A Winter’s Tale

This is a story by one of our readers. A good one I thought.

A Winter’s Tale

A winter’s chill drifted deeply outside…. the wind low and whispering in its passing. Twilight came slowly, even the grayness of the day failing as darkness rose from the shadows. It was a mood that matched her own, a desperation made even more forlorn by the snow. Soft, fragile as angel wings, it danced lightly upon the window pane, wholly indifferent to her feelings.
Inside, a low fire glowed, quietly hissing a somber tune in reply… as if it too feared the coming night. Its embers, having given up their soul to the flame, now softly lit the room with their sacrifice. Upon the bed, she lay outstretched… in the stillness of the moment, more naughty-girl than grown woman. The remembrance of which gave no solace to the fears that bid her flee this waiting, of her own surrender.

Though the room was warm, a single chill appeared in the small of her back. Ears tormented anew as every crackle, every pop and sizzle of the shimmering coals became an unwelcome disguise of the sounds of his return. Cruel reminders even, of the sounds she had cause to take heed and knew all too well would be hers alone… when he did.

The thought of such things tormented the lass within, yet a woman’s body answered… betraying her once more. With each new imagining, a fine heat arose. In places a naughty girl wouldn’t speak of, couldn’t … to anyone. It was a simmering essence that would only grow sweeter still this night, though her bottom might surely disagree.

At the moment, it had no choice in the matter and lay upon the bed so vulnerably presented, just as he’d ordered.

Quivering ever so subtly, yet seemingly held fast… her bottom imprisoned as if held with unseen hands upon the pillows he’d placed so deliberately for her to lie over. As though shackled, the pale softness of her offering remaining obedient, upturned and so fully displayed for his attentions.

A soft shiver passed over her now, the night turned suddenly colder… an unbidden memory hers. Unkind in its passing, reminding her when he returned, just how fiery the heat the oiled old school strap he’d left to retrieve would soon, surely render her bottom into embers itself.  

It was an act of submission, atonement for her naughtiness… and a moment of honesty to the truth inside. An observer would note her prone on the bed as if upon an altar; arms outstretched, legs together… hands flat upon the covers.

Soon it would begin… soon. The sound of footsteps would lay waste to last vestiges of her resolve. Their approach giving rise to a panic felt so many times before, and in its birth, a rush of chills would trace their rising across her heart and o’er the flesh… as though a million butterflies were loosed upon her skin. 

A lifetime of need bottled up inside…

A naughty girl’s bottom soon to display a fire of its own as it twists upon the pillows in desperation…

Again and again, the leather will find her… finding the lass inside… freeing the woman within…

The Plane Ride

On the airplane….I just couldn’t sit still….I knew I would be meeting this man that was a stranger…but he wasn’t a stranger…. we had talked for about a year…and I knew what was coming…. he had told me I had gotten away with too much for too long….that I ruled my house with ‘iron panties’.

Funny….I didn’t feel as if I had control over anything at this point.

The plane landed….and I knew who he was immediately…..and he knew it was me….he kissed me….and led me to the car….I almost felt like I was outside of my body…..watching….got into his car…and he felt my pussy….it was wet…..there was no turning back now…..oh god…..I knew what was coming….he commented on the fact that I was shaking….I was embarrassed…couldn’t explain why…..got to his house….and then said quick hello to the English people staying at his house….and immediately he got me on the boat….it was nice…felt the warm air….the…freedom of being away from the shit I had been living with for just this while.

It would be okay….then he stopped the boat…and said Joy…I am going to give you that spanking now that we have discussed…we need to do this….get it done…and go on…..my heart stopped….I had never been spanked in my life…I immediately felt the moisture in my panties..not to mention the pounding of my heart…he led me over the captains chair…bound my hands with cut up nylons…and rubbed my back as he got out his bag…not saying a word…..he pulled out these items…my eyes were closed..my heart was pounding…my god I was so vulnerable and….hot…soooo very hot….I wouldn’t let myself look at them….I knew what they were…..so I kept my eyes closed as he pulled my skirt up..all the way to my breasts..and my panties down…and told me to spread my legs….then he told me exactly what he was going to do to me..that I was going to be getting my spanking now…for acting like a spoiled brat..and I couldn’t speak….I just nodded….he rubbed my ass.

