling like getting up. From having a ravenous appetite to not eating much. This year when I have felt decent enough to do a few things outside, it was too damn hot.

At best I have enough “energy” to enjoy life until noon. Then I am headed downhill the rest of the day. It makes no sense to travel with that limitation.

Finally the weather and my “energy level” synced and I got the RV washed. With tears in her eyes Bacall has started to take things out of the RV and getting it ready for a new owner. It makes no sense to let it sit in the driveway.

So there is that – a life style now in the rear mirror.

Any male over 50 knows something about their prostate. Mine is quite enlarged and is cancerous. Its too large to operate on or to freeze, so I am taking a hormone treatment which is shrinking it and with radiation I should last 5-10 years. More than long enough.

One of the effects of the hormone therapy is a total lack of interest in sex or spanking. That means my interest in OBB is quite low.

I suspect that I will continue to post for a time. I may do more political posts.

Not quite dead yet.