Get Those Panties Down

I occasionally read a spanking forum and note the comments from men about the proper position of women panties during a spanking. The majority desire the panties around her ankles or off. Others want them off her bottom or to her knees. It seems they believe the lesson will be quickly learned if the panties are off.

Well I don’t teach lessons, so all that I bull to me.

As usual, I have another mind on the subject. I always start spanking over her panties. I have a panty fetish. I like to see her in her panties. Back in the day, when I went to parties, I know the women spent a lot of time selecting panties to wear at the parties. They often changed several times a day. Sometimes to set a desired mood, other times to accommodate a man’s taste.

I take the panties down when I am ready. Just off the bottom is fine. The bottom will be completely exposed so I see no need to pull them down further.

You would want take these panties down?

Pulling Her Panties Down

I have been a member of a spanking forum for over a decade. I have not participated in any meaningful way in the last three years. The members I knew well burned out and have gone on and the new members have different views than the original group did. It is now overly populated by men that have slim chances of spanking anyone but are consumed by the prospect.

In the beginning, the women of the forum did not hesitate to post pictures of themselves. Those days are long gone. Now the pictures of are pro models that circulate on spanking blogs, Twitter, etc.

The most common comment these men make on a picture of a woman being spanked, it that they would make her bottom much redder. The second place comment is that her panties need to come down for the spanking to be effective. Both comments stem from viewing spankings as a punishment. OBB readers well know that we don’t spank for any reason other than it turns us on. So when any element of punishment is introduced we may not be interested.

That said, women expect their panties to come down. It’s not a big deal for them. Men seem to think taking panties down is like getting to third base in HS.

I learned in HS, I could take her panties down to continue a spanking without more than a feeble protest. It was natural. However, taking her panties down while making out was normally met with resistance.

In my days of spanking women, other than Bacall, I tried to figure which would best work on her mind. My custom was to have her stand in front of me while I decided if I would take her panties down or I would have her do it. It’s all part of the delicious anticipation and excitement of a spanking.

My Fav Scene In Secretary

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Panty Fucking

Panty Fucking – WFT is that?

This old man is way behind. I was on a porn site. Yes, I was. I don’t recall what topic got me there, but it suggested a topic called panty fucking. Being a panty freak, I had to find out what that was about. Well, if you are like me, leading a sheltered life, you did know that panty fucking is nothing more than pulling the panty aside for sex. I slapped my head. I had never thought about that. All those moments in my youth I thought you had to take the panties off. Not a single gal ever just pulled her panty aside and said fuck me.

Obsessed With Panties

I posted on my wood paddle fetish Monday. Today I post on my panty fetish.

So a reader sent me this picture, which fired off all three of my brain cells.

This may be her sister?

Readers know I have a panty fetish which dovetails nicely with women’s fondness for having lots of panties that they want to show off.

Twice I have whiled away afternoons spanking girls in every pair of “nice” panties they had and both times it was their idea. One time with Bacall and another time with a friend. We did not get through both of Bacall’s drawers of panties. Something else came up.

This is the way it started off

Notice the tongue

And then the panty show

Click to enjoy a sexy story?

On Bacall

Back When We Were Cool – Yeah Right

Regular readers know that Bacall is still recovering from foot surgery. It’s been a long slog, 10 weeks down, 2 weeks until she is out of the boot.

We did not have any play for two months, but it’s getting better now. I gave her a long spanking last Friday. A few minutes ago, she saw me undressed ready for the shower and decided that naked bottoms get paddled. She gave me four pops with the Myrtlewood paddle she was having a hard time taking last Friday. I, of course, demanded equal time.

Now the real reason for sharing this little event. She was in the bedroom to get some red panties, advising me that it’s Christmas. It’s only December 2, but I think she has enough red panties to last until Christmas without repeating. So it’s good times a coming, she will be getting pops until Christmas. Then it’s the 12 Days of Advent.

Monday morning – She got half dressed to go to her volunteer job. She made sure I saw her wearing red panties. When she finished her coffee and got up to finish dressing, I told her I would service her. She gave the usual faux protests, while I got her paddle. I gave her four pops and pressed myself to her bottom. That got her hot, so I continued by rubbing her clit. Instant orgasm. Four more pops and more rubbing and she was ready for the day.

Panties, Panties, Panties

Still working on a decent post. This is not it. But it does have a theme.

Someone might have an obsession with panties
 Good to know
 I had no idea so many men shared my fetish for wearing panties

Not my style, but I had no idea male friendly panties were made in lace.

Vintage Ad

I was shopping online at Walmart and selected some dried mangoes. This popped up as a suggested additional purchase. I guess they know me at Walmart even though we have never bought lingerie from them online. I would have never thought Walmart would sell anything like this.

Red Panty Days

Bacall started wearing red panties last Wednesday. She has enough to last through Christmas without washing. She expects to be paddled every day. Jeesh, a man gets no rest.

