Biden At 39%

Biden is lower than even Carter polled. It’s amazing to me that 39% believe he is doing a good job. The kindest thing I can say about them is that they are, like Biden, disconnected from reality.

His first major blunder was Afghanistan. China is now courting the Taliban to harvest the vast stores of rare minerals there. We screwed the pooch in Afghanistan and the Afghanis are paying the price.

Profligate spending gave us the worst inflation we have seen in 40 years, and folks, it will get worse. You can take that to the bank.

I did not suspect he was such a progressive. He has thrown in with the red hot crazies like The Squad.


I Google for shrimp base (to use in a recipe for sherry cream sauce) I see this

Sand vs Gravel vs Bare Bottom

which of course “startled” me. It continues

What is Better for Shrimp and Fish?

You probably came here for something spanking-related?

If so, I offer these illustrations.

By the talented Dave Wolfe

By Waldo

You never know what I will post. I don’t either.



Super-recognizers never forget a face

They need to focus on it only once to instantly recognize it again, even if they encounter it years later, and sometimes even if they see only one feature, such as the eyes.

They also can get a pretty good idea of what a face looks like in profile if they initially see it straight on. Most ordinary people see faces differently. Their brains take a frontal facial snapshot, which usually is how they remember it — if they can remember it at all.

“Super-recognizers definitely have an extraordinary skill that scientists have only been investigating in the last few years,” says Josh Davis, professor in applied psychology at the University of Greenwich in London, and a super-recognizer expert. “We are only just learning about how they do it.”

Super-recognizers belong to an elite group — experts estimate their numbers at less than 2 percent of the population — and are at the top end of a facial cognition spectrum that includes prosopagnosia, or “face blindness,” or exceptionally poor facial recognition, at the bottom.

“Society operates under the assumption that everybody is about the same at recognizing faces, and that everyone sees the world in the same way,” says Richard Russell, professor of psychology at Gettysburg College, and an author of a 2009 paper that first described the existence of super-recognizers. “That simply is not true.”


Waukesha Killings Make the Media Colorblind Again

Jason Riley writes for the Wall Street Journal

People who are interested in a postracial America don’t name their organization Black Lives Matter or welcome racial propaganda like the “1619 Project” into elementary schools. They don’t advocate racial preferences in college admissions or racial quotas in hiring. And they don’t call for white people who were never slaveholders to pay reparations to black people who were never slaves.

Legs Up

Here I go again.

Wanna Be Doms imagine that humiliation plays an important part of spanking. They think the legs up position has to be the ultimate spanking position to induce humiliation.

Bull Shit!

I have never found a woman to be at all humiliated by having her legs held up. If the man does it just to have a peek, I think he is the one who should feel humiliated. He should be focused on ensuring the spanking is to her needs not in having a peek. I have heard from too many women about men they played with that were far more interested in sex than than spanking them.

I like the position as 1) It allows me to have eye contact with her. 2) She can see the paddle, cane etc. descending.

A clever and unique piece of furniture