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I have noted a few new readers that are ‘Liking’ old posts. I was curious and went to read what they found of interest five or more years ago.  I had long forgotten I wrote them. Some were not bad.

Then I noticed that WordPress suggests posts that might be in the same vein.

This is one of the ‘Liked” posts Paddled At School. At the end of the post are WordPress suggestions. When I looked last week Paddled at School Redux was suggested. But not this morning! Grrr. Which makes this post almost meaningless. Oh well here is Bacall’s version of Paddled at School Redux.

School Paddlings

Holy Moly! Tuesday’s post Who chooses the position for spanking? garnered more than double the usual number of eyeballs. I think it was an all-time high. I had no idea the topic would be popular. In fact, I didn’t think it would be popular at all.


I got paddled at school in almost every grade. I was a failure at controlling my impulses and also at getting away with anything. I hated the paddlings. I feared them. Yet, as an adult, I crave them.

A short picture post today about girls getting spanked, paddled in a school setting.

This is from a mainstream movie, Bored To Death, they are fooling around and get caught by the janitor.

Here a pro film copies the real world. Girls always check out the results.

Another from Real Spankings. She realizes it will be the paddle for her.

The stuff that dreams are made of. Tight jeans, suitable paddle, willingly bent over.

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This Never Happended

He arrived as directed and took a place on the long wooden bench in the lobby of the school administration office. There were two others on the bench already. Almost at once he heard the unmistakable sounds of someone being paddled. He winced.

A few minutes past and a young girl opened the door and called his name. She held the door open for him, he entered and she closed the door behind him. She smiled and told him to take off his pants. He froze. This picture of beauty and innocence was going to paddle him? Where was the principal? She told him to be quick about it. He slowly started to unbuckle his belt, while she watched. He finally got them off. She held out a pair of panties and told him to put them on. All the color drained from his face. She just stood there holding the panties, waiting for him to remove his briefs and take them from her. He turned partially away from her and removed his briefs, but he had to face her to get the panties. By the time he had them pulled up, he was not completely flaccid.

She told him to sit down and she did too with her short skirt showing him her thighs. He got rigid. Then he heard the popping sound of a paddle. He counted them. 10. He heard some murmurs and then it started again – another 10. Then quiet. The girl watched him. He could feel the hard chair through the thin panties. He felt ridiculous. He also felt the warmth of his penis on his belly. How would he get up without her seeing him in this state? She was only a few years older than him. The door in the direction of where the paddling has taken place opened and there stood the principal, paddle in hand. OK, young man, I am ready for you now. How was he going to get up? “Move now or I will make you wish you had”. He stood. His penis standing up, making a tent in the panties he shuffled through the open door.

July 27, 1991

Taking The Wood Paddle

Bacall’s cast is off. She is still in a boot for a month. However, I thought some sort of celebration was in order. So, last week, I told her that tomorrow she would be getting a dose of my belt and that today would be a preview of coming attractions. So I showed her what the belt felt like for several minutes. The next day, I got out several leather items and turned her bright pink.

The next day, her bottom and her mouth felt sassy. She is giving me some friendly sass and I am telling her even though I will be leaving soon, I have time to attend to her. So what does she do, she presents herself and I get to work quickly. Solved her problem.

Now let us see some gals take a wooden paddle well laid on. 

