Did You Get or Give a Hot Bottom for Christmas?

This reminds me of a gown Bacall had when we got married. Yes, she is an old fashioned girl that bought several gowns to wear when she got married. I was quite appreciative.

Have you gotten all those sleigh bells ringing songs out of your mind yet? Now the nation moves to the epic amateur drunk night of the year. Are you snowed in your driveway? I heard from three OBB readers that got Covid in the last week or so.

News from the home front

I think I mentioned that I got a hormone shot three months back. It was to shrink my substantially enlarged prostate. It did. It also had two side effects. The doctor advised us that it would make me lose interest in sex. It made me lose interest in even thinking about sex or spanking. That made publishing this blog a tad difficult. I pushed myself and thought of it as therapy.

So there has been no spanking around here. Until the day before Christmas when Bacall presented herself in traditionally red panties holding the Santa spoon paddle and allowed that she felt she needed to feel some warmth in her bottom. I was happy to accommodate her. And I got a surprise. I got a boner. The miracle of Christmas. We repeated it on Christmas Day.

Another second side effect of the drug was it “transitioned” me to a middle aged female. I get hot flashes, several times an hour. Boom, I lite up like a boon fire and click a fan on.

I will shut up and show some photos of paddles and women being paddled.

I would love to hear the stories of the guys and gals who signed this paddle.

I think every yearbook of this era featured a photo like this one.

A Real Life Couple that enjoy the percussive arts

Paddling photos from the web


What a happy spankette! Another MOAP. She reminds me of a gal I used to paddle – a size 2 with a bubble butt. I would sometimes ask her to pick a paddle. She would always hand me one just a bit smaller than this one.

Not a chocolate bar, carved wood. Yummy.

Another MOAP. Did you ever sign a paddle?

Sometimes the teacher gets the wood.

Seems effective

Beautiful eyes

Always like to see a gal holding a paddle to be used on her or me. Makes no difference.

The fireplace reminds me of a cabin we rented in Georgia mountains. But, I think this is from a commercial shoot. Another MOAP.

Fli-back Paddles

I did not know that the ubiguous 1960’s Fli-back paddles were made by the same company with different names. Same logo.

I had one and I was adapt at missing the ball with the paddle. It would hit my eye instead.

I was never spanked with one. Until a year after I married Bacall. Our only toy our first year was a wooden ruler. She put a Fli-back in my Christmas stocking our second Christmas together. I loved her all the more.

She welded it with gusto and after a time, it broke. I did not have any wood working tools or experience at the time, so I bought another Fli-back, glued it to the original and painted it red. We still have it. It still works. The extra few ounces made it a formidable paddle. She wants no part of it and she can make me do the spankee dance with it in quick time.

Here’s video of a Fli-Back in action. The password is obb.



DIY Story

I sometimes wake up in a spanking dream. The other day I had a new one. I was single and had invited a gal to my place for dinner. It was our second date. I was in the kitchen finishing cooking and she was sitting on the couch on the other side of the kitchen counter. She moved and her hand went between the cushions and she came up with a paddle I had misplaced.

She held it up and said “I know what this is for”.

So what did she say it was for? That it fitted my bottom or what?

I will be interested in earning if anyone will take a swing at adding to the story.


PS, not a single comment on the letter from Miss E. That’s OK, I have lots of them.


Brand New Panties

Cheap Thrills

So we bought some retro/vintage panties. They are full-cut nylon in light pastel shades of blue, yellow, and pink. They are so thin you can see the bottom turn red through them.

We tried them on and gave each other some pops. I wore yellow and Bacall choose blue. Bacall first thought about waiting until tomorrow to give them a full test. She reconsidered and we got to business.

Paddles and panties are my fetishes. They have always turned me on and I was stiff just thinking about it. We had fun.

BTW, my fondness for wearing panties does not mean I want to be a woman. And panties are the only female attire I wear. Anything else is a turn-off.





Ye Ole Wood Paddle

My personal percussion toy has always been the wood paddle applied with gusto.

This is a rare photo. One taken by “amateurs”. It is so refreshing to see one that is not from the commercial side of spanking. Yes, your neighbors, friends, co-workers spank.

These two are up to mischief. Black lingerie on the beach at night. They knew what was going to happen when they dressed to get undressed.

Classic Nu-West, Penny getting her revenge on a fellow model that she had an issue with.

A person who doesn’t believe that too much is enough.

The next two bring back some memories for me.

Fun Party

No yearbook in the 60’s was printed without someone getting a spanking.

Found, Our Oldest Paddle

I thought I had put our oldest paddle – the one Bacall put in my stocking our first Christmas together – in the Jeep for the trip. I wanted one paddle handy for spur-of-the-moment bottom warmings when we were on a Jeep trail.

I could not find it on the trip. When we got home I removed the five containers in the back of the Jeep that hold self-rescue items, emergency camping supplies, etc.  It was not there.  I wondered if it had somehow gotten in our Toy Bag. A bag we once carried to parties, but now holds toys we don’t use, but can not part with. In the bag, I found this paddle.

We have no memory of this paddle. I did not make or buy it. So it must have been a gift, but from who?

The last place I looked was the toy drawer in our bedroom dresser. And there covered by other toys was our red paddle. We promptly tried it out. It was not as fearsome as I recalled it. Not even close to Teachers paddle, the one in the middle. [Bacall’s fav light paddle is on the right]

It was good to find it. I am sure I have recounted this story before. This was the paddle Bacall put in my stocking.

After a while, she broke it on me. I did not have a workshop in our early marriage, so I bought another one and glued them together, and painted it red. Ho boy did the extra weight give a hot bottom.

This is a paddle a cyber friend recently made. I can not tell unless I hold, or better feel, if a paddle will be thuddy or stingy.  Is the spankee supposed to gain respect for the paddle or the spanker?

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