I was shaking….inside I was screaming…..but…I only wanted him to take over…..I needed this…I knew I did….then he proceeded to spank my ample ass with his hands….he told me what he was doing as he was doing it…..24 spanks….3 on each cheek….1…his hands…my god.that hurt….my feet kicked…and I am still now sure what I said…I just…winced.waiting….then he got the belt……3 on each cheek….my knees were barely able to hold me up….I was on fire….my pussy was throbbing….so many raw emotions were surfacing….I was…feeling the pain…..then the crop….3 on each cheek…ohhh god..

I asked for him to please stop…it was hurting….ohhhh god…please..but he said no…we are going to finish this ….then the hairbrush….by then I could barely stand up…..my knees…were barely holding me..

I was trying so hard to get my hands free…my ass was on fire….but he kept on….and when he finished…..I just laid over the chair…free…my ass burning….on fire….then the cool soothing lotion was applied…oh my god…..the fire…started to go to my pussy now….the load was lifted off my shoulders now.

I had been spanked….and I took it….and now….it was time for pleasure…..and he rubbed my hot ass…and then moved his large hands to the middle of my weak knees…holding me up…..I was squirming..grinding back against him.wanting more of him….wanting him to fuck me now…I needed to be filled up…..his hands kept exploring me..as I was bound helplessly and totally at his mercy…..and I loved it….I loved the loss of control…I loved having him do this to me….and then he stopped….and I could hear his pants come off..yet …a hand never left my body….stayed on my pussy…..til he slowly touched the tip of my swollen pussy lips….and teased me….I was almost screaming for it..wanting him to ram me…to fuck me….to please..dear godddd fill me….and he did….and I exploded …I screamed…..I cried…..it was beautiful..)

Witnessing A Paddling – An Audition With Ed

I recently posted a few stills of Ed Lee paddling a lass. A reader’s comment inspired me to write this vignette. [I use the term vignette to indicate I have not fleshed out the story or dialog. I am lazy. You do it.

Sharon was visiting her older cousin, Elizabeth, over the summer break before her senior year. She was enjoying her freedom away from her parents and had just celebrated her 21st birthday. Her cousin told her she had an audition for a part in an adult film. No sex, but it was kinky. She was going to have a take a paddling to be considered for the role. Elizabeth invited her to come along. Elizabeth wore a tight sleeveless knit top and short shorts. Not her normal style of dressing, but it was what she was told to wear.

The audition was not in Hollywood, but in an office in a warehouse district in east LA. Sharon was introduced to Ed Lee, the owner, and director. Ed said she was welcome to watch the audition which would only take a few minutes.
Ed talked with Elizabeth. He asked her if she had ever been paddled. Then he explained he would give her 10 licks with the frat-style paddle he was holding in his hand. He expected her to stay in position no matter how much it stung. How she took her licks would determine if she would be offered the role in the film where she would again be paddled.
Sharon was slightly startled by the frank language, but also drawn witnessing the paddling of her cousin who had sometimes lorded over her to have her way. Without further discussion, Ed told Elizabeth to bend over and grab ahold of her ankles and not to let go. Ed stepped to her side pulled the paddle back and with body English let the paddle fly into Elizabeth’s fleshy bottom. It cracked and Elizabeth exhaled a muffled cry. Somehow she managed to take another nine licks while remaining in position. When she stood up her hands immediately went to massage her bottom.
Ed told her she had the part with the standard appearance rate of $1,500. He turned to Sharon and asked she would like to also audition.
Sharon’s mind flashed back to the last time her parents paddled her when she was in HS.
Will Sharon take the audition?
I see three sections that could be expanded. What Sharon was thinking about while Elizabeth was being paddled. Second, what were her memories of her last paddling from her parents? And of course what she was thinking about taking Ed up on his offer.]

Being spanked with a witness is a hot button for many girls and boys. It’s also a no-go zone for others. We have enjoyed watching others being spanked and Bacall, for sure, has enjoyed showing off while being spanked in front of others. I am not a great performer while being paddled, but I have enjoyed it immensely when two women paddled me.

I was asked to witness the spanking of one young lady. Her spanker asked me, but it was her idea. I did my best to hold my tongue and let the scene play out.

Modern Spankings

Edit: I scheduled this post two weeks back. At that time, Veterans Day was not on my mind. I was a safe non-combatant. Remembering the pilots I stood watch with that did not return to the flight deck. And Happy Birthday to the Marines.

Modern Spanking was the first spanking publication I bought from an adult book store. It’s by Will Henry. I have read it over a dozen times. The section on couples spanking each other was my favorite. I knew then that switching was for me. Now all I had to do was to find a partner.

