I think she is model, but in this picture I can imagine her as the girl next door.

She is slim, blonde, and attractive with no ink or metal.

I like that she is wearing a slip. It dresses up the school girl outfit and makes it believable.

And the statin panties. Swoon

The pose is perfect.  Her bottom is presented exactly right. I would have had her on a coffee table, but the position would be the same.


EndArt – Once More

I don’t know the name or anything about of one of the most prolific spanking illustrators. Today, I bring you a few illustrations that have not already been worn out on other sites. Along with humor, there was often an erotic element to the drawings. Most illustrations were of women being spanked by men or women. There were more than a few illustrations showing men getting the board from a woman. No one got off easy.

School Girls

I have never understood the widespread attraction to Japanese schoolgirls by western men. Is it because they are considered submissive? Japan is not a hotbed of spanko’s. So what’s up it?

My type of school girls

I was 40 before I learned that many women liked to play the schoolgirl scene as much as I did and they had the outfits.

As seen on Vanilla Spanking

Get it at school…get it at home

I went to school back in the Devonian Period and it was a rule, that if you were paddled at school you would get paddled at home. Once my Mother was waiting for me to get my licks at school and take me home for my second dose.

I ripped this off from

I have a friend who was teaching at a school in Texas. Since she had gone to college in New York she wasn’t familiar with the corporal punishment policies, so the Principal suggested as part of her first-day orientation that he give her three “licks”.

Anxious to please and more than a little curious my friend agreed. Her-Pal-the-Principal made her go sit outside and wait on the bench where the students normally waited for punishment.

The Secretary pulled her file and saw she was living with her Aunt. The Secretary filled out a form for the Aunt to countersign detailing the punishment.

My friend got her licks in the office, bent over, and grabbing her ankles. The Principal took his time about, it rubbing her upturned bottom with the wooden paddle and joking about how he enjoyed spanking “Yankee butt”.

The swats really hurt, and my friend told me she had wished she had worn a thicker skirt and panties to work that day.

When she got home my friend found out that the Principal had called my Aunt, and they both agreed that in order to get the “full understanding” she should get a punishment at home, too. And this one was with the belt, and her skirt and underpants were NOT in the way. 😦

My friend had to get the form countersigned by her Aunt, then turn it into the Principal, who made her tell her all the details. Finally, he let her go, saying that he “hoped she learned her lesson.”


Sorry, I did not have a picture of a woman in a skirt in the position in surroundings that might pass for a principal’s office.

Bacall’s Schoolroom Paddling

I referenced this in a recent post and a reader wanted to know more. So I found the details in this 2009 post.

Bacall once got a schoolroom paddling, not in school, but in a public play space. We went along with another couple as a lark.

The place was in what was a warehouse. It had what we imagine were the usual fare; crosses for flogging, a medical room, etc. What caught our eye was a small schoolroom. We found the room empty and Bacall went into an unrehearsed role saying that she could not be paddled because of who her Daddy was and ya-ta ya-ta. She is quite an accomplished role player and can come up with original and amusing excuses by the gross.

While she was yammering on about why she was too precious to be paddled, I am getting her ready for the paddle. I am aware that two or three men are looking through the door into the room, but while Bacall was over the desk I was focused on paddling her had my back was to the door.

I popped her bare bottom several times and she carried on with appropriate theatrics about what her Daddy was going to do to me.

It was only when I put the paddle down did I notice the gaggle of men looking through the door frame. Some were even squatting in order to get a view. I suspect it was the highlight of their week.

A School Girls Thoughts

“Well, Miss Towers. I am losing patience with you now… “Young lady, I will not tolerate impudence at our school. You will now stand, hold the desk and take your punishment. “That was the first time I saw it. It was just like I thought it would look, except bigger. The paddle! Mr. Remo held it as though it was a natural extension of his arm. Was he serious? I never thought I would ever be in this sort of situation. I was petrified. I just stared wide-eyed at him with my heart pounding. But I also felt this strange intense excitement. I was trying to evaluate what I was feeling when I heard his voice again.

“Miss Towers!” He exclaimed while clapping his empty hand with the wide end of the paddle impatiently. Stand and bend over the desk with your legs locked and spread. It will go easier on you if you don’t fight this. 

So I stood slowly, feeling the tingle that was running down my spine all the way into my shoes where it curled my toes. I grasped the dark grainy wood of the desk. I felt so humiliated. I felt so excited with anticipation. This was total confusion. I was scared but thrilled. How odd. He frightened me and yet I wanted him too. He was powerful and incredibly sexy. Would I actually enjoy this? It looked as though I would find out rapidly. My breath became shallow as he stepped around the desk. He stood so close to me that I thought I could hear his breathing was a bit labored too. The paddle was pressed against my backside. Mr. Remo moved it in a small circle over my skirt as if it would somehow help him to affix his target.

What was it like getting spanked in school?

From Quora, maybe true? maybe not.


Paddled At Church

The only paddling I recall at church was during a Sunday evening youth group. Two of the older boys, 17, were the group leaders. Paddlings were promised for misbehavior during the program. I wanted no part of that and keep my mouth shut and endured the program. The best looking girl in the group, the one with longest legs and full breasts did something to incur the wrath of the group leaders. After the program was over, I came back from the restroom and saw in a darkened room, the two group leaders, the girl and both of her parents. [They were our chaperones] Mom was holding her daughter’s crinoline slip out of the way so one of the boys could paddle her. I don’t recall what underwear she had one as she was side to me. I witnessed two licks and then was spotted and waved away.

I’ll bet a nickle she was spanked frequently by her Dad and that he enjoyed it.