Go Cut A Switch

Being sent out to cut a switch was common for those growing up in my generation. It had to be a proper switch. If it was too small, you would have to get a larger one.

Selection over, it was pants off. Bacall was switched on her legs while bent over the bed. I had one arm held which allowed me to twist around, but in what ever position I was in the switch found a bare leg.

This seems so refined. No hint of what she will be feeling.

What was the usual for me and my cousins

This one suggests she wants to feel the switch

Have you ever tried to hold this position?

Yes, Virginia There Are Unicorns

We met one recently. The extremely rare female switch. One who relishes paddling men as much as she enjoys getting her bottom set on fire by a man. One who gets off as much wielding the paddle as taking the paddle. No discipline, no punishment only loving the sting of a paddle. You don’t need to know the details. The important message is that such women do exist.

I will say she and Bacall bonded and giggled a lot while they paddled me.

A Reader Writes

I think that what interests readers contributes to the diversity of OBB.


It must be your fault – you ran THAT photo of the mature, nude woman standing in a grove of trees holding a freshly cut switch and appearing very eager for the situation to progress.

That photo stirred memories in my warped little mind of a fairly intense switching I got from Wendy, many years ago, after dark, draped over a log on a secluded beach on the Chesapeake Bay.

So I propositioned my bride – would she like to apply a few freshly cut switches to my now older fanny sometime soon?

She replied simply by placing our set of small pruning shears on the bathroom vanity counter yesterday afternoon.  I took the hint and cut and trimmed three, limber, hickory switches while doing some work down near the Community garage.  I was not sure exactly what she had planned for timing, so I wrapped the switches in a damp towel and stashed them near the basement sink. We went to bed last night still with no hint of her intentions.

I usually wake up and slip out of bed several hours before her – same this morning. She stirred and called me to come get my shower – she said, that since I was a very naughty husband – I should retrieve the switches from wherever I had them stashed while she was in the shower.

I got the switches out of the basement, put on my tight, bright red, Calvin Klein, “spanking underwear” and slipped back under the covers.  She emerged from the bathroom wearing only a scarf as a bra (you would approve!) and slipped back into bed next to me.  Some kissing, groping, and fondling followed for a while before she said – “Time to get across my lap for a spanking!”  I stood next to the bed while she slowly lowered my underwear and pointed to her lap.  After about 40 firm hand spanks, she said,” There is no way I can handle a switch with you across my lap – go bend over the end of the bed!”

She tested each of the three switches, swinging them in the air, while I waited in anticipation.  She finally made up her mind and went to work. After 15 or so strokes the first switch broke, so she changed to her second choice which held up nicely to about 50 strokes total.  I had made up my mind that I would not stop her unless things really got out of hand – Mr. Tough Fanny.  My bottom was definitely sore and well striped when she stopped, simply saying, “That’s enough.”

After the ensuing, gentle but somewhat loud, activities were completed, she asked if it was as “good as I remembered”.  I had to answer that it was actually a bit disappointing simply because it lacked the sound of a wooden paddle or strap striking bare flesh – the sting was good, but the audio component was lacking. We will stick with our paddles…..

Hope you are enjoying your trip!

PS: I wonder how long it takes for the red/pink stripes to disappear from my bottom?  The sting is completely gone but many stripes remain visible.

The Rest Of The Story

First this

Bacall was fixing lunch when I came through the kitchen. I took down one of the spoons that hang on the side of a cabinet. She saw me do it and lost count of the pasta shells she was counting from the box to the pan. She started the count again as I stood watching her. She knew she was going to feel the spoon and was counting rather slowly. Count completed, she said, “I guess you want me to bend over the counter?” “Of course.” She stuck it out and I gave her some moderate pops over her pants. I finally got a weak Ooh from her and stopped. She said, “You know it was really hard for me to keep my wise-ass mouth from saying Is that all you got?”.

I will never get ahead of her.


A month so so back, I posted this picture of a paddle someone bought on ebay. They wondered what the people who signed the paddle would say now about their encounter with the paddle.

In a more recent post, this Fli-Back paddle was shown.

This prompted a reader to tell the rest of his story:

Wendy and I had been spanking each other as foreplay since our early 20’s – mostly me spanking her either by hand or with a very “gentle” paddle which I had made at her suggestion. Almost right from the beginning, it was common for us to switch, Bacall would call it a “joint action”, but Wendy was by far and away the most frequent recipient.