Here’s a story I posted back in 2010 from the Marital Spankings section.

All of Henry’s stories were written in a documentary style. Or as the 1969 preface of Modern Spanking says “ published as a sociological treatise on contemporary morals….” This was done, I suppose, to escape censorship.

The chapters of Modern Spanking cover all forms of who spanks who: Spanking in the Home Today, Feminine Control Over Discipline, The Adolescent’s Introduction to Spanking, Spanking and the Adult Woman, Marital Spanking and Family Spanking. The story reproduced here is from Marital Spanking. It’s a simple boy meets girl, boy spanks girl, girl spanks boy and they live happily ever after.

At 22, I wanted exactly what the fictitious couple, Ed and June, in the story had. I read it enough times to make it come true as it did when I met Bacall two years later.

There is a long prolog to this section of the story that I did not ask Bacall to type. It involves Ed’s seeing sorority girls paddled and June’s sorority paddling sessions at the college where she meets Ed.

“Our own paddling activities didn’t commence sometime after my initiation into the club. One evening when we were kidding around in his car, he playfully turned me over his knees for a few smacks on the seat of my skirt. It stung nicely and I think he was a little surprised by my ardor afterward. When he remarked that he ought to paddle me more often, I didn’t discourage him. While it was embarrassing and did hurt a little, it was exciting and very stimulating.

After this, he began warming me up on all of our dates prior to our necking sessions. I cooperated completely and started wearing garter belts instead of girdles on all our dates. At first, all the paddlings were given over my skirt, but I knew that couldn’t last forever. By this time, I might explain that we were quite serious about each other and talking about getting married after we finished school.”

At this point, Ed broke in with an explanation. “Of course, I could hardly wait to get her skirt up, but I didn’t want to spoil things by rushing her too much. However, one afternoon after school when we were alone at her place, I told that it was time for the skirts to come up. She got very red in the face but protested only mildly as I took her over my knee. My heart was pounding as I began working her right-fitting skirt up in the back. Up it came over the tops of her brown stockings, revealing plump white thighs and finally trim pink panties covering her nice bottom.

She was embarrassed to death, but I didn’t overdo that first session with my hand applied directly on the panties. However, after that, it was the standard procedure for June’s skirt to be pulled up before the spanking. Of course, it wasn’t long before I had designs about getting the panties down, but she firmly told me that that would have to wait until after we were married. I didn’t argue as the sight of seeing her over my lap with her skirt up to reveal panties, garter belt and long legs in stockings was thrilling enough.

We had been dating about a year when the next development occurred. One afternoon June playfully told me that sometimes she out to give me a taste of my own medicine. Ever since I had seen the hazing sessions in our basement at home, I had often wondered what it would be like to be paddled by a pretty girl. However, I hadn’t dared bring the subject up with June, as we had always more or less pretended that I was the boss and I didn’t want her to lose respect for me. When she suggested it, I didn’t refuse but sort of dared her to try. She brought out her subdeb paddle, remarking that it would be pointless to try to spank a boy with her hand.

With her paddle wrapped in some papers, we drove out to a secluded area where we often parked. Since there wasn’t enough room in the car, we got out and June told me to bend over and grasp the front bumper. She deliberately acted very bossy as she put the paddle to me. Even through my clothes it stung smartly but in a very stimulating way. I was surprised and quite a bit embarrassed by the reaction which I couldn’t conceal when I straightened up afterward.”

June continued with an explanation. “I pretended not to notice the big lump in Ed’s pants afterward, but I was delighted. In the car afterward, I told him that from then on he was going to have to take his share of the spankings. He didn’t argue as it was obvious that this is what both of us wanted. Through the remained of our courtship, we took turns warming each other up. We rarely had a date when Ed didn’t get the paddle and I didn’t get the hand on my panties.

With this spanking background, we could hardly wait to give each other a bare bottom initiation on our honeymoon. On the first night at the motel, I promptly went over Ed’s knees and blushed hotly as my skirts were lifted and panties lowered to the knees. I nearly melted as he gave me my first hand spanking on the completely bare bottom. Afterwards, when I was down to my garter belt and hose, I initiated Ed. The sight he presented as I lowered his shorts for him indicated that things would be very interesting later one. He bent over the side of the bed and I showed him what the paddle felt like on the bare bottom.

