Girdle Paddling

I came across several pirated spanking vids on Youtube recently. [They are deleted now] One was an old Ed Lee vid that had two “school girls” spanking a woman under Ed’s direction. What was special about it for me was the woman was wearing a panty girdle. Just a plain white one. I have a fetish for that particular type of girdle. I dated and spanked a few gals that wore them. Bacall had one when we first met. She was 102 pounds dripping wet, so she did not need it, but wore she a girdle when she dressed up as it was considered proper. I paddled her in her girdle a lot. I even put it on and she paddled me. Odd how a piece of material can have such a strong attraction.

I am going to paddle Bacall in a girdle, soon. Probably before you read this.

No more than a few minutes after I started this post, I had Bacall don the girdle pictured above and gave her a preview paddling.

The next day, we did it for real. She got in her licks on me too. 

I put the watermarks on the pictures to discourage them from being posted all over the web.

Paddling On The Road And At Home

The first few months we are on the road the number of paddling’s go up as we relish a fresh environment. Some happen outside, but most are in the RV. Bacall kneels on the couch and looks out the window while I put the paddle to her. When it’s my turn, I normally put my elbows on the couch and close my eyes. 

Towards the end of a trip, we are both ready for a change of scenery for our paddling’s. The day after we got home, she requested and I gave her the full bondage treatment,  something that is not practical in the RV. Ankle and wrist cuffs, her arms hooked at eye level, a spreader bar between her legs and a blindfold. I told her she was going to get a long and hard paddling so she could just suck it up and take it. This helps get her into a submissive mood. Towards the end of the paddling, I started teasing her with my fingers and she responded by naughtily rubbing herself against my fingers. I went back to paddling her. Then a little more teasing. And so on.

After an interlude, I was bent over the bed and she paddled me hard. No, I was already hard, she used the paddle on me hard. 

It’s good to be home.

Bacall Paddled In The Maze

The Maze is a very remote section of Canyonlands NP in Utah. We spent two nights there tent camping surrounded by the most amazing rock formations. On a hike, I took along the Bogey paddle and soon enough found a suitable rock for Bacall to bend over. 

When I was finished paddling her, she wanted equal time to paddle me. I told her she had to find her own rock. She did and we both enjoyed the rest of our hike with a glow in our backsides.

As always, consensual, no punishment, no lessons to learn, no scolding, no anger, etc. Just fun.

The Fish Paddle Lives

We posted about our Fish Paddle last year in a post called The Valley Of Fire, which is a park in Nevada. It still hangs in our RV. I got it down the other day, took Bacall outside, bent her over the table and gave her just two pops over her shorts with it. She protested they were too hard. I did not think so. We talked about it for several days and she finally said she needed to be in the right place to take that paddle and told me that a campground in southern Oregon would be just right. The campground is in a grove of Myrtlewood trees which have a wonderful aroma. We will be there in a week or so. And I am sure we will both have red bottoms.

Meanwhile, I asked for and she gave me some pops with the Fish Paddle. It still stings.

My Spanking Paradise

All of us have different concepts of paradise, be it on terraferma or heaven.  Same thing for fantasies. We all have them. They are all different. Most change as time passes. My longest held favorite fantasy island would be to live in a neighborhood of couples that enjoy spanking. Most would be switchy couples like us. It would make Saturday evening get togethers a lot of fun. Going to a neighborhood BBQ would take on a whole new meaning.

Arriving for the neighborhood party

As long as it’s a fantasy, we would all be handsome, slim and fit no matter our age. The women’s lingerie budget would be generous. Of course, some would go for panties for me! For my birthday, the women would buy panties for me, have me model them and then paddle me in them. Hey, it’s my fantasy.

Of course, no one would be overtly dominate or submissive. They would be like us. There would be no black fetish wear – well maybe for Halloween. And all would be sociable, no depressives, bores, egg heads, etc.

Playing with others would involve necessary nudity, but no sex. I would equally enjoy being paddled by other women, watching Bacall paddle others, being side-by-side with  Bacall holding hands over a couch and while another couple warms our bottoms and, of course reciprocating.

On Being Sassy

Bacall writes:

Sometime a girl just feels really good and I have been so glad to get out of town, that I have been feeling especially, say frisky, since we left home. That can get a girl in trouble.  I’m just having fun, but someone (Bogey), takes exception.  Putting on pretty white panties and swishing my fanny at him was a sure way of getting a paddling.

I assumed my favorite position and continued swishing my fanny as he commenced the paddling session.  Some of the pops were a little hard in my opinion.  Still feeling frisky, and I honestly don’t know why I did it, I stuck my tongue out.  Harder pops followed.  I tried to apologize and take it back by showing him the offending tongue!   Well, that did not work.  Maybe the problem is that I could not stop smiling and giggling. Sometimes being sassy is so much fun.

Bogey comments:

A week before this I woke up thinking I wanted to play in black panties. Bacall thought this was sterling idea, she put on her black panties and we paddled each other. I blogged about getting 16 licks and how much they stung – in a good way.

This week I woke thinking about getting paddled in white panties. Again, Bacall agreed this was an excellent idea and soon we were taking our turn bending over the couch. 

I gave Bacall who knows how many with my belt, then an unknown number with her fav wood paddle. Then the sassy girl hands me the Teacher’s paddle and allows that she needed a few more.

This time I got 22 licks. Is this a trend? Wondering how many I will get in red panties?

The batten will be making an appearance tomorrow.