By the early ’80s, when we were newlyweds in our early 30’s, we frequented yard/garage sales as a recreational activity. There were several communities near us that would have community-wide sales; these were sometimes great sources of bargains. We frequently looked way more than we purchased.

By this time in our spanking relationship, I was also receiving at least 40% of the time and was getting a little bored with our gentle paddle but had not taken any action to replace it.

One Saturday morning we were out and about and happened upon a community yard sale.  At our last stop in one neighborhood, we were browsing the “nice junk” belonging to a couple in their late 50’s. I happened upon an unpainted Fli-Back paddle stirred into a box of other stuff and it reminded me of some of my childhood experiences.  I picked up the paddle and showed it to Wendy who responded only with a bit of a smile and a raised eyebrow – I just nodded by way of a response. Wendy took the paddle, tucked it under her arm, and resumed browsing the tables.

Wendy took the paddle and a few other small items over to the table to pay the lady of the house. The lady took the items one at a time, but gave a little start and a bit of a blush followed by a small, knowing smile when Wendy handed her the paddle.  They had that female radar thing going and each knew the purpose of our paddle purchase.  Their only unspoken questions were who had been getting spanked, and who was going to be spanked with it!

As we left, I saw her whispering to her husband and nodding towards us as we got into our car.  Once in the car, Wendy blurted out – “Oh, my God! She knew we are going to use that paddle for spankings!”  My response was – “Only on bare bottoms….. me first!” (Selfish, but I did find it!)

Minutes later, as soon as we got home, the paddle was being tested, and was quickly adopted as my favorite.  It is a bit too intense for Wendy when applied with any force at all.

As the years have passed, and we are now older than the couple we bought this paddle from, I am the recipient of 90%+ of the spankings in our home.  Wendy is quite happy to serve as the spanker and only occasionally finds herself “in the mood” to receive a spanking. The end game is always the same as when we started out as youngsters – sex always follows a spanking – no matter who gives or receives.

At some point, I glued a piece of thick leather to one side of this paddle. The leather-covered side seems to have a bit less sting than the wooden side.  This allows Wendy to “change” paddles in mid-spanking simply by flipping the paddle in her hand – always maintaining an element of surprise for me.

We have many paddles and a few different straps that we have collected over the years, but this one remains my favorite implement.  I cannot even guess how many times this paddle has landed on my bare fanny – certainly in the thousands…….and thankfully it is not showing any serious signs of wear!

Less than $1, it was the best entertainment/marriage enhancement/pleasure purchase ever!

Now you know the rest of the story! – Paul Harvey


So I got to thinking how much fun it would be to get together with other switchy couples – there are only a few in the world – and tell about how they acquired a paddle, how it was used and what it felt like. Optionally they would be able to ask someone to use it on them – yeah right in front of all the others. Or someone would ask if they could paddle them.


The caption is belied by her eager smile, see-through bra, and lack of panties. She IS going to paddle him and his “bottom will burn”, he appears to be perfectly willing to accept it but the spanking is just a preliminary to their real planned activities – which they are both looking forward to.  I suspect he is a willing/eager participant in the impending spanking and we would discover he is fully erect if the photo’s angle was changed by 90°.


Full Throttle Paddling

Every few years, Bacall does something that I feel she needs to be paddled for. She suffers, or should I say I suffer, from her Empty Container Syndrome.

You don’t know what that is? Well, as an example, it’s when you put a pack of sliced cheese with only one slice remaining back in the refrigerator and do not note it on the shopping list. 

I settled her account this morning with several brisks paddle licks. I then followed with a normal paddling.

I figured there would be payback and there was. She found her arm was in really good form and paddled me full throttle.

Couples Spanked Together

My number one fantasy that I did not completely fulfill is Bacall and I being spanked together by another switchy couple. Well, we did swap paddlings with three couples. But. They all asked me how we should do it and me being me laid it out without considering a few things I should have. I should have let the girls decide how to go about it. It was great fun, but years later I came up with the idea of our being paddled standing side-by-side or better over a table facing each other. That would have been so much better. Hindsight.

I recently wrote about Sue paddling me. It was Sue and her husband Russ, Bacall and I that all got in the same room and paddled one another. It was good fun, but in hindsight, it could have been handled better if I had let the girls handle it.

What’s different about the couples spankings I talk about here are that everyone spanked and everyone got spanked and by their partner. There was no punishment aspect to it, just fun.