With this beginning, spanking has been a regular part of our life. We use it both for erotic foreplay and settle quarrels. Normally, both of us get a good dose of our sessions. Unless we are in a hurry, we go through the routine of preparing each other for the spanking. I usually strip him completely and he peels me down to garter belt and stockings. These days I get the paddle in addition to his hand, and neither of us stops until our bottoms are afire.”

Learning……..The Hard Way!

Found this one in the vault. It was written by a friend of mine a few centuries ago. We enjoyed paddling each other for several years.

With downcast eyes he stood there. Her heels clicked on the hardwood floors as she went over and then dragged back the plain oak chair. Although armless, it was a sturdy chair that would serve her purpose well. She placed the chair in front of the desk near the center of the room. She looked at him for his remorse in what he had done. All he wanted was for this to be over, but she seemed intent on taking her time.

“Bend over the chair, placing your palms flat on the seat.”

“Please don’t do this,” his eyes pleaded with hers. She smiled wordlessly at him and then told him motioned with her hand for him to bend over.

He placed his left hand firmly on the chair and then his right hand. His bottom was high in the air.

She responded with a “Good Boy” as he heard her footsteps once again. She was walking over to the desk and opening a drawer. He tried to twist his head to see what she was doing but knew better than to get out of position.

She walked around in front of him and he gasped as he saw that she was holding the paddle. This wasn’t just any paddle…..it was the paddle that was saved for the naughtiest of deeds. Surely, what he had done couldn’t be worthy of receiving it. Across this paddle was written, “Learning……..The Hard Way!” He felt his knees go weak as he looked at the paddle. It seemed unnecessarily large. The wood was very dark and smooth. He wondered if the sheen of the paddle was due to some sort of varnish or from frequent use. There were numerous tiny holes drilled all over the paddle. With a sick feeling in his stomach, he realized that the purpose of the holes was to allow a harder stroke.

After gasping at the awesome instrument of discipline, he kept whispering to himself, “no, no, no” as if to ward off the punishment.

She placed her hand on the small of his back and pressed the flat board against his jean-clad bottom. He clenched his teeth as he waited for the first stinging swat. She paused and said, “My dear boy, this just won’t do. Stand up and take down those pants. “No, please, anything else but……..” Do as your told! She interrupted him. He reluctantly stood back up and reached to remove his belt. Quickly, she added to the command. He undid the belt and unbuttoned his jeans. The zipper came down and he reached his thumbs inside the waistband of his jeans and pulled them down. They fell down to his knees. His underwear slipped a little and he reached to pull them back up.

“Move your hands, young man.” He complied. “When I told you to pull down your pants I meant, your briefs too.” She slipped her hand inside the band and slowly pulled them down. The briefs fall down his legs until they join the jeans at his knees.

“Now back in position!” He bent back over the dark wooden chair knowing that any defiance would just make it worse. Her foot kicked at his ankles lightly, indicating to move his legs more widely apart. She knew this vulnerable stance would heighten his punishment.

She lifted up his shirttail and carefully folded it back. She pressed the paddle against his bare bottom and rubbed it across his skin. “Feel the paddle against your skin. It feels cool to you now, but it a minute I am going to use it to set your bottom on fire.”

And with that, she raised it high behind her and brought it down on his left cheek hard! WHACK!!!!!! His head jerked up and he arched his back, just in time to receive another WHACK on his right cheek.

“I expect you to show up ON time (WHACK), do all your work (SMACK) and not be such a smart ass (WHACK)”. The next few spanks are hard and fast and are laid down over the middle part of his bottom. His legs began to kick up.

“I think it’s been far too long since you’ve had your bottom warmed properly!”

He mumbled something under his breath and she brought down the paddle with a thundering WHACK against his bare backside. “I don’t think I heard your response but I am sure it wasn’t acceptable.” She brought the dark wood down against his already burning bottom. WHACK!!!!!

“I expect a proper answer when I ask you a question. I will repeat it for your benefit. I think it’s been way too long since you’ve had your bottom fired up like this for your naughty behavior. Don’t you agree?” She punctuated her question with a burning swat. WHACK!!!!!

“YES, ma’am.”

“Much better.” She continued the flurry of swats until she was satisfied. “You may stand now and pull up your underwear and jeans. He took a deep breath and did as he was told.

Once his belt was pulled tight and fastened, he turned to face her. “I expect to see you in my office again at the same time next week. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. I am glad we understand each other. I will not have you pulling any sort of smart ass antics around here. I am in charge and will not tolerate such behavior. Now, you are free to go.”