Looking Confident

When the wood meets the bottom

Real World School Paddling

Hands63 wrote this real-life spanking encounter in response to the recent School Paddling post.
I was in junior high school at the time.  My father had recently died and I was, in short, a troubled kid.
I was mad at the world and my mother couldn’t control me by herself. My dad was the one who kept us in line. I got into all sorts of trouble at that time on the streets and in school especially. Surprisingly I was a rather smart kid, so my schoolwork wasn’t affected, my grades were well above average. My real problem was I just hated being in school and being told what to do. 
Anyway, I was also going through that phase in life where girls were becoming my main focus. Hell,  I got my first blowjob at 14 on a class train trip to Washington DC.
My best friend at the time was my main pal, Tommy. The two of us were always involved in some plan, usually, one which wasn’t totally legit.
We had found a way at school to spy on the girls in their shower room in their gym area. The school had two gyms, one for the boys and the other for the girls and the lockers and showers were sandwiched between them, sort of back to back. 
These were the days of segregation between boys and girls and it was strictly a no-no to even attempt to peek. 
We found a way to get up into the suspended ceiling in our locker room by moving the ceiling tiles and climbing up into the space above them. Once there we crawled over several yards of ductwork and found the grills that were over the girl’s showers. 
We’d go up there when we could and just watch the show of naked girls showering. Then one fatal day we went up and while the show was on, Tommy slipped and went crashing down through the ceiling, landing in the girl’s shower. I can still hear the screaming. I tried to crawl back to our locker room and get the hell out of there but I got caught just as I left the room and ran straight into the girl’s gym teacher who had come running when she heard the screaming. She grabbed me and I couldn’t break loose. Then the second female gym teacher arrived and went into the locker room and found Tommy still on the floor. The girls were all told to get dressed and get out. We were escorted off to the dean’s office. We were still in our gym outfits which were just gym shorts and t/shirt. 
Needless to say, there was a big commotion over what we did. Threats of suspension from school even maybe being expelled. The dean had us sit while he called for our parents to come up to school. Meantime while we waited they got together the girls who were in the shower at the time and also called their parents as well to come up to the school.  
My mother arrived as well as Tommy’s and in short time the mothers of the girls who were in the shower also showed up and they were furious. We not only heard it from our mothers but the dean, the gym teachers, and all the other mothers. One mom, in particular, wanted blood. 
This was like a federal crime at that time seeing a girl naked. No one really knew how to handle it. 
The dean proposed suspension and since it was near the end of the school year he also said we wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremonies. Not like we cared. 
My mom was willing to go along with whatever since she had just about given up trying to handle me. Tommy’s mom as well was agreeable to whatever they decided. However, I go back to the one mother of this one girl (Ashley) who felt that what they suggested wasn’t good enough for the crime. She stated and quite loudly, “if it were up to me I’d blister both their bottoms so they’d never do it again“.
Suddenly, all heads turned and looked at us and an overwhelming nod of agreement filled the room. Even our moms thought it was a perfect solution. So they agreed to do it but again Ashely’s mom felt that once we were let go home it wouldn’t happen. She wanted justice done there and then.
Then came the proposal by Ashley’s mom that she’d do it but that wasn’t going to happen. The female gym teacher spoke out and suggested that as long as our mothers were in agreement and it would satisfy the rest of all involved that the school should administer the punishment, namely the gym teachers and all would witness. 
So that was the decision. We were led into the adjoining conference room. All the mothers followed. The dean arranged two chairs in the front of the room while everyone else took a seat in the front row. One of the gym teachers took hold of my hand and led me to one of the chairs. Tommy did the same with the other teacher. They each seated themselves while we stood waiting at their sides for everyone else in the room to get settled.
Finally, I heard the dean once again ask everyone if this is in agreement and heard all the yes replies. He looked at us and told us what was about to happen and then instructed the two teachers to begin. 
I can still see the eyes of that teacher. She turned to me and told me to look directly into her eyes and not to look anywhere else. I was so scared I obeyed completely. While I was fixed on her stare she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and in one move got me over her lap.  I remember looking to my right and seeing Tommy in the same position over the lap of the second teacher. 
Without warning the spanking began and it went on for some time. I can’t say I heard anything from the crowd of onlookers because I was already in tears crying, not just from the spanking but from the embarrassment of the situation. There I was, on a teachers lap, people watching me get spanked and I’m bare bottomed. I could hear the slaps on our bottoms echoing in that room. 
I would say she gave me a good five minutes of her best effort. I knew I got a good spanking that day. Finally, I heard the dean call for an end and the gym teacher reached down and pulled up my shorts so I wouldn’t have to stand up exposing myself.
We were scolded again after the spankings and finally allowed to leave with our mothers
Side story 
Tommy was one of the friends I lost in Vietnam years later. 
Ashley, l fucked that summer after graduation. 
Spanking became part of my life. 

No animals were harmed in the production of this movie. 

Paddled In School

We are spending a few weeks in Florida before we head west for the year. As much as we pay for an on-ramp while traveling, posts should go on as usual.

Many of us have a fascination with school paddling’s. It make no difference if we were paddled in school or not. 

Here is pro one that is rather realistic. You might go in brave, but after a few licks, the paddle won.

Assume The Position

Images such as these ever so popular assume the position pictures stir spanko’s minds, both male and female. It’s an image that still sticks in my mind from school days! I have to admit it would have been more fun to watch those tight skinny jeans getting well heated than feeling that heat myself! With office personnel and often other students just on the other side of the door, there was much self imposed pressure when getting swats at school to take it quietly and get it over as fast as possible. And it was very hard to stay in this position to be paddled! You somehow managed to do so as you sure didn’t want to risk extra swats.

These two images really show how something realistic can stir our emotions. Instead of the more common naked pupil/teacher spankings, which never happened.

I wonder how many of us would “go back to school” for a paddling now. If only you would know about it and the paddler would look and act just like your dream paddler. You would just go into this spankverse, get your paddling just like you want it and exit back to the world and no one else would know.  

It was quite a view in the hallway hands on ankles, sticking it out to get the dreaded paddle! Yes, I remember it well as I tried to hold it in so they didn’t think it hurt! Yeah right, like that worked. The paddle always won!

When they sent someone out of class for the hallway talk it was scary; but yet exciting in a way as long as it wasn’t you. It was such a distinct sound echoing down those long hallways as the paddle landed! If you were sitting in class you knew someone was getting it in the hall way! We had one teacher who would open the door to the classroom if she heard it, so that we could all hear it that much more clearly, just to make an impression. It worked.

Spanking Positions

Humans like different positions. There are a lot more positions for sex than for spanking, but there are still quite a few positions for spanking and some allow for sex at the same time. 

In my spanking dreams, bending over a desk to get paddled has long been a favorite position of mine. I was thinking about it this morning as I recalled that the last two times Bacall has paddled me it’s been over a desk. It’s certainly not the first time she has done it, but it had been awhile since she did, so she is obviously dusting off her bag of tricks.
I decided I could record my idle thoughts on the paddling positions I have experienced while in school into a post.

Grade School – Bent over holding my legs in the boys restroom was a favorite of the principal. Bent over in the hall was preferred by teachers, as they could get the teacher across the hall as a witness and both could keep an eye on their classes. This way both classes, could hear what was going on. It was convenient for all except the person bent over.

Middle School – This is the only time I was paddled over a desk. I got quite familiar with his desk. I had to grab the other side and hold on while he wielded a formidable paddle.

High School – The Assistant Principal liked to use the boys restroom after classes. All who had earned licks for the day lined up outside and one-by-one we entered, bent over and he serviced us. If you were getting the ultimate sanction, 15 licks, he took you to the teachers lounge during class so you could grab your legs and attempt to stay in position.

So all of my pre-adult positions were either holding my legs or the other side of a desk. Small wonder that my adult spanking dreams put these two positions at the top of my list.

Where do you suppose your favorite position came from?