Some of this and that and not one thing connected to spanking.

A fine elixer

If she can still do this, she is fit

Sometimes you can can not suppress the urge

This is a mobile penis in Libya, They think it is penetrating an evil sprit. I know damn well I have tangled with a few evil spirits along the way.

Damn Cats

She is happy. Take a cue from her and enjoy the weekend.

Your Task for Today

You have one task today. Don’t screw it up.

Count how many times she spanks her friends.

Ready, GO!

Try this at home

I gave this one a second look and it’s the same as we use. Bacall has fur cuffs that were a gift. I folded one end of a leather strap over and sowed it to make loop. A wood dowel into the loop which holds it when the door is closed. Can be used where ever there is a door.

PVC pipe and two metal eyes make the spreader bar.


Here is a heavily cropped view



For those chilly mornings

As the sun sets, two moons rise


Some of this and that

Cleaning a folder out, two images actually depict spanking.

You ever dream about spanking Olivia Newton-John?

Around 1981, I had a photo of this team behind my desk. The whole team was bent over. There were men and women coming in my office all during the day. I don’t recall anyone even remarking on the photo. Different times.

Part of a Czech girls 18th birthday party

If you remember Ed spanking Eve, you are old

If you remember photos like this, you are even older

My kind of gal

When I see something like this my palm cups. Levi Strauss had no idea how popular his utility pants would become.

Potpourri of Round Spankable Orbs

Gable spanks and she is excited

If I really need a good butt blistering, this is probably the best way to take it. Get tied in place and get it over without extras for not holding still!

I have included the mandatory spanked school girl.

The British with their slippers

A bath brush applied over white panties is  appropriate for any occasion or season.

Mother and daughter or friends?

And if you made it this far, you might like the first three pictures on my naughty Bdsmlr.

You will probably perve on the other pictures.

And Hey Folks, How about some comments from the lurkers. Say if you like it or it sucks.



For Openers

Turns out there’s a reason men don’t throw away old t shirts. [Thanks Gentle Reader]

Flogged Before the Mast

Being a maid in the 19th century must have been a hazardous occupation as they were often depicted as being spanked, switched, strapped, or canned by their mistress. The table was turned here.

A Walk in the Woods

The Perennial Schoolgirl

A Thigh Fry and Maybe a Pussy Paddling

Back When Going to the Office Was Worthwhile

Some of This and That

Nothing better, to me, than both the spanker and the spankee smiling.

Here Ms Rutherford is popping wise while he is working up a sweat. Love it!

Ya think she is asking for it?

Looks extreme, maybe not.

Chasity anyone? Women look a lot better in chastity than men do. I don’t get wanting to be in chastity. Especially men, that prostate is going to cause problems sooner or later.

Eve did not age so well

WOW! I ran out space trying to upload the next picture. I just paid $48 to get more space and show you guys my love. One of the new features seems to allow me to charge for exclusive content. Hmmm. Wonder how many would pay two bucks to see exclusive insane postings?

Eye rolling. Was this worth $48?

Reminds me of the kitchen in the Honeymooners. You have to be ancient to remember them. Ralph, Alice, Ed and Trixie. To the moon Alice, to the moon.  I think  many   will  watch  this and  only  see  Ralph  acting  like a jerk.  I see her not taking any crap from him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-FhWB1POWQ

And Finally