Friday Conglomeration

I mentioned last month that eyeballs on OBB had declined to record lows. Between Christmas and New Years’ readership went to record highs. I don’t pretend to understand.

This post could be tagged as potpourri, but conglomeration seemed to fit better. Just some images that have accumulated that have no relation to each other.

In my quest of finding pictures for you degenerates

Our idea of spanking fun

I would like to know the back story of this

College Dorm Fun

More College Dorm Fun

You have to be really old to recall this strip




Yet Another Potpourri

With luck you may find an image that will amuse you.

I think she is ready to go

For those who are fond of the cane

Any Catherine Bach in Daisy Dukes fans here?

An overage wayward cheerleader

A fine accessory for any home library

If I were the guy, I would probably lose it on seeing the open seam in her top

Compliments of a reader

Being a movie, everyone knew what was coming and all ignored it. Especially the other woman

Hump Day

I would guess I fletched this picture from Richard Windsor’s site. Guessing she has been gifted this paddle from a student who hopes to hear her say “See me after class”.

Wannabe doms are thinking her panties should be down

Flipped so you can see her face better

Flipped. Look at her smile

Acting is not as easy as it looks, huh Joey?

Another Melange

It’s nice to be home where we have cable and unlimited high-speed Internet access. I can play Pandora all day if I choose.

I have more unrelated images that I want to share. Hope you will like one or two of them.

It’s Hump Day for you working humps

Six absolute scorchers with the cane and the strange thing was that Emily just adored Miss Woods all the more now!

Looks like a friend helping a friend out

For those that enjoy corner time

Seems she thinks she needs some attention

Proves that bondage does not require special equipment


I have long used potpourri to describe a mash up post of unrelated images. In recognition of Dune today I will use the French word Melange which also means a mixture, a medley.

For Openers

Ana De Armas

I like to post clean pictures, besides she is just damn cute.

I have a thing for chainmalle. This combines a bit of bondage. What a Christmas gift!

This brings back memories

Alabama High School girls show their “Notice of Corporal Punishment” forms & point to their behinds apparently amused.

Hooters new uniforms


Another grab bag of images that are not related.

Seen in a Cherokee Heritage Village Schoolhouse.

Did you ever sign the paddle?

As Seen on Vanilla Spanking

Life Imitates Art

Little Miss Attitude

This looks like the watering hole Bacall and I went to after work. The waitresses had to put up with a lot. Some guy would flip her skirt up and when she turned around to confront him, another guy would flip her skirt up. One waitress asked a guy if she had seen him before. He lifted her skirt in the front, looked and said “No, I don’t think so”. Yeah, it was a rowdy group in the 70’s.

No, I would never think about spanking her.

I have always wanted a paddle with an accelerometer.

Spanking was on Picasso’s Mind

I can smell the plastic seat covers. Oh, you were looking at her bullet bra.