I Google for shrimp base (to use in a recipe for sherry cream sauce) I see this

Sand vs Gravel vs Bare Bottom

which of course “startled” me. It continues

What is Better for Shrimp and Fish?

You probably came here for something spanking-related?

If so, I offer these illustrations.

By the talented Dave Wolfe

By Waldo

You never know what I will post. I don’t either.



Super-recognizers never forget a face

They need to focus on it only once to instantly recognize it again, even if they encounter it years later, and sometimes even if they see only one feature, such as the eyes.

They also can get a pretty good idea of what a face looks like in profile if they initially see it straight on. Most ordinary people see faces differently. Their brains take a frontal facial snapshot, which usually is how they remember it — if they can remember it at all.

“Super-recognizers definitely have an extraordinary skill that scientists have only been investigating in the last few years,” says Josh Davis, professor in applied psychology at the University of Greenwich in London, and a super-recognizer expert. “We are only just learning about how they do it.”

Super-recognizers belong to an elite group — experts estimate their numbers at less than 2 percent of the population — and are at the top end of a facial cognition spectrum that includes prosopagnosia, or “face blindness,” or exceptionally poor facial recognition, at the bottom.

“Society operates under the assumption that everybody is about the same at recognizing faces, and that everyone sees the world in the same way,” says Richard Russell, professor of psychology at Gettysburg College, and an author of a 2009 paper that first described the existence of super-recognizers. “That simply is not true.”


Waukesha Killings Make the Media Colorblind Again

Jason Riley writes for the Wall Street Journal

People who are interested in a postracial America don’t name their organization Black Lives Matter or welcome racial propaganda like the “1619 Project” into elementary schools. They don’t advocate racial preferences in college admissions or racial quotas in hiring. And they don’t call for white people who were never slaveholders to pay reparations to black people who were never slaves.

Legs Up

Here I go again.

Wanna Be Doms imagine that humiliation plays an important part of spanking. They think the legs up position has to be the ultimate spanking position to induce humiliation.

Bull Shit!

I have never found a woman to be at all humiliated by having her legs held up. If the man does it just to have a peek, I think he is the one who should feel humiliated. He should be focused on ensuring the spanking is to her needs not in having a peek. I have heard from too many women about men they played with that were far more interested in sex than than spanking them.

I like the position as 1) It allows me to have eye contact with her. 2) She can see the paddle, cane etc. descending.

A clever and unique piece of furniture

Pervertables at the Habitat ReStore

Bogey & Bacall,

Wendy and I took a short trip to coastal southeast Florida recently to visit our daughter.  As usual, when we vacation and see a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, we stop in just to browse. This trip was no exception.

Some ReStores are stocked with junk which is not worthy of a second glance; ReStores located in coastal Florida are a definite exception – wealthy residents produce very nice hand-me-downs usually in excellent condition.

As we entered the store there was a volunteer stocking shelves from a small cart. Among the items in his cart was a smallish cheese serving board (I think that was the intended use), to me it screamed “paddle”.  Made from some light wood, about 3/8” thick, oval shaped “business end”, a little long for OTK but certainly suitable for a bent over spankee’s bottom – shaped very similar to the paddle shown in your “My Dream” post except the handle was a bit wider.

I saw the volunteer put the cheese board into an end aisle display bin in the kitchen items department; I noted the location for later in our visit.

Kitchen items were stocked on a series of shelves which ended near one of the exterior walls leaving a walkway so one could walk around the shelf ends into the next aisle when shopping. So the kitchen department aisles had a very public end and a fairly private end within the shelf layout.

There were a few other customers in the ReStore at this time, one couple in particular caught my eye because they actually had a shopping list – they appeared to be snowbirds that had just arrived and needed some specific items for their winter lodging. They were working methodically through the kitchen section and picking up their finds.  Early 60’s, not country club types, more like nicely aging Junior Leaguers, too pale to have been in Florida for very long.

I wandered back toward the bin where the cheese board had been placed – it was gone!  Oh well, we have a good supply of paddles already…..

