Down Or Off?

As I suspected, my article on submission went over like lead balloon. Looks like all our readers want is pictures. Well, you will see some from time-to-time. But, you have to suck up some first. See Pretty Woman for a definition of major suckup.
For a spanking, I like any pants/underwear to be on or off, not pulled down. It just does not look or feel right to me to have them pulled down.  How about you?
On this subject, Bacall discovered these light control panties by Leonisa. We will be ordering matching panties when we get home. We love the way they shape the bottom. I will feel so naughty wearing them.


Why are so many spanking pictured taking place in the bathroom or kitchen? Those are the last places we want to be for a spanking. Yes, Bacall I remember you like it the walk-in closet. Just wait till we get home.

Odd 3 2

This picture is humorous to me

This picture is just damn silly

What’s that you say? You don’t feel like cooking? Now that I think about, I don’t either.
No tacky captions were over-layed on any picture used in this post.

Sometimes I Need A Paddling

Sometimes I feel like I need a paddling. Bet you feel the same way sometimes. If Bacall is feeling needy, she lets me know. If not verbally, then by wearing panties that signal her need or acting sassy or swishing her bottom around, etc. I can ask or put on a pair of panties or leave one of my paddles out for her to see. While I find it sexy to ask, sometimes, I don’t want to. If we could only read one another’s minds.
We both like to have our limits pushed – just a little. I melt when she asks me if I can take another so many licks. That’s as close to submission as either of us gets. We are already hot, front and back, and then to have to consent to taking what we know will be real bottom burning licks is a thrill. Delicious! “Will you take another 10 licks for me?” she asks while stroking my cock. “Yes, I will try for you”. I bend back over and concentrate of staying in position and processing the pain.
What is it about panties and spanking that go together so well. Like a lot men who like to be spanked, I get a thrill from donning a pair of panties just before a paddling. Women do the same thing, but it’s seems naughty for a man to wear panties doesn’t it. I put them on, Bacall pulls them down. Bacall likes to be spanked over her panties. I think it goes back to her early masturbating while wearing panties. She did not feel it was naughty if she did not directly touch herself. So sometimes, I paddle her over her panties and bring her to orgasm with a vibrator over her panties.
Panties male6

Men In Panties

I was in dream when I woke up this morning. I saw myself in panties getting paddled. I have not donned panties but maybe twice all year. So my dream was both unexpected and fresh. 

After breakfast, I slipped on a thin pair of beige panties and a t-shirt and and walked passed Bacall. She remarked someone here wants a paddling. Smart girl!

I was soon bent over the bed and she was swinging what she calls the pretty oak paddle. She is always intent on making each lick sound right, resonate off the walls. She was as pleased with her efforts as I was. Nothing like starting the day with a warm bottom. She then relieved some tension that she had created.

Paddled Again

We both got hot and sweaty doing a little work in the yard this morning. After showers, Bacall ran some errands and I put on a pair of comfortable pink panties, a t-shirt and reclined in my chair to read a fascinating book on American history. [It has been a long time since I had on pink]

I was still reading when Bacall got back and saw what I was wearing. She feigned shock and got our pink paddle and invited me OTK. You know I can not take many licks when she goes hard and fast, which she always does when I am OTK. I really tried to make her a present of my bottom and take the paddling. After maybe 20 licks I extracted myself. Yeah, I am a wimp and can not spell submissun.

I bent over and she gave me another swarm of licks with it. Then I gave her some with it.

Then she decided she wanted to go in the bedroom “for some serious paddling”. She pulled out her holey paddle and the Teacher’s paddle. I assumed the position and she gave a a dozen or so which set me on fire. I then popped her fanny a dozen times. Then we lay on the bad and talked about our play, friends we have played with and suddenly it was lunch time.

Life is good

Panties for Men

I have written nine times about my fetish for wearing panties. Here I go again. I just can not think about spanking or panties without thinking of the other. Panties and spanking go together in our minds. Bacall always likes to be spanked over her panties. I like to wear them before my spanking, but I like all my licks on the bare bottom.

Women enjoy picking panties to wear. I have always thought that their choice of panties tells a lot about their state of mind when they put them on. Playful, sexy, going for  root canal etc.

Women spend a great of time selecting panties for spanking parties. I have known a few who bought panties, got to the party and had second thoughts and went panty shopping again. BTW, it is great fun to go panty shopping with several women. It’s also great fun to spend a rainy afternoon spanking a lass in every pair of panties she has.

I think panties and spanking go together and I don’t think that women should have all the fun of wearing panties. I like to be spanked and I like to wear panties.

The last time I Blogged about wearing panties one man commented: I must also confess a fascination for panties, myself. I have worn them several times but my personal ‘turn-on’ is when my Lady ‘makes’ me wear them. I think it must be a combination of my interest in women’s panties and my submission to her authority when she initiates me wearing them.

Another man wrote: Yes, I love panties too… have shown my wife now that I’ve bought them for myself (not just her anymore!) She’s starting to think I have a nicer collection that her. But I’d love to have her spank me more often wearing them — or force me to wear the pair of her choosing!

In both cases, being forced to wear panties seemed to be the center of the fantasy. For me, it would depend on how force is defined. Both of us are Alpha’s, so real force is not an option. Bacall will sometimes put out panties for me, other times for both of us. More of the time we pick our own.

There is a demand for panties made for men. I need to go to Guatemala or wherever they are making panties these days and get some made to fit men. I have seen Manties and those are over the top for me. I am not into frou-frou, just plain nylon panties with a little room in them.

Ah, I now find Panties for Men. They have some promising styles. And some pricey prices.