I only have two pair of red panties. We coordinated this morning and gave each other a few pops with the Santa spoon. (See below) We made a run to Costco and gave each other a few more pops when we got back. She was feeling bulletproof and kept her bottom sticking out and wiggling until I got her to the right temperature. She said she wanted to say “Is that all you got”, but was able for once to keep it to herself.

After I wrote the above, Bacall decided she wanted to post.

It’s the Christmas season. Sometimes I have the Christmas Spirit and sometimes I don’t.  This year I have lots of Christmas Spirit. The den and dining room are decorated and the living room is in the process.  Cards are written and will be mailed Monday and the gifts are purchased.  I may even get around to wrapping them next week. And it’s cold and it snowed in the deep South last night.  It was wonderful to get up and see all the lawns covered in snows – not much but it’s such a rare occasion for us.

Another thing that helps me get in the Christmas Spirit is wearing red panties every day.  Bogey, bless his heart, has to give me paddle pops every day.  It’s a chore, but he puts forth great effort to make sure my bottom is nice and warm.  He has a pair of nice silk underwear with Santa climbing down the chimney.  That is a tradition also.  The one thing about all of this is the red paddle gets used.  It has been used for many years but has never gotten any softer.  It still has a major sting.  I don’t know why, but when I am bent over with my red panties, I start moving my bottom from side to side – harder to hit a moving target, right?  Sometimes I even sing a little and I feel feisty and today, I even said is that all you can do! Sometimes, my mouth overloads my fanny.

The 12 Days Of Christmas

We have been doing the 12 Days Of Christmas for decades. The first post I can find about it was in 2012.

Not being good Episcopalians, it was only a few years ago that we found out the 12 Days start after Christmas Day, not before.

The traditional Christian celebration of Christmas starts with The season of Advent on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and for nearly a month Christians await the coming of Christ in a spirit of expectation, singing hymns of longing. Then, on December 25, Christmas Day itself ushers in 12 days of celebration, ending only on January 6 with the feast of the Epiphany.

We will do our 12 Days, quietly, after Christmas. Our Santa spoon is already hanging on the hearth. It will warm up two bottoms.

Red Panties For Christmas

Wednesday Bacall got out all of her red panties, seven of them and laid them on the bed. She said she was having difficulty get in the spirit and thought if I spanked her in red panties every day, it would be helpful. The things I have to do.

The first three days I used the red paddle on her.

This morning I had her laying face down on the couch while I brought down my belt on her red panties.

Maybe tomorrow the Santa spoon?

Red Panty Day

Bacall declared yesterday as Red Panty Day. Getting into the Christmas mood, I suppose. This involved us both donning red panties and paddling each other with the ever stingy red paddle. The one she gave us on our first Christmas. I learned that she now has 8 pair of red panties and so with only one washing she says she is going to wear red through Christmas. My arm may get tired.

Anyway, I cooked pancakes, we showered and got ourselves ready. She wanted to go first, and wanted to knell on the couch and so we did. I gave her somewhere around 48 licks. I never count, but I did it in sets of six and 8 reps seems about right. 

She wanted to paddle me OTK, so l lay over one leg and she toasted me with 28 – her count. They were more brisk than she gave me, but that’s how we roll.

Cheap Thrills

Bacall needed some new everyday panties. I suggested she buy something better than normal everyday. She found some at Costco and surprise some really nice ones at Walmart. They are so light, you can barely tell you have them on. How to do know? We both tried them on when we got home. Gauzy like, very soft, it felt so good to rub myself in them. How naughty of me. She  declared the next day as paddling day, so after breakie, we showered and donned the new panties. I choose yellow and she went for coral. I was rigid, before I even got them pulled up. 


I was first on the paddling card and we went in the living room in our new panties and sat on the sofa. She gave me a thigh fry on the front of my legs with the batten. Next I was bent over a chair for 14 with the black paddle. [Her hand is still healing from surgery or she would have given me more]

Then it was her turn and she got on knees facing the back of the sofa. I used her favorite holey paddle about 20 times over her panties. [I never count] I then pulled her panties down and put the Teacher’s paddle to her. She was feeling bullet proof, so I upped the intensity twice, but she could have taken even harder licks. Some days, she is sensitive, other times it’s the other way.

We concluded with the usual bedroom activities.

There are at least a dozen more panties to try out.  Something to look forward to.

Every day over the next week, she got pops on her new panties to get her day started off right.

Yesterday, she decided she wanted to paddle me and had me select a pair of panties to wear. I choose yellow again. We sat and read in our undies. Ever so often she would ask me if I was thinking about the paddling I was going to get. Of course I was. After awhile, I was bent over the bed and she was putting the wood to me. I normally like to be paddled bare bottom, but I asked to keep the panties on this time. So she gave me a dozen or so with the black paddle and then pulled them down and finished me off with the ever stingy teacher’s paddle. I was bright red as usual. Yummy.

Just cheap thrills for us.