I continued down one of the aisles in the kitchen section and got to the “private end” of the aisle just as the husband of the snowbird couple tilted his basket around the end of the shelves and showed the items to his wife who was facing away from me – the “cheese board” was right on top!  She glanced left and right as though checking for any witnesses – then she rubbed her fanny and nodded “yes”. She checked, but I saw her, her husband did not see me as he was still in his aisle, probably smiling ear to ear.

As we were headed out of the door a few minutes later, I met the woman……….. I could not resist, I said, “Enjoy your stay.”, then winked and patted my own bottom – she blushed scarlet! Just as I suspected, that cheese board will be put to an alternate use in the very near future. Hers? His? Both?  I gave her a thumbs-up and continued out the door.  I can imagine what she said to her husband.

It reminded me of the time, years ago, when Wendy and I bought our Fli-Back paddle at a garage sale and the older female seller knew exactly how it was going to be used. Wendy was also flushed when she got into our car that day – “Oh my God, she knows we bought this for spankings!”  My reply was, “Only on bare bottoms!”

Ya’ just never know what you’ll see at the ReStore!


We Are Lost

America is losing the thread. Compare the America of now with the America of 20 years ago, and we see a deterioration. We feel disturbance at this because we don’t know if we can get our way back. The losing of the thread feels bigger than ideology, bigger certainly than parties. It feels like some more fundamental confusion, an inability to play the role of who we are, and to be comfortable in who we are.

Certainly, most obviously and geopolitically we lost the thread in Afghanistan. We went there 20 years ago to make quick work of mass murderers who’d attacked us, and those who’d harbored and helped them. But we didn’t get the man who gave us 9/11, he escaped, and attention turned elsewhere, to Iraq, and we just stayed and walked in circles and came up with new words to rationalize the mission and it all turned into a muddle of confused intentions. Ten years in it was like the drunken song, “We’re here because we’re here.”

Evidence of a lost thread: 9/11 was a deeply communal event. We were all in it together, wounded together and mourning together. We dug deep, found our best selves, and actually saw the best selves in others. The spontaneous community of those who showed up at the hospital to give blood, of those on the top floors of the towers who gathered to try to lead people out, of those on the plane who banded together to storm the pilot’s door—“Let’s roll.” It wasn’t just you, you were part of something.

Just about every large business in America is now run by its human resources department because everyone appears to be harassing and assaulting each other, or accusing each other. Is this the sign of a healthy country?

Twenty years in our history is treated as all sin, sin, sin. We’re like mad monks flagellating ourselves. We are going through a nonstop condemnation of our past and our people and their limits and ignorance. It isn’t healthy. Reflection and honest questioning are, but not this. And so much of it comes from our most successful and secure, our elites and establishments. Regular people look and think, “But if our professors and media leaders and tech CEOs hate us, who is going to help us think our way out of this mess?” And they know someone has to, because they know in a way elites can never understand, because they have grown so used to security.

No nation can proceed in the world safely and fruitfully when at bottom it hates itself.

Corner Time

I have never been a fan of corner time. I saw this image and it made me think this could be a whole different take on corner time. Not my cup of tea, but I know it is for some guys.

Admin stuff. We are still in areas where a hot cell signal is a luxury. Plus our bandwidth allotment for the month is about gone. So this may be the only post for the week.

PS Readership is down by 20% in the last two weeks. You find something better. I saw Bonnies recent list of new spanking sites. I was not impressed.

Who’s Next?

I was un-alternately opposed to every Obama policy. I did not think we could have a worse president – excepting the weak-willed Jimmy Carter.

I was wrong. When the choice was between Hillary and the loudmouth Trump, I held my nose and voted for Trump. I was at ease with most of his policies, except his wronged-headed positions on tariffs and trade. I was especially pleased with his judicial appointments. He could have been re-elected had he just shut his mouth and played golf for most of 2020.

Now we have the worst of the worst.

Who’s next? I don’t have a clue. Who with any self respect would want to mud-wrestle with Trump? I think we will continue with a mental defective.

The Catholic Church’s position on abortion is “human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.” Traitor Joe says it’s the woman’s right to choose. Does that qualify him for ex-communication? Asking for a friend.