It was only then did he really notice her. A no-nonsense businesswoman who enjoyed her power. She dressed in a short blue skirt with a white blouse and short heels. She was filled with piss and vinegar and he knew he had met his match. But somehow he also knew this summer internship was going to be literally…………a pain in the ass!!

“Learning………the Hard Way” – Part II

The weekend was over and he was facing the Monday morning meeting- something he dreaded. He knew that he should have attended summer school instead of taking this internship. Somehow he thought working under a woman would be easy. He was beginning to learn that he was wrong.

Ms. Masters reminded him of a teacher he had in school. His mind wandered back to his earlier school days…… He was always in trouble then. Always told he was misbehaving. Serious infractions were punished by seven strokes of the paddle on his bottom at the principal’s office. His were sometimes bare-bottomed. Made to bend over and grab his ankles while the paddle was applied. The seven strokes were delivered at about five-second intervals………

The others started gathering in the Board Room, and she walked in last, closing the door behind her. He tried not to look at her. He had defied her authority on several occasions, and each time she threatened him to kick him out of the program.

“This will be quick people,” she started off, “we have a busy week ahead and I have a folder here for each of you. It contains your assignments for the week. Each day is outlined as to your specific responsibility. I expect these to be carried out as written.” She walked around to each person and handed them the folder. Most just quickly opened them up and then shut them again; obviously to be digested lately. “Does anyone have any questions?”

He did not get a folder. “Uh, yes, Ms. Masters, where are my assignments?”

“Oh, yes, Don, I almost forget. You have the best assignment of all. How could I have forgotten!!” She pulled out a red folder from the stack of blue ones and handed it to him. “Read it carefully, mister, no more mistakes will be tolerated!” He felt embarrassed by being pointed out like that. The others just chuckled under their breath. He had gained quite a reputation in the few short weeks that he had worked at Applied Training Co.

After the meeting, he found himself a quiet cubicle and sat down to review his assignments. There was only one piece of paper in the folder that said, “MONDAY” and underneath it said…..”Your assignment for today is to go to the janitorial closet and find a box that is marked ‘Arianna Masters’. You will choose carefully from the contents of this box and do what’s called for. You will then take the rest of the contents down to my car and then report to MY office at exactly 4:45pm. No mistakes, no tardiness, no breaks, will be permitted.” That was it. There were no further instructions. That was it? They were gonna pay him for today to just pretty much goof off?? Well, might as well get started………

He wandered down the hallway. He must have passed the janitorial closet a million times before, but for some reason, today was having trouble finding it. Finally, after searching for a while, he found it. He twisted the handle and it opened the door. The room was little but easily walked into. He felt around in the dark for a light or a light switch. He felt a chain hanging in the middle of the room, and he yanked it. The light permeated the musky room. His eyes adjusted to the light and he looked around. There it was in the corner……a box marked in big red letters – ARIANNA MASTERS. “Thank Goodness,” he thought. Maybe I will make a late lunch after all.

He pulled the box to the middle of the floor and opened it. He adjusted his eyes and blinked several times to clear his clouded vision. Inside were all sorts of panties. Lacy bright white satin panties, yellow full cotton briefs, pink nylon lycra bikinis and light blue sheer lace thongs.

He thought he had the wrong box, but there were no others in the room. His heart sank. She can’t mean for me to put on a pair of these!! The note pinned to the top of the pantie pile said, “Your choice!! One pair is all you will need to wear!!” He couldn’t believe this was happening. He would be too embarrassed to wear a pair of ladies’ panties all day……even until he went to her office at the end of the day. And yes, he would have to show up in her office with them on!! He started to feel warm and didn’t know what to do.

“SHIT! Well, no one will know I suppose. No one but her.” He looked through the box and choose the white satin panties. Quickly he pulled them up, savoring the silky feel around his penis and balls. He felt all sexy in them. He began to think that the pantie punishment wasn’t nearly as bad as he had imagined.

He pulled up his pants over the panties and picked up the box and left. Her car was on the other side of the parking lot and it took him way too long to find it. The backseat door was open and he laid the box on top of the leather. The weather was warm and he could feel the satin rubbing and sticking to his bottom. He looked at his watch. He needed to hurry if he was to meet Ms. Masters in her office……..

