Eight Links

Maybe you find one of these of interest?

Four From Vanilla Spanking:

Liberté! Egalité! Fessée!

The Myth of ‘The Myth of Female Masochism

Spank the Patient?

The Lady Psychiatrist

From Naturally Gin: Vulnerable Faith

From Butt Stuff: Guerilla Spanking

A Good Spanking Clip by agoodspankin: School Daze Part3

Kaelah and Pandora in Proof Of Innocence

This and That

I did a potpourri post last week, but I still have a lot of miscellaneous images in the folder so we will call this one This and That so as not to be repetitive. 

Let’s start with an old heartthrob of mine, Susan Day. So damn spankable with her sultry voice.

I have never been much on corner time. I have other things in mind after I have spanked her.

Who would not want to spank her? Classic outfit with no ink or metal.

Spring was here last week, then went on hiatus.



Her look is enchanting to me.

Is this the same woman? Bacall thinks so. Eyes, hair style, shoulders

If so she would be a great playmate for me, as a switch. Anyone know her name or videos?



One if by land

Beating a dead horse

1960’s Bikini

Scouting as it should have been

A family gathering? And she has her nose on the wall.

This 44yo woman is pulling in 150k a month for such poses. No nudes.





Friday Conglomeration

I mentioned last month that eyeballs on OBB had declined to record lows. Between Christmas and New Years’ readership went to record highs. I don’t pretend to understand.

This post could be tagged as potpourri, but conglomeration seemed to fit better. Just some images that have accumulated that have no relation to each other.

In my quest of finding pictures for you degenerates

Our idea of spanking fun

I would like to know the back story of this

College Dorm Fun

More College Dorm Fun

You have to be really old to recall this strip




Yet Another Potpourri

With luck you may find an image that will amuse you.

I think she is ready to go

For those who are fond of the cane

Any Catherine Bach in Daisy Dukes fans here?

An overage wayward cheerleader

A fine accessory for any home library

If I were the guy, I would probably lose it on seeing the open seam in her top

Compliments of a reader

Being a movie, everyone knew what was coming and all ignored it. Especially the other woman