It’s another dry spell here at OBB. I don’t have a theme of pictures to post so it’s clean out the folder time again.

I like this image. She is waiting for her paddling while looking at the paddle that is going to sting her. She wants the paddling and spending a few moments in contemplation that will help get her mind in the place she needs it. In a few minutes, she will stand, hand the paddle to the man, turn around, bend over, place her hands on the bench, arch her back, lift her chin up and wait for the sting of the paddle.

Seeing this lass while beach walking would make me stop in my tracks. Such sweet cheeks. And that paddle would fit them just right.

This picture brings back memories of youth and spring for me.



Yet another post of unrelated images that interest me.

I don’t think I have ever posted a picture of a gal in thights before. [Oops, a sentence that ends in a preposition. The word police is agast] Back to the picture. She is cute. I would not be suprised if she likes having her bottom smacked. One of Phoebe’s lines was … and an ass that will not quit. Seems to apply here.

Speaking of smack. I think we can deduce she most definitely apprciates having her bottom spanked.

Who Knew?

Hold on to your drawers. Just the panties from Agent Provocateur cost $330 on sale. Regular $675. Plus they charge $20 shipping. We like dressing up in lingerie, but this is too much for us.

Imagine you are driving down a Forest Service road along the Rogue River in southern Oregon and you see this. What do you do?

Year End Potpourri

This post to post images that interest me, but have no relationship to one another.

First a drawing sent to us by Brian. Thanks, we like interaction. It is by Constaine Razoumov. It was done in Paris. If you like it, Google his name, there are dozens more.

Now we move to New Zealand where they have all sorts of zany ways to decorate fences. This is one style.

I look at the background of pictures, just as much as the subject. See the sign for 15 cent dogs? That dates the picture as much as the lingerie.
We have never seen hose quite like these. We like them.

Did you get this present?

We have never seen any like these. She gets points for her points.
So spank me

In climbing aerobatics, she gets extra points.
We love Utah.

And In Closing

Happy New Year

Try an extra helping of kindness in 2018


A mixture of images with absolutely no relationships between the several images. They amuse me. Maybe you will like one?

We have no interests in slippers, flip-flops or rubber souls.
Bacall has a fascination with belts.

 See-through blouses have always been a turn on for me.

Some guys may not get beyond this image

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

For The Man Who Has Everything

Just cute majorettes from Alabama 


Several images have accumulated that have no commonality. So it’s time for a potpourri post.

Only recently I leaned that women wearing belts turn on some men.

Spanking with a foam slipper? Why bother?

Here is what I think is a photo-shopped picture. I might have paid more attention in school if the teacher’s had opened their blouses.

And, Mom, I am sure your son appreciates you paddling him for having F/m pictures. Yeah, that sure would be punishment.

Looks like I missed out growing up in a rural area. This sort of door-to-door sales would have been welcome.

Why post this picture of Laura Ramsey from Mad Men? Just liked it.

Did this happen in your home?


This is another post of images that accumulate in the To Post folder but have no relationship to any others. Call them things that interest me.

Maybe you will enjoy one of them?

I never met these gals at the malt shop. Oh, yeah, we didn’t have a malt shop.


Any one that has such a mess of the floor or takes a picture of such a mess on the floor should be tied to a tree in the rain and flogged. Otherwise, nice backside.


We have not titled a post Potpourri in a long time. These posts happen when there is no theme to the pictures and we have nothing else to share with you spanking-wise.

The chap on the right seems to be enjoying the view.

I have always heard of bubble butts, now I see how they look.

The living arrangement suggested here looks interesting.

We have enjoyed half of our time in Florida, the cold temp and strong breezes abated and we got to do some fun things outside. We are headed back home today after some fun days with friends.

Graphics That Amuse Me

The less I say and the more pictures I post the more hits I get. Happy?

The first one should count as several pictures, since they are several subjects and they are all smiling. No frowns, no tears. Happily spanked.

bottoms six 

Six Spanked Bottoms – Look Mom and Dad, I am learning so much at school.

You can see red Solo cups, so you can assume alcohol is involved. I wonder what the occasion was?

I did not start college until I was 21. I had my own place, so I missed dorm life. But, we had a huge old house and threw some huge parties. But nothing like this.

Oh, I have to pick one? OK, the cutie blond on the left. PS, if you look really closely, you will see two guys in the background.


I like to wear panties when we play sometimes. I did wear them to work sometimes in my 30’s. I gave that up as the Boys got real hot and squeezed in them.


My kind of gal

no shirt no shoes

x Porky-Pig

A combination of incongruous things


It occurred to me that when a woman sees the word potpourri she might think of a mixture of dried flower petals, leaves, and spices that is used to make a room smell pleasant. Well, smell. You know the scent that knocks able bodied men to their knees when entering stores like Michael’s. None of that kind of potpourri here. This is another post of pictures that are not related. Another cleaning out of my “to Publish”. BTW, it’s empty now. Either the elves will tote up some new pictures or I will expound on some topic.

dog cage

I thought someone had a good imagination to come up with this way of immobilizing a lass in a cage. Not something I want to do, but I admire the idea.

women rule

For the femdom set. BTW, I have zero problem with women being in authority. I worked for a really good one. I also worked for two that had no social skills other than sucking up to their boss. A female President would be fine with me. But not HRC.

something to celebrate5

This could be a dommy woman. Don’t know, but I sure would like to paddle her in that leather skirt.

I will conclude with a picture of Ashley with her floggers.

Ashley w Dragon