My Ultimate Spanking Dream

I like to present different spanking topics, rather than the same material. This is a story I wrote in 1996. I think it was the first time I wrote about my fetish for wearing panties. So if that turns you off, feel free to click away. While Bacall had been paddling me in panties from the get go, this story marked the first time another woman played out our fantasy. So it was a dream until shortly after I wrote this.

It had been set up the week before. I found the address, parked and walked to the front door. It all went pretty much as she had lead me to expect, except for the very first thing. When I knocked on the door a lady’s voice asked me why I was there. I told her my name and that I was here because I had an appointment with Janet. The voice came through the door again “Yes, I know, but exactly why are you here”? I stammered into the closed door that I had come for a paddling. The door opened and a very attractive lady told me to come in. As she closed the door, she said her name was Patricia and that she was Janet’s friend and neighbor. She told me that Janet had been delayed and that she had called her to come over and let me in. She offered me a drink and volunteered that Janet would be along shortly.

I had not expected to be telling anyone else that I was going to be paddled today. I nodded my head in response to her while trying to gain my composure. Patricia handed me a glass and sat across from me on the couch, her skirt sliding up a pleasing amount. She asked me if this was my first time as easily as if she was talking about the weather. I said it was and gained the courage to ask if she and Janet were in this together. “Oh no,” she said, “Janet is the paddler. She did ask me to get you ready though. I guess you know what that means.” I flushed and stammered “I’m not sure.” She smiled and cooed “Sure you do – you’re going to take off your clothes and wait with me for Janet to get here and paddle your little bottom.”

My heart was pounding fast and I felt the strength leave me. She pursed her lips and said “So why don’t you take a sip of your drink and then take off your clothes and lay them on the chair in the corner.” I took a gulp, got up and started to do as she said. I did my shoes and socks first and then my shirt. I felt really foolish, taking off my clothes in front of her, while she remained fully clothed. She watched me as I fumbled with my belt and took off my trousers. When I was down to my briefs I just stood there and looked at her. I decided to stop undressing and I started back across the room to sofa. She reached behind a sofa cushion and brought out a pair of peach colored panties and held them up with both hands for me to see. With an impish smile she said, “You’re not done yet. Take off your shorts. Janet left these for you to put on. Aren’t they cute?” I know I must have blushed deeply, but after a pause I got my courage back and I pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. Now totally naked, I took the long long walk across the room, my erection bobbing as I went, to get the panties from her. I pulled them on. I felt both foolish and aroused. My erection held the front of the panties out. I felt my bottom through the satin panties. While they were exciting to the touch, it was at the same time scary for the panties offered almost no protection from the paddle that would soon be applied to them. Besides, what must Patricia be thinking of me?

She told me I should finish my drink for Janet would be arriving soon. She was right.

When Janet came in, I stood up and said hello in a quavering voice. She looked at me but said nothing. She turned to Patricia said “You did a good job of getting him ready. Thanks.” I stood there nude, except for the peach colored girl’s panties, before two good looking and fully clothed women, one of whom was going to paddle me.

Janet turned to me and said in a low voice, “Don, you have come here for a paddling and that is exactly what I am going to give you. You got some good paddlings when you were in school, and I’m sure you can remember how they felt. I’m going to give you the same, except this time you will be wearing girls panties while I paddle your bottom.” Hearing her say what I already knew put my heart in my throat.

She just looked at me for a long moment as if she knew the effect the sentence she had just passed had on me and then she told me to follow her to the bedroom. A no nonsense principals paddle lay ready on the bed. She told me to stand at the side of the bed. I felt foolish standing there with a full erection, knowing that she was going to paddle me. It made no sense. I knew that, but it was my reality and while both embarrassed and nervous, I was still excited.

She told me to bend over the bed and rest my weight on my forearms. I had bent over many times before, but always on my palms, the extra few inches I was bent over, made my bottom, seem more venerable than ever before. For the first time since school days, my legs felt weak. I sensed that I was about to get a very through paddling.