He walked through the door that led into the outer office. He glided passed her assistant. Looking over her horn-rimmed glasses, she said “You should consider yourself lucky. She deserves better young man…….. and she’s brought you here to be paddled for all your bad assignments.” What?? Did everyone know why he was there? He swallowed hard. Did that mean she knew about the panties? How humiliating.

He looked at his watch 5:05. The door to HER private office was locked. Maybe something had happened, maybe she wouldn’t come and he could leave. He waited around another five minutes and then walked to the door to leave.

“Where do you think you’re going, Don? Follow me, Mister.”

He followed behind her, which he didn’t mind. He loved to watch her sway her hips and adored her bottom in the short skirts she wore. He stepped into her office and she locked the door behind them.

Her office was immense. There was a sofa and even a small bed for her to lie down on when the late-night hours turned into the wee hours of the morning.

“Impatient, thing aren’t you? That’s exactly what I hear. I also hear you’re out of control again, and I see it’s time for a little reminder before EVERYONE has a problem with your work.”

His only answer was a low-throated moan as he tensed waiting for the inevitable. Wasting no time and ignoring the silent pleas in his eyes, she told him to bend over and grab his knees. She walked over to the desk and opened up the drawer and pulled out a solid oak paddle. The kind that principals use for naughty young boys. He thought that he would never have to see one again. It’s been a long time since his bottom had been kissed by such a paddle.

She walked back around and positioned herself at his side making sure that she was in the best position to swing the paddle so that it makes contact only with his lower cheeks. She took a few practice swings, checking the paddle just before contact. Don grimaced, as he expected to feel a sting each time, but she just rubbed his ass with the paddle. When she was finally ready, she took the paddle back and swung it with quite some vigor making sure to swing through contact. Don jumped. Ms. Masters continued with the paddling with about two or three seconds between licks. After about ten licks, she asked him if she is being too hard on him. He answered truthfully, but nonetheless, she continued until 20 or so licks had been applied.

She placed the paddle in front of him and told him to remove his pants. He undid the button and zipper on his form-fitting trousers. He tugged a little but manages to pull them down and then drops them to his knees. He remembers now that he is wearing the panties and feels a flush of embarrassment fall across his face.

She grins, “The satin white panties huh? Do you like them?…………… You must or you wouldn’t have chosen to wear them.” She walked around him admiring the bottom that was in front of her clad in a pair of lady’s panties.

A bottom that was quickly turning red……but not as red as it was to become. She rubbed her hand over the panties, feeling the smoothness in her palm.

“Pull down your panties,” she ordered almost sweetly. “Yes, Ma’am”. He put his thumbs inside the elastic band and started to wiggle out the panties. They were a little tight and he had to maneuver his dick and balls through them. He pulled them down to around his knees. The whole incident started to get him aroused.

“Turn around then.” When he did his penis was at full erection.

“What?” You’re obviously not properly respectful. Turn back around I’m going to paddle you until that thing goes down. You know how to make it go down?”


“Don’t get sassy with me Mister. Just take care of it.” And she handed him a bottle of baby oil that she had in the drawer of her desk. She watched as he drizzled it over his penis.

“Now Start”, she said. She began to paddle him with a stroke about every five seconds as he began to rub and jerk his dick. He managed to look over his shoulder and she was alternately watching his ass turn bright red and his efforts upfront.

She then startled him by ordering him to take off the pants and panties and get up on the bed. “On all fours mister. Hands and knees on the bed and bottom in the air.” He did as he was told. Too stunned by the whole incident not to comply.

She pulled out a new paddle while he was getting in position on the bed.

“You haven’t taken care of that erection, so I will take care of it for you.” She reaches around him and grabs his dick in one hand and holds the red paddle in the other. She starts up again with his paddling. Slowly at first, and then increasing the intensity as she feels him close to cuming. Her hand slowly moves up and down the shaft and head of his penis. His aroused state intensifies and she increases the flurry of swats until his juices flow across the bed in streams.

His final moan indicates to her that he is spent and he falls to the bed. She places the paddle down on the floor beside the bed and sits next to him. She places a hand on his head and strokes his hair. He turns his face towards her as she says, “You know it was for your own good.” A simple yes was all he could manage and she sat with him and comforted him. They both knew that these were lessons that he would remember for a long time to come………….

Panty Boy

Found this one in the vault. It was written by a friend of mine a few centuries ago. We enjoyed paddling each other for several years. She was happy to indulge my fetish for wearing panties. 