Manly Man Sheer FLy Front #MMSheerFLy

The Manly Man style

The ad copy states: Great wife “compromise” pantie. Break her in to your pantie love while wearing a manly LOOK she wants, with the girlie FEEL you NEED.


Yellow Manly Man


Blue Manly Man

The ad copy states: Just walking in these panties will keep you semi erect all day.

Does Viagra know about this? Oh that’s right, semi-erect is no good. Viagra is too keep it from going back to semi.


Not so manly

I wonder what is used to simulate the male part? Do you buy it or make it?

The ad copy states: Slip into my Satin nylon and feel how comfy the boys are. Winkie will be popping up with delight to “Thank You”.


Want to see my popping winkie dear?

Well that is a “problem” with wearing some panties, your winkie will pop over the waist band.


When I was coming of age, girdles were worn by “proper young ladies”. Dates were always well dressed in those days and that included a proper foundation. More than one date candidly admitted that multiple under-layers were prescribed by their mothers to hinder hands from gaining access to bare skin. I guess the reasoning was that by the time the boy got all the layers off, it would be curfew and their daughters would remain chaste. It had some the desired effect, but we usually managed to get it all off and back on without turning anything inside out or violating curfew.

How many layers? Skirt, slip, maybe a camisole, girdle and panties. More than enough to confuse a young lad.

lingerie girdle05

Reminiscing About My Wasted Youth

I gave many spankings over girdles, but these were not spankings that I thought about before hand. The gal would do something to “earn” a spanking and I would spank her. Of course, after baring her girdled bottom for the spanking, I would be half-way home to my real interest after the spanking. Somehow, it was OK to pull up skirts and slips to give a spanking. It was another deal to just pull them up to make out. But once the skirt was up, then it was OK to go farther. I wonder how many of my dates actively provoked me to spank them? I am wagering all of them.

This post sounded familiar to me, so I checked the Blog and sure enough I wrote about this a year ago. Panty Daze. Well I only have one set of memories from my wasted youth.

Men Wearing Panties

The topic title should be explicit enough to send those uncomfortable with the subject to sites they are more comfortable with. And no worries about pictures of me in panties to complement this post.

The objects that humans find erotic is endless – some get off on lighting fires, other enjoy wearing wet blue jeans. Besides spanking, my fetish is limited to women’s panties.

Consensual Spanking wrote Occasionally, I will wear panties, simply as a way of charging up the eroticism of the evening. Since I have admitted I share the fetish I thought I would expand on the subject and invite both of our readers to share their thoughts.

Like spanking, I have no idea where my desire to wear panties came from. I was 20-something when I first did it. They felt good, much better than male underwear. I enjoyed rubbing myself through the smooth nylon. This I recall, I felt both naughty and aroused doing it. Still do. Since Bacall and I do not keep secrets, I showed her what I was wearing. It was fine with her – as long as I did not wear frilly ones. Since I had no desire for those, we have both been comfortable with my fetish since then.

Some men like to wear more female clothing than panties. I don’t. Why do I stop with panties? No clue.

In my younger years, I would sometimes wear panties to the office. I tired of that as over a long period they both get hot and compress the boys. I learned to only wear them around the house or on short shopping trips.

I have posted before that Becall and I like to panty shop. We have several pairs of matching panties and light control panty girdles. They are fun for us to wear for our joint action paddling’s. Certain panties are clues that one of us needs a paddling. This morning she put on her white panty girdle and after coffee she was both OTK and bending over the bed getting her bottom toasted. I may well do the same thing soon.

Consensual Spanking did a poll. Although not statistically valid, of those men that did respond most enjoyed wearing panties at least once a week – 54 out of 80.

panties couple3

Men’s underwear that is more than utilitarian is quite costly. Usually north of $20 a pair. Women’s underwear for play purposes can be had for less than $10. Discrimination?

Men Who Wear Panties

Ronnie posed a question about wearing your mates undies. Before I looked at the comments, I kinda figured what would be said. Ewwe! pretty much summed it up. That’s why men who like to wear panties are secretive about it. We know women like their men looking manly and how could a man in pink panties be manly. Thankfully, Becall has never had a problem with me wearing panties.

If you like the look of the Marlboro man, I would be easy on your eyes, while under my jeans I might be wearing panties. Appearances can be deceptive, books and covers and all that.

So why do I like to wear panties? The answer is as easy to come up with as it is for you say why you like spanking. Neither of us decided to become fascinated with spanking and I did not elect to be intrigued with wearing panties. Nor did other men. Like spanking, I have accepted it.

There are quite a few blogs written by women who lament that their mates either will not spank them or will not spank them like they want to be spanked. I emphasize with them. I would ask for a little understanding from women for the men who like to wear panties.

Besides, men’s underwear is rather boring don’t you think?

Red Panty Day

We will call today Red Panty Day. It’s simple really – I have new red panties. We have always felt that new panties should be initiated, so today seemed the right time. It’s gray and dreary here so the panties should perk us right up. Properly attired in red panties and bra with white socks that say “Spank Me” in red, I was ready for my paddling.

Bogey was wearing red underwear also. Sometimes I just get in a mood to be naughty and everything fell into place this morning. First was a delightful warm up with my red leather paddle, followed by my favorite wood paddle. It was delightful. But I thought I needed a break so Bogey could experience the same sensation as I was experiencing.

See, I am not naughty, I am nice – I want to share!

We have a red paddle (of course) that is our oldest paddle. Even after many years of use, it still stings a lot. We each had a good session with the red paddle. Now after a very satisfying morning, it isn’t so gray and dreary and we both have very pink and warm bottoms.\


I took some pictures of Becall’s in her new red panties, but none of them were worthy of publication. Instead, here are a few lasses in their red panties.


bottom631 bottom177