She picked up the paddle and stepped to my left side. Things were moving very fast. She slapped the paddle on her palm and to told me to get ready. Without a pause, I felt her press the paddle to my cheeks; sighting her aim. I saw her arm go back and I felt the first lick. It was hard. She held the paddle in place for a second, then drew it back and gave the other cheek a lick. After about six licks, my bottom was starting to burn and I was shaking it around a bit. She followed my movements without missing a stroke.

After the tenth lick, she told me I could stand up and take a short break. I started rubbing my bottom and she said it was getting very red. I looked into the mirror over the dresser and saw she was not exaggerating; it was bright red from the center down to my legs. She certainly knew how and where to paddle. I told her I thought the licks were rather hard. She said she meant for them to be hard. She was only giving me 30 and wanted that to be sure that it was enough.

Before I was ready, she told me to resume my position over the bed. I asked her to wait just a few minutes more, but she said she would give me the first ten over again, if I did not bend over right away. When I bent over, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of the panties and pulled them down to my knees. The panties were thin, but they had offered some protection from the paddle. Now I felt totally exposed and even more venerable. She resumed her position at my side and immediately started smacking my fanny with the paddle. With only fractions of a second between licks, she continued to apply the paddle alternately to each cheek. The licks burned like fire and I blubbered that she was scorching my bottom. She said, “Good, I mean for it to really sting,” and she continued swinging the paddle without a pause.

I lost count of the number of licks. I only knew the paddling was completed when she stepped away from the bed. I straightened up and again started rubbing my bottom; there was a real blaze in my backside. In a few moments, the erection that I had sported during the first ten licks, had somewhat lost during the second set, returned in full force and my hand went to it. She watched as I moved my hand back and forth. I needed relief and although I did not really expect any from her, I still asked if she would like to assist me in doing something about my swollen state. She reminded me that our agreement did not call for her assistance, and closed the door behind her. I didn’t need long to remedy the situation.

When I came back in the living room, Patricia was still sitting on the sofa – she had heard and knew everything. I felt I had to say something and stammered that Janet she really knew how to give a paddling. Patricia smiled. Janet said that she was pleased that I took it so well. However, there was something in the way she said it that clued me that further discussion of the paddling, my reason for being there, was now at an end. So I said I would be going and she told me to be good and that she would see me next Sunday night.

I looked for a picture to illustrate the paddling. I don’t have one that shows the woman clothed and the man bent over a bed being paddled.

Girdle Spanking

A perverted old man posts about his fetish. In this case an article of women’s clothing.

I don’t know what it is about a panty girdle that gets me so excited. It’s an obsolete article of wear. I have always liked to paddle women wearing one and I like to be paddled by a woman wearing one. Heck, I even like to be paddled wearing one. It compresses the bottom so that the red zone is smaller than it would be without it. Physics I guess.

You may have noticed there is more F/M material on OBB this year. I did not intentionally change the mix, it’s just that my thoughts have once again focused on those interests. That’s a part of being a switch. I hope our female readers will not be turned off.

I have confessed to having a fetish for women’s panties and girdles. I not only like to see women in them, I like to spank women wearing them, I like to put them on and be spanked in them. This seems to be fairly common with men who are into being spanked. It’s not something I want to be mentioned at my funeral, but I can write about it here.

In recent years we have bought several light control girdles – which are really just thick panties. Our firm control girdles long ago shrunk and we had not thought about replacing them. Last week I got into a dialog with a couple about spanking and girdles. We share a lot in common. That’s when I realized we did not have real panty girdles to wear anymore. We will rectify that soon.

I let my wee mind think about this for awhile and here is where it went. Put on a girdle and think and talk about getting paddled. Take the girdle down, get paddled, pull the girdle back up and go on with the day. The girdle will keep my mind focused on the burn in my bottom. The next day put on the girdle again, get paddled and engage in sex. We tried it out yesterday and I have to say I was thinking about the paddling for several hours while we were at a car show.

This morning, I asked Bacall when we should do the second part and she thought there was no time like the present. So again I was bare bottom getting toasted.

