Getting Our Rocks Off

I woke up from my after lunch nap dreaming of the days when we enjoyed paddling and teasing each other toward a magnificent sexual end.

For me it was something like this. I can’t show the picture here, but if you were to copy this URL, then paste it in another tab and add ‘gif’ after the period, you would get the idea.

She would paddle and rub me until the Blue Veined Monster became alive. You know what I mean, when the veins are fully engorged and look ready to burst. Just another half stroke and I would spurt. She knew too and her hand would come off and the paddling would resume, There I would be in suspense. The paddle felt marvelous, but so did her hand. I wanted both. She would tease me several times before giving me the final stroke that would put me over the cliff. As my orgasm faded, I would start the feel the burn in my backside.

I did the same to her. The more she got reved up, the harder she wanted to be paddled. Several paddle licks followed by my fingers probing her delicate parts. Again and again. She would try to insert my arm in her up to my elbow it seemed.

I can’t show such pictures here. OBB would be banned for sure. But here is a milder version of the game we played with our crop. After she was well paddled.

I feel the way we did “it” was rather unique, especially as we could switch with each other. That seems to be rare. Considering how many call themselves Bi, these days, and that sure is switching, I wonder why we are so rare?

Bacall’s New Slacks

There has not been a lot of spanking going on here. I totally lost all interest in being paddled after a chemical castrating shot to eliminate the production of testosterone to shrink my prostrate. After a few mg of Lupron, I can’t spell sex.

Bacall bought some new slacks and tried them on. As frequently happens when she gets new slacks or panties they cause her bottom to wiggle in lascivious manner. The girl can’t help it.

I asked her to get a paddle so I could initiate her new attire. And so I did. The paddling did not stop her from wiggling, but it made her bottom bright pink.

She has another pair she said she would try on tomorrow. And so it goes.

Paddle Friday

Looking at photos’ of gals being paddled beats scraping paint off of windows, so you enjoy these, and I will get back to the windows and making Carne Asada.

What dreams are made of

Nothing like an amateur photo

Moment of contact shot. I was amazed when I saw my first one.

The spoon is very effective

She seems damn happy when Dallas says she is getting the paddle. My kind of gal.

Friday Edition

For Openers

Anyone lip-read? She sure is revved up

Are you going to spank it or not?

That’s going to create quite a breeze when swung

It Does Not Get Any Better Than This For Me

The Sound of a Paddle Cracking on Tight Jeans

This one is for one the resident libertines that has a fetish for red heels


And for that guy in Florida

Bend Over for the Paddle

Several months ago, for no reason that I could imagine, eyeballs for OBB suddenly dropped by 2/3. This week for no apparent reason eyeballs doubled.

For Openers

Cropped for sensors


Bacall and I think the London Tanner paddle, second from the left, is a delight.

Adrienne is about to get what she wants and will get paid for it.

Way beyond what I like

Paddled Together

Oh Yeah!




Did You Get or Give a Hot Bottom for Christmas?

This reminds me of a gown Bacall had when we got married. Yes, she is an old fashioned girl that bought several gowns to wear when she got married. I was quite appreciative.

Have you gotten all those sleigh bells ringing songs out of your mind yet? Now the nation moves to the epic amateur drunk night of the year. Are you snowed in your driveway? I heard from three OBB readers that got Covid in the last week or so.

News from the home front

I think I mentioned that I got a hormone shot three months back. It was to shrink my substantially enlarged prostate. It did. It also had two side effects. The doctor advised us that it would make me lose interest in sex. It made me lose interest in even thinking about sex or spanking. That made publishing this blog a tad difficult. I pushed myself and thought of it as therapy.

So there has been no spanking around here. Until the day before Christmas when Bacall presented herself in traditionally red panties holding the Santa spoon paddle and allowed that she felt she needed to feel some warmth in her bottom. I was happy to accommodate her. And I got a surprise. I got a boner. The miracle of Christmas. We repeated it on Christmas Day.

Another second side effect of the drug was it “transitioned” me to a middle aged female. I get hot flashes, several times an hour. Boom, I lite up like a boon fire and click a fan on.

I will shut up and show some photos of paddles and women being paddled.

I would love to hear the stories of the guys and gals who signed this paddle.

I think every yearbook of this era featured a photo like this one.

A Real Life Couple that enjoy the percussive arts

Paddling photos from the web

Tips for Paddlers

There are always tips about where to paddle to avoid injury. What about
Tips for Paddlers to Avoid Upper Body Injuries
  1. Always warm up. A good warm-up increases blood flow and circulation to your muscles, reducing your risk of injury. …
  2. Stay hydrated. …
  3. Keep a light grip on your paddle. …
  4. Use your whole body, not just your arms. …
  5. Take a break.