She knew he liked to be paddled wearing girl’s panties and she liked to paddle him in girl’s panties. So off to the store they went. He wondered what color she would select – yellow, peach, or maybe white. They were always nylon with a little decoration and usually full cut. She wanted a snug fit, but large enough to cover his bottom and hold his cock, when it got hard – and it always did when she had him put them on. The most important thing was that they were thin, so they would not protect his bottom from the paddle.

She took her time selecting a pair, holding them up, and asking if he liked them. When she made up her mind she gave them to him to take to the register. She hoped the clerk would realize they sure as heck would not fit her.

She wasted no time when they got back. She had him strip while she watched. His cock was already hard. He pulled the panties on. They fit to her satisfaction. She had him put on white socks and a t-shirt to complete the outfit. Now the teasing began. She stroked his cock through the panties and reminded him how much the paddle was going to sting. She got the paddle out and continued to tease him, getting him hotter and hotter.

She said in a low voice, “I am going to give you a real good paddling. You got some good paddlings when you were in school, and I’m sure you can remember how they felt. I’m going to give you the same, except this time you will be wearing girls panties while I paddle your bottom.”

She just looked at him for a long moment as if she knew the effect the sentence she had just passed had on him and then she told him to follow her. A no-nonsense principal paddle lay ready on the bed. She told him to stand at the side of the bed. He felt foolish standing there with a full erection, knowing that she was going to paddle him. It made no sense. He knew that, but it was his reality and while both embarrassed and nervous, he was still excited.

She told him to bend over the bed and rest his weight on his forearms. He had bent over many times before, but always on his palms, the extra few inches he was bent over, made his bottom, seem more venerable than ever before. For the first time since school days, his legs felt weak. He sensed that he was about to get a very thorough paddling.

She picked up the paddle and stepped to his left side. Things were moving very fast. She slapped the paddle on her palm and to told him to get ready. Without a pause, he felt her press the paddle to his cheeks; sighting her aim. He saw her arm go back and he felt the first lick. It burned like fire. She was swinging as hard as she could. She knew the first licks would sting more than the rest. She held the paddle in place for a second, then drew it back and gave the other cheek the same.

After the tenth lick, she told him to could stand up and take a short break. He started rubbing his bottom and she said it was getting very red. He looked into the mirror and saw she was not exaggerating; it was bright red from the center down to his legs. She certainly knew how and where to paddle. She teased his cock and fondled him making him really hot.

Before he was ready, she told him to resume his position over the bed. When he bent over, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of the panties and pulled them down. The panties were thin, but they had offered some protection from the paddle. Now he felt totally exposed and even more venerable. She resumed her position at his side and immediately started smacking his fanny with the paddle. The licks burned like fire and he blubbered that she was scorching his bottom. She said, “Good, I mean for it to really sting,” and she continued swinging the paddle without a pause.

He lost count of the number of licks. And then she stopped. He realized she was changing paddles. It could not hurt any worse – he thought. But it did. When she was through, she told him to straighten up. He did and again started rubbing his bottom; there was a real blaze in his backside. In a few moments, the erection that he had sported during the first ten licks, had lost during the second set, returned in full force and his hand went to it. She watched as he moved his hand back and forth and took his cock into her own hand.

Tracy Ann’s Awakening

by Ritch Flynn

“The next time I see you, I’m gonna put you right over my knee and give you a good spanking!”

Tracy Ann’s heart leaped into her throat at those words. Her mouth went dry and she became totally paralyzed. All she could move were her deep blue eyes, and they immediately looked into the kitchen, where, just a few feet away, her father and her two younger sisters were laughing merrily as they exchanged jokes.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she said back into the telephone.

“Oh, wouldn’t I?” Tony asked.

She knew he would. He always had. That’s why she goaded him. This time, she had blown off his birthday, stood him up for two different lunch dates and “forgotten” to return his calls for four weeks. She knew she was in for it this time. He was speaking playfully, but she knew that she could get just what she wanted from him.

She still stared at her father and her two sisters. Her youngest sister was standing, and for good reason, as the joking exchange went on. Heather and Megan were 15 and 16 respectively, and still being disciplined by the strong, quiet man who had raised the three of them alone after their mother had left. Heather had been caught smoking the previous night, which was why she now stood in the kitchen.

Tracy Ann remembered those paddlings her father doled out, although now, at age 22, she was exempt from them. She remembered all of it in vast detail. The way her mouth used to go dry when her father would softly say, “Go up to my room and wait for me, sweetheart.” And that dreadful wait. Sometimes it was 30 minutes or more before he got there.