Can’t wait to get matching panty girdles. Ones pictured here are proving hard to find.

Men In Panties

I have enjoyed wearing panties since we were newlyweds. Panties and paddling go together for both of us. We both have panties we only wear for spanking. Some are matching. Bacall has a large drawer of them. I have over a dozen. I would have more, but they shrink.

One reader wrote and told us about some of the really good looking and expensive panties he buys. I guess we are both too cheap to get those.  

A fellow blogger sent me this comment she found on a panties site.

My wife bought a pair and she loved them so she got a pair for me and I love them. We will be wearing them when we go out together. what fun! 
They feel good on and she says they look great on me.
Must buy more . A pair for each day.

Here are two pair I bought last month on Amazon. They have room for male equipment which makes them a lot more comfortable. They are rather sheer and allow the sting of the paddle to come through. Bacall likes the look and the way they feel to her hand. I get a lot more stroking during a paddling with these on. Grin.

 I wish my abs looked like this

Not Much Today

We don’t have much for you today. Out of ideas. I could post pictures of spankable bottoms. Nah, not today. We will get home in a week or so after traveling the last six months. It’s been a wonderful trip, but we are ready to get home.

Spankings continue with us. A week or so back, Bacall though I should put on my Army green mesh underwear. They are THIN. She said she wanted me to Ranger Up and take it. Geesh, did she paddle me hard. She says sometimes she just wants to see me struggle to take it. I do the same to her. Sometimes we both want to hear and feel the paddle as it makes that sweet cracking sound on bare flesh. So I tell her the next six are for me and she will just have to take it. Of course, having to take it works a miracle in her mind. That’s as submissive as we get, but it’s enough.

Bacall bought some panties the other day. When she put them on I said they were virgin and needed to be paddled. She got her paddle and bent over. I gave her eight stingers. She kept saying for the next hour or so that she could still feel them. It did not stop there. She thought I should put on the panties and see how the paddle felt to me. She gave me eight stingers and then two more on the bare. My question is why does it sting longer when you only get a few licks?

OK, here is a gif to amuse the guys. A magic skirt.

Just Messing About

I woke up this morning dreaming about wearing a white panty girdle. These things happen to me. After we had our baths, I checked my lingerie bag to see if I had one with me. No joy. Neither did Bacall. She got out all her panties and I choose a red pair. I cooked breakfast in them and then asked for some pops with the Principal’s paddle over the panties. She gave me 8 which were well received. 

Since we are in a private area, I decided to have my second cup of coffee outside wearing the red panties. I took the paddle with me. After coffee I asked for some more pops and pulled the panties down. Wow, roast bottom, I felt those a lot more without the protection. I went for a third set, but by that time the endorphins were in full bloom and I did not feel a thing.

What Makes A Good Paddling For Me

There are several things that make a padding good for me. A frat or school paddle is a requirement. The paddler must be reasonably attractive and groomed and not wearing any sort of fetish wear or sporting tats and the licks must be well laid on. In this clip Lena performs her role with aplomb. She understands using both wrist action and body English to add force and sting. In the second part of the clip, she is standing and in better position to use her body to slam the paddle home with a snap. Most women don’t know how to hold or swing a paddle. It’s not a club. Tennis should be a prerequisite.

Cute panties too.

Cheap Thrills

Bacall needed some new everyday panties. I suggested she buy something better than normal everyday. She found some at Costco and surprise some really nice ones at Walmart. They are so light, you can barely tell you have them on. How to do know? We both tried them on when we got home. Gauzy like, very soft, it felt so good to rub myself in them. How naughty of me. She  declared the next day as paddling day, so after breakie, we showered and donned the new panties. I choose yellow and she went for coral. I was rigid, before I even got them pulled up. 


I was first on the paddling card and we went in the living room in our new panties and sat on the sofa. She gave me a thigh fry on the front of my legs with the batten. Next I was bent over a chair for 14 with the black paddle. [Her hand is still healing from surgery or she would have given me more]

Then it was her turn and she got on knees facing the back of the sofa. I used her favorite holey paddle about 20 times over her panties. [I never count] I then pulled her panties down and put the Teacher’s paddle to her. She was feeling bullet proof, so I upped the intensity twice, but she could have taken even harder licks. Some days, she is sensitive, other times it’s the other way.

