The No Name Spanking Motel

In the dawn of the Internet, I posted on a spanking forum about opening a motel for spankers. I meant it in humor, but quite a few took it seriously.

Announcing The No Name Motel

We have been able to purchase a small 22-room property that will be just right for spanko’s.

The rooms are suite-style, much like the Embassy Suites units. There is also a large courtyard, with a formal garden and pool – all enclosed within a 10-foot brick wall.

Plans are being made to convert the decor of the rooms to fit popular spanko themes. Already on the drawing board are:

The Principal’s Office – The outer area will have a secretary who will embarrass you about the paddling you are going to get and then further embarrass you by witnessing your paddling. The inner area will have a large wooden desk to lean over, an equally large paddle and principal who has a terrific forehand.

Childhood rooms – Four are planned for those who miss parental discipline or for those who never got it and wished they had.  One each in pink and blue for pre-adolescents and two for troublesome teens.

The owners earnestly solicit your theme ideas for the remaining rooms. All entries will qualify you for a free two-night stay and spankings galore!


Spankers and Spankees of both sexes are available for play, by appointment, please.

Each evening, during the complimentary cocktail hour in the courtyard, spanking games will be conducted.

The young men and women who will serve the guests in the public areas will wear white thong bikinis. Guests are permitted to pat their sweet cheeks twice once a day.

The gift shop will have a full complement of implements. All may be “experienced” prior to purchase.

Send your entry to the

The Responses

(I have changed the domains to xxx in case any of the addresses are still in use)

Subject:      Re: The No Name Spanking Motel

From:         Jackie L <>

Ahhhh, the answer to my prayers….Spent 4 nights on the road with my Master and I’ll admit 3 of those, we were so tired from driving across this beautiful country, we just zonked, but the fourth night, or actually the next morning (we zonked the 4th night also–he’s an old man, what can I say, laughing), we had someone knocking on our door after a rather long and loud session with a two-tailed whip.

From: (Ejotk)

Where is this new motel? I sure would love to visit it!


From: (Ldylbug)

Ooh, sign me up for a 2-week stay!!

From: (elissa)

Ok,   Sign me up for all next summer!

Let’s see, some people might like the courtroom setting, complete with Judge’s bench and gavel.  Maybe even a connected jail, with prison bars and cots…

I like the little girls’ rooms myself, but you had already planned those.


From: (LauraJB6)

Where? When?  I do hope that this is somewhere that I can plan my next vacation for…   

I do hope that there are some nice 4 poster beds in some of the rooms…

Great idea, I hope to hear more soon…..

Laura, shivering with antici—————————-pation!!!

From: (LadiKath)

It would be truly nice if all the rooms weren’t already set up, it some could just be for lovers who spank and need a private place to meet.  It should include lots of things to be tied to and over.


From: (Eric)

are you for real?!


2020 will be better

These are two cool cats. We were never this cool. Is that a Lincoln?

Bacall serving my cocktail. Yeah, right

Bacall enjoying the holidays, last year

Bacall being spanked by Bill at a party a decade ago. That’s them on the right. We were playing a custom card game that ensured the girls were well spanked.

Cancer took Bill soon after this party. We will always miss him.

How we came to spanking

An OBB reader posted:
I have never met anyone, knowingly, that shared my passion for spanking.
Neither have I sought out like-minded folks to meet up with. I do wonder, though, if I ever will at some stage.

That gave me the impetus for this post – a tell-all.

How we came to spanking…that starts with my background before I met Bacall. I think I spanked most of the girls I dated. I never planned to spank them, it came naturally because of something they did. I would ask them to cease whatever annoying behavior they were doing. Of course, the little darlings relished that game. So I would hoist their skirts and spank them. They took it in good fun. But, it was common that the same behavior occurred the next date with the same result. I was being played, but I was too dim to understand it. I did not see spanking as sexual. But, afterward, they would often be sitting on my lap with their panties down being comforted and still impish. The only way I can see this is that since their panties were down for a “good reason” it was OK to advance to some heavy petting. Always likes that term. So spanking was a back door to sex. Bad pun.

I was 19 when spanking became sexual for me. Now I not only consciously wanted to spank I wanted to be spanked. That was two firsts for me. The trigger for this event was a picture like this one of two women spanking each other. Why a depiction of F/F spanking caused my sudden interest in F/M spanking will always be a mystery to me.

Since I was now actively thinking about spanking my dates, it was no longer spontaneous. And I think less enjoyable for both of us. I had a lot to learn.
When I started dating Bacall, she naturally felt my palm and after awhile I got the nerve to tell her I wanted to be paddled. She took to it like a duck to water.
I was still really stupid about spanking her. I thought the only way to do it was paddling her like I liked being paddled. That was too painful for her. Still is most of the time.
Years pass, I was usually the one getting paddled. I just could not imagine another way to spank other than with a paddle and hard.
The internet dawned and we found that we were not alone in enjoying spanking. One thing led to another and soon we were in a group of spankers. At first, only 20 people, it quickly grew to over 100 souls. We got together several times a year for long weekends.
It was at the first party that things changed for us. I was spanking a gal in an adjoining room and Bacall came in and told me to come and see this. I said, “In a minute, I am little busy right now”. But, she was so excited she persisted to encourage me to drop what I was doing and come to see her discovery. It was a leather paddle.
We bought several leather paddles and that changed the whole dynamic for us. She was now paddled as often, if not more so, than me.
More years went by and just as suddenly she decided she liked wood paddles better. Not the same ones as I prefer, but still darn stingy ones. Isn’t that right, Ronnie? [At her request, I made her one just like Bacall’s]
This photo was taken during her transition from leather to wood. From left to right, a metal ruler – her idea. Pussy flogger. Two leather toys and her first wood paddle.

So to our reader, what I am saying is that there are people just like you out there. Why are we hiding from each other? You will not find many women that enjoy spanking men, but there are lots of women who want to be spanked.

Questions? Comments?

Bacall’s Birthday Spanking Month

I gave her the second installment of her birthday paddling today. This time outside.

We got to talking about her birthday spanking’s in years past. Back when we went to parties. Now understand, we knew the people at these parties, some for years. So it was not like she was being paddled by “strange men”. Birthday’s were no secret, they were announced every month. One year, the host had the hotel put on their outdoor sign. “Happy 50th Birthday Bacall”. She got lots of presents and of course, lots of spankings.

Two guys that she really liked to play with sat facing each other in chairs and she went over both of their laps. I did not see it, but she told me they each counted, One, One, Two, Two… And that was only one of her spankings that weekend. She was like all the other women, several spankings a day were normal. She might be a little sore before the party was over, she she was also smiling.


Do you recall sometime back that I asked to you remember the decor, the background, in one spanking picture taken at a party?

Here is another picture taken in the same place.Do you recall the prior post?


Love the hose.


Same place, another bottom, but the woman on the left has on the vest shown in the first picture.

We sure had some fine looking lasses and lads.

I am sure that Rollin Hand knows this place.