We are on the road again. After being at home for a year, it’s great getting away. We will be gone for six or so months. In the final two weeks before we left, we succumbed first to   allergies and then a frantic final week loading the motor home. The upshot, no one got paddled. 

We remedied that yesterday. Bacall kneeled on the couch and I paddled her twitching pink panty clad bottom. With all her bottom twitching, I figured she was randy. One touch to her sensitive spot confirmed that. She pressed herself hard against my fingers and rubbed herself while I continued to paddle her with Ronnie’s husband favorite paddle. I “ramped up the volume” the more she rubbed. Mount Vesuvius soon erupted.

After she settled down, I bent over the couch she gave me “what for”. We are two satisfied people.

We have often pondered how much of each of these contributes to her getting turned on. The thought/act of getting paddled and the thought/act of paddling me. Is it doubled when we have a joint session like we did yesterday?

Red Panty Day

Bacall declared yesterday as Red Panty Day. Getting into the Christmas mood, I suppose. This involved us both donning red panties and paddling each other with the ever stingy red paddle. The one she gave us on our first Christmas. I learned that she now has 8 pair of red panties and so with only one washing she says she is going to wear red through Christmas. My arm may get tired.

Anyway, I cooked pancakes, we showered and got ourselves ready. She wanted to go first, and wanted to knell on the couch and so we did. I gave her somewhere around 48 licks. I never count, but I did it in sets of six and 8 reps seems about right. 

She wanted to paddle me OTK, so l lay over one leg and she toasted me with 28 – her count. They were more brisk than she gave me, but that’s how we roll.

Cheap Thrills

Bacall needed some new everyday panties. I suggested she buy something better than normal everyday. She found some at Costco and surprise some really nice ones at Walmart. They are so light, you can barely tell you have them on. How to do know? We both tried them on when we got home. Gauzy like, very soft, it felt so good to rub myself in them. How naughty of me. She  declared the next day as paddling day, so after breakie, we showered and donned the new panties. I choose yellow and she went for coral. I was rigid, before I even got them pulled up. 


I was first on the paddling card and we went in the living room in our new panties and sat on the sofa. She gave me a thigh fry on the front of my legs with the batten. Next I was bent over a chair for 14 with the black paddle. [Her hand is still healing from surgery or she would have given me more]

Then it was her turn and she got on knees facing the back of the sofa. I used her favorite holey paddle about 20 times over her panties. [I never count] I then pulled her panties down and put the Teacher’s paddle to her. She was feeling bullet proof, so I upped the intensity twice, but she could have taken even harder licks. Some days, she is sensitive, other times it’s the other way.

We concluded with the usual bedroom activities.

There are at least a dozen more panties to try out.  Something to look forward to.

Every day over the next week, she got pops on her new panties to get her day started off right.

Yesterday, she decided she wanted to paddle me and had me select a pair of panties to wear. I choose yellow again. We sat and read in our undies. Ever so often she would ask me if I was thinking about the paddling I was going to get. Of course I was. After awhile, I was bent over the bed and she was putting the wood to me. I normally like to be paddled bare bottom, but I asked to keep the panties on this time. So she gave me a dozen or so with the black paddle and then pulled them down and finished me off with the ever stingy teacher’s paddle. I was bright red as usual. Yummy.

Just cheap thrills for us.

The Valley Of Fire

We are traveling in our motor home from one fantastic place to another. Today we are in the Valley of Fire State Park which is about 50 miles from Las Vegas. Our first time here. This place has some fantastically colored and oddly eroded rocks. A wonderland of geology. Even in March, the weather is delightfully warm.

We arrived just before noon. We found a parking place that is U-shaped. High rock walls on three sides. Prefect privacy. For some reason, I thought of our decorative boat paddle which hangs on the wall. I took it down and we tried it out in our private canyon. The sound reverberated off the rock. I decided that it could be confused with driving tent stakes in the ground or splitting fire wood. Besides there was no one else around. So we took turns warming each other up with it. And it did exactly that and not just to our back sides. We hatched a plan to ratchet up our play the next morning. So with stinging bottoms we took a short scenic drive and were back for lunch. While Bacall was fixing sandwiches, I asked her to come out and give me some more pops. Well, she wanted more also. So we had lunch on stinging bottoms. Still we were thinking of delaying play until the next day – going for the teasing and anticipation factors.

fish paddleThe Fish Paddle 

We wanted to rest for a short time before we took off to explore the park. That’s when our plan feel apart. When she took off her pants, I told her I wanted to paddle her. She was on board with that and I got her favorite holey paddle and started slow and easy for a few dozen licks, gradually upping the intensity. She started wiggling her naughty bottom around and I knew she was feeling quite randy. I used my left hand to fondle her and continued paddling with my right. I finally decided screw tomorrow we are going to do it right now. Our trusty vibrator was close by, so I slipped it on my left hand and continued to paddle her. Well, wouldn’t you know she came twice – rather loudly. Loud enough for anyone walking by to know what was up. Good for her.

When she came down off the ceiling, she wanted a piece of male tail. And I wanted her to have mine. I gave her our meanest stingy paddle. She said she was not going to hold back and I told her to go for it. After a few licks, I knew she meant business and was wiggling around. She told me to stay in position as she was far from though. I don’t know how many licks she gave me, but she sure had me on fire. Both back and front.

She slipped the vibrator on her hand and I erupted in short order. And then you know what she did? She put it back on herself and won the Triple Crown.

All in all, it was like we were 30 years younger. I think we will stay here for awhile, maybe the red rocks are rejuvenative?