Informational Panties

About 87 years ago at a spanking party I encountered a woman wrote messages on masking tape and fixed them to her panties for the spankers to see. I can not recall a single message, I only saw two, but they were humorous. I think women are more fun than men in things like this. Anywho, here are some panties with printed messages on them. Bacall says they are informational. I suppose you can make your own with transfer material.

Collect the whole set

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The Panty Drawer

A lot of men have spent time rummaging in women’s panty drawers. I am one of them. Not a lot of time rummaging. And not a lot of drawers, but I am guilty. I should be spanked. If I had a older sister, I am sure I would have reached the level of depravity required to go through her panty drawer. 

In f/m fiction, being caught going through panty drawers or wearing panties are popular reasons for a paddling.
I would like to know how many men have worn panties at one time or another. Maybe I could get a grant to interview women to find out their knowledge on this.

Miss Chris

I have always been open with Bacall about my love of panties and thankfully she accepts my fetish. She likes the feel of my bottom through panties as much I enjoy rubbing my hand over her bottom when she has on some silky ones.

We have long enjoyed going panty shopping together. It’s a cheap date. We often buy matching panties, then go home and paddle one another in them. Call it extended foreplay. We decide to it, drive to a store, shop, and then drive home; the anticipation building all the time.

One time, she wanted me to paddle her in every pair she had in her good panty drawer. We didn’t make it. After a half dozen pair or so, I ravaged her. The girl has too many panties. hmmm, I don’t recall her ever trying the same with me.

panties couple10

I had this post uploaded for publication. I woke up this morning and realized that I had wanted to take a picture of us in our new panties. So I put a pair on and walked in the den where Bacall was reading. She admitted that she had been thinking the same thing. So she put on the other pair and we paddled each other. And then did you know what. A fine way to start the day. Panties and paddling go hand-in-glove.

Thin are they?

Her Panty Drawer

Judging by what I read on F/M blogs, a lot of male bottoms share my fondness for panties. I like them and I like to wear them sometimes. Less now than when I was younger. Perhaps some of the thrill is off?

A recurring theme is the man going through a panty drawer, being caught and forced to put on a pair and then hair brushed. Sounds fine to me. Bacall could care less if go in her panty drawer.

Bacall and I have always had a few pair of matching panties for special play dates. Nothing frilly, pretty much basic panties. Light control preferred.

Let’s see, how did I get here? I was looking at a clip from Secretary that Michael posted. If nothing else, Maggie/Lee pulls down her panties in a most delightful way. She gives it a lot of consideration, then slowly pulls them down. I have known a few women that did it just like that. Previous experience with them told me that it takes them awhile to get into a submissive mode. Each step took an eternity. Being told to bend over would register, but the actual act, submitting to the order, took quite awhile. Sometimes it took the bite of a cane on the legs to get them across the threshold. The clock would be reset when I told to pull their panties down. They would come down just like Maggie/Lee did it.

Enjoy that scene again

Yes, I know that most of the time women want the man to pull down their panties. Part of the force fantasy. Sometimes I want them to pull them them, other times I want to force them in a different way.

Oh yeah, panties. Once Bacall wanted to spend the afternoon getting spanked in every pair of her play panties. I don’t recall how far we got, but she had too damn many panties. My lust went over the top before we got to the bottom of her panty drawer. Perhaps, we told a friend of ours about this, as one time she wanted to do the same thing. We may have accomplished the task, but only because she had fewer panties.

You might wonder why her cheeks are not red as she was paddled in ever pair. Simple, she just did not redden much and never for long.


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20021201029 debbie

Talking Panties

If panties could talk what would they say?


I am certain she assembled this outfit for one reason, to show it off. Bless her!


I have always been a fan of polka dots. When Bacall wears her blue polka dot panties I have learned they are telling me to get the stingy wood paddle to her bottom.



Red is always a good color