He was always calm and relaxed when he walked into the bedroom, but Tracy Ann was always weak in the knees, her hands quaking. He would just tell her to relax and to get ready, and then he would walk into the closet to pick out the paddle he would use as she would strip from the waist down.

When he would emerge from the closet, he would often be whistling, as she stood there, her hands modestly covering her pubic hair.

He would lay the wooden paddle on the bed. She always burst into tears at the sight of it. He would walk towards the bathroom and tell her to bring her mother’s vanity stool out to the foot of the bed. She always complied. Although she knew he would never back down, she always tried to tell herself that this kind, gentle, loving man who was her father wasn’t *really* going to paddle her.

Soon, he would emerge from the bathroom with the spray bottle filled. She hated that little bottle. The water was always so cold when it was sprayed onto her flesh, which was usually scorched from having been paddled. The water also made the paddling sting even more, another reason for her to hate that spray bottle.

As he came towards her, her father would always pick up the paddle in his left hand. He would sit, place the spray bottle down on his right, and then gesture to her to lie across his lap. Already in tears, Tracy Ann could never fight him. She never knew why.

As she lay across his lap, she would always brush back her long brown hair, more to keep the moisture from the tears out of it then for any other reason. Her father would always ask if she had anything to say, but she never did. How could she? Her heart was racing, her mouth was dry and somewhere deep inside of her, a little voice kept saying “He won’t do it. He won’t.”

The voice was always silenced when the first harsh whack of the paddle slammed into her silky bottom flesh. She would wail and kick at that first whack, but she *never* tried to get off of his lap.

Her father was a very slow spanker. He would spread the blows out over time. The intervals between swats could last as long as a minute and a half, and the whole paddling usually took an hour or more at that rate. Yet throughout it, he never raised his voice. He never yelled. He never cursed. He never berated her. He never had to. She always knew why she was there.

He would tell her to relax. Often, he would ask if she was all right several times during the course of a paddling. He never hesitated to give her a few moments to catch her breath when she needed it.

During the pauses between blows, he always checked her bottom with his hand to make certain the water had not completely dried. If it had, he would wet the skin again. The water felt like icicles dancing through her flesh when he sprayed it on. Her buttocks always twitched from the sensation, and her hips would heave involuntarily when the new water was applied.

He would also ask her during the pauses how school was going, how things were with her friends, etc. In many ways, Tracy Ann had always felt she was bonding with her father during these paddlings.

Although his personality was gentle when he paddled, the blows never were. Each one would elicit at least squeal from Tracy Ann, usually a screech. As the paddling progressed, she would fall short of breath. Before it was over, she would be in constant tears. And when he was done, her bottom would always be deep crimson and swollen. Her normally silky soft skin would have the feel of rough leather. The sting would last at least 3 days.

After letting her up, he always gave her a kiss on the head, told her that all was forgiven and to go put on a nightshirt and meet him in the living room. She always obeyed these instructions to the very letter.

When she would arrive in the living room, Tracy Ann would always find her Daddy on the couch watching television. Without hesitation, she always collapsed against him on the couch. Her face would still be wet with tears, and they would just lay there, quietly, snuggling. Although they rarely spoke during this time, she knew in those moments that her Daddy loved her, and had forgiven her for whatever offense had caused the paddling. As she remembered these events, she knew that she had never felt safer or more secure or more loved than in those precious, quiet times after a paddling.

And now, she looked up at her younger sisters. They still had the ritual as part of their lives. Even the previous night, when Daddy had ordered Heather to go wait for him in the room, Tracy Ann’s knees had grown weak, her mouth dry and her heart raced as her hands began to tremble. Even her bottom began to burn, and she wasn’t even the one who was about to get the paddle.

Yet, just 24 hours after being paddled, Heather stood in the kitchen, swapping jokes with her punisher. All of the girls were so close to their father, that few believed he really did paddle them. Or could it be that this was the reason they were all so close to Daddy? Tracy Ann had always wrestled with that question.

The following night she decided to drive out to Tony’s and shoot some pool in his loft. It would just be the two of them there. Before leaving, she called her fiancee and broke off the engagement. Then she packed an overnight bag. Nothing too complicated. Just a spray bottle, a nightshirt, and a paddle that she had “borrowed” from Daddy’s closet. Then she went to the car, her mouth dry, her knees weak, her heart racing and her hands quaking. She drove to Tony’s.