First, I would like to give a big FU to WordPress for forcing the use of their Block Editor.

Second, we will be on a short trip for a week or so. I may or may not be online.

Potpourri Posts are when I accumulate too many pictures that have nothing in common with one another. Some of this and that.

I would like to dedicate this post to Mary Louise Parker who ranks high on my spankability meter.

She got spanked more than once on Weeds

Back When Life Was Easy


As Seen on Hotbottoms Blog. It Could Be The New Digital Art That Sells For Millions

Can Someone Please Explain To Me What This Is About?



I Am Informed This Is Called A Screw Cactus. Does the flower have a face?

I really miss seeing her on my morning run. Talk about firm.

OK, Let’s try another interaction. I post the picture. I ask the question. You reply. The question is what is the gal on the left thinking?


In closing, a classic tango

ASMR – Things That Get My Blood Moving

First, I want to commend Strick Julie for several posts she has made on non-spanking topics. They were all well presented. Some say a spanking blog should only be about spanking. Some say they come to spanking blogs to escape. OK, fine I get that. However, spanking blog authors also have other interests and a limited means of expressing themselves.

I read Strick Julie for some time thinking there is no way this can be a female writing. She covered every male subbie topic I have ever heard of some new ones to me. Still, the words seemed to come from a female mind. [Yeah, I think I can tell the gender from the words]

Then it changed. She was often the sub and he was not so subbie after all.

I find some of her posts hot and others, no I don’t care to go there. No doubt, that is equally true for OBB.


Things That Get My Blood Moving. Perhaps you will get a pleasant relaxing tingle also

And now some hotness

I have always loved fuzzy sweaters and skirts

Her Eyes


Have you backed up your hard drive lately? I went 40 days without doing it. I could not fix it with disk utilities so I had to restore and lose the images in my to post folder. Some of the images were sent by readers.


Since the beginning of OBB, a few times a year I find images in the post folder that are not related to one another. They may not even be related to spanking. What I have done with these images is to post them as potpourri. If you look to the left margin, you can select the category of posts tagged Potpourri.

This one takes me back to HS, an innocent, or maybe not, exposure of her thighs

No, she was not in my HS class

A gal in white with a fantastic background



For men who want a dominant woman, how about this one?

I am easily amused. She well knows the effect she is having.

And in conclusion, a tramp, with a lolly

Can I get a Like? Please a like.

You Have Been Flashed

As usual, no red bottoms, no punishment, no problems solved.

I would normally title a post like this one, potpourri. I have posted dozen of unrelated images over the years titled potpourri. But Hermoine appropriated that title recently. I guess I will have to find something original.

I know you can attract eyeballs with titles like Spanking Pictures, My Mother In Law Spanks Me, etc. I know as I used those titles years ago and they still show up as most frequently read. I will keep on posting things that interest me and hope a few readers will appreciate my taste.

You Have Been Flashed

I Did Not Get The Memo On This

A Cooperative Lass

Another Flasher. This One Has Talent

She seems Happy. Are You Happy To See Her?

Speaking Of Talent This Lass Has It


I seldom see pictures of women serving in the US military, especially posed like the women in the Israeli military. Is that due to restrictions imposed by the US military?

Winter has arrived. Already missing warm weather. Is she cute or what?

A reader sent me this spoof. I suspect some men desirous of FLR might want one?

Here’s a work uniform for you. Twin Peaks?


It’s another dry spell here at OBB. I don’t have a theme of pictures to post so it’s clean out the folder time again.

I like this image. She is waiting for her paddling while looking at the paddle that is going to sting her. She wants the paddling and spending a few moments in contemplation that will help get her mind in the place she needs it. In a few minutes, she will stand, hand the paddle to the man, turn around, bend over, place her hands on the bench, arch her back, lift her chin up and wait for the sting of the paddle.

Seeing this lass while beach walking would make me stop in my tracks. Such sweet cheeks. And that paddle would fit them just right.

This picture brings back memories of youth and spring for me.