Mutually Consensual Paddling

A few days ago I gave Bacall a dose of my belt. For fun as always. From the first lick, she was in distress. I continued for a short time, but she could not break out of the pain. I was not hitting her hard at all. This sometimes happens. It pisses her off that she can get her mind to the place to enjoy it. She said we should try it again the next day, we did and all was right.

She said she should bend me over the next day. I agreed. The next day went by and so did the next two and my bottom remained white. At breakfast, I asked what the hell it took to get a paddling. Not much it turned out, just a reminder.

Getting Back To Fun On A Sunday Morning

Last week we had a short spanking session to see if we would still like it after a health imposed hiatus of six months. It must have been good for her as she told me she wanted to have another session today. She thought we should stand bent over in opposite directions, call it the standing 69 position and paddle each other.

Well, 69 did not happen. She was too eager to get started. I heard her say something about let’s get started while I was in the bathroom. When I came out she was bent over the bed in black panties. I figured why fight it? Go with the flow. Afterward, I asked why she did not try the 69, she said she forgot.

It was a stellar day for her. She was most eager to be spanked. So I started out taking her panties down and spanking her with my hand because I wanted to. I only spank at one speed with my hand – hard. So I got the ow’s right away. Then my belt, then a leather strap and then her favorite wood paddle. The latter got lots of ow’s. My favorite word to hear! The ow’s were mixed with laughs and giggles. Something told me she was going to ask for more and she did. She wanted four with the ever evil red paddle. I delivered them smartly and she was a happy girl.


People have asked if pictures like this one were taken midway through the spanking – just a medium shade of pink. Well, that is as pink as she ever gets. The same paddling on someone else might not show up at all. Another lass might be well marked. Color has little to do with how severe or how long the spanking.

After a proper aftercare interlude, she put the heavy artillery to me. Not that many licks, but more than enough for the new me. Or should it be the older me? Then we had another aftercare interlude which was much shorter than hers, but long enough.

We expect that she will be a great grandmother shortly and that calls for a special spanking.

Mutual Masturbation

Well, that’s not exactly what this is about, but it’s really close. I have observed that we are in a minority within a minority. We spank just for sexual pleasure. That’s just 20% of all spanko’s. Then we are both switches who switch with each other. As my Mother would say, that’s are rare as hen’s teeth. Maybe we are one-percenters?

The paddlings in our early marriage were for one of us. Either Bacall or I would be the receiver. The next day usually the other would be catching. It just seemed to way to do it. A decade or so went by and Bacall decided we would have what she calls Joint Action sessions. I will never forget that term. That meant we would take turns paddling each other before we engaged in sex. Sometimes she wanted it to be all about her or all about me, but the default has been joint action sessions.

We settled in a pattern of me spanking her first. I am rigid before we even get going and it excites her to know that I want her. While I paddle her I keep her stimulated and always try to give her an orgasm or two.

When she has recovered, she bends me over and puts the paddle to me. This gets me even more excited. I like to take a few licks and take a break and kiss her while she strokes me. It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling –  a hot bottom and her hand stroking me until I am close to orgasm. Then it’s back over for more licks.

However, this creates a dilemma for me. After a break of even three minutes, my bottom gets numb and the licks don’t sting.  If I can’t feel it, why bother, so I only get half of a paddling with a break. It’s a difficult choice, I want both, but I can only have it one way. I can choose a hot bottom and delayed caressing or a warm bottom and lots of caressing. With the latter, I feel I have cheated myself.

We evolved to have a very short break, with a few kisses and strokes before resuming the paddling.


A Holiday Tradition

Bacall started Red Panties And Paddles Days 20+ years ago. At first, it was the 12 days before Christmas. Then we learned the actual 12 Days were after Christmas, so we did both. Now it’s the whole month. Every day this month she has gotten her red panties paddled, usually with our red Fli Back paddle – the one she put my stocking our first Christmas. I have not escaped, she has put the wood to me a few times. Most days, it’s only 6-8 pops, but twice she received the extended play version to her delight.

At the Fireplace

For example, the other morning I asked how she wanted her paddling. Her request was simple, to be paddled in the foyer bent over the back of a chair so she could look into the living room at the decorations she put up the day before. I gave her a long and hard paddling while she twitched her fanny around and sang made up words to the Chick A Boom tune. Her bottom got hot and so did she. 

Do you have any holiday spanking traditions?