We concluded with the usual bedroom activities.

There are at least a dozen more panties to try out.  Something to look forward to.

Every day over the next week, she got pops on her new panties to get her day started off right.

Yesterday, she decided she wanted to paddle me and had me select a pair of panties to wear. I choose yellow again. We sat and read in our undies. Ever so often she would ask me if I was thinking about the paddling I was going to get. Of course I was. After awhile, I was bent over the bed and she was putting the wood to me. I normally like to be paddled bare bottom, but I asked to keep the panties on this time. So she gave me a dozen or so with the black paddle and then pulled them down and finished me off with the ever stingy teacher’s paddle. I was bright red as usual. Yummy.

Just cheap thrills for us.

Men Wearing Panties

I have posted on this topic many times over the years. So if it is of interest to you, click on the label in right margin to read and see more.

Panties and paddling go hand-in-glove with us. A new paddle or a new pair of panties always brings freshness to our play. Same as getting paddled in a new place. They not only feel good, but make me feel a little naughty. Women wear some types of panties when they want to appear naughty.

I first started wearing panties after we got married. I could not keep out of Bacall’s panty drawer. At first, I would just slide on a pair and model for her. She was mostly OK with it. We went out of town for a long weekend and I forgot to pack any underwear. Really. I wore a pair of hers and washed them out to wear the next day. Not something you can do with cotton. I started wearing them for paddlings and even wearing them to work. Exciting, but they sure squeeze and heat the boys up after a few hours.

I admit to wearing panties and rubbing one out through the silky material.

Bacall and I would go panty shopping on Saturday mornings. We would buy matching panties and spend the afternoon taking turns warming up each other in them. Cheap thrills.

I recall the first time I admitted to another woman that I was wearing panties. We were at a spanking party and somehow I knew I could trust her. She got a big smile on her face and we off to play. She was a switchy girl for a few years were saw a lot of each other. She would go panty shopping with us. We would all get the same panty and spend the rest of the day paddling each other in them. Cheap thrills, for $5 a piece, we were all happy.

I suppose that a man wearing panties is on one end of the spectrum and a cross dressercis on the other. Some men like to wear hose and dresses. Some like to dress as a sissy and suck on a dildo. How any of us get to our place on the spectrum is beyond me. I have no desire to wear other female attire or assume  a female identity, but I sure do like panties.

What got me off on this subject, again, was we were walking through Wal*Mart from house wares to groceries and on the way we both spotted a bright pink panty girdle. $3. And they had our size. Done deal. I have already gotten my first paddling in them and Bacall is overdue for hers.

I also like to wear t-back (jock straps) for a paddling. To me exposure of my bared nates shows Bacall just what I am in the mood for. I would love to locate a source for these. I can think of just one reason to wear them.


The Panty Drawer

A lot of men have spent time rummaging in women’s panty drawers. I am one of them. Not a lot of time rummaging. And not a lot of drawers, but I am guilty. I should be spanked. If I had a older sister, I am sure I would have reached the level of depravity required to go through her panty drawer. 

In f/m fiction, being caught going through panty drawers or wearing panties are popular reasons for a paddling.
I would like to know how many men have worn panties at one time or another. Maybe I could get a grant to interview women to find out their knowledge on this.

Miss Chris

I have always been open with Bacall about my love of panties and thankfully she accepts my fetish. She likes the feel of my bottom through panties as much I enjoy rubbing my hand over her bottom when she has on some silky ones.

We have long enjoyed going panty shopping together. It’s a cheap date. We often buy matching panties, then go home and paddle one another in them. Call it extended foreplay. We decide to it, drive to a store, shop, and then drive home; the anticipation building all the time.

One time, she wanted me to paddle her in every pair she had in her good panty drawer. We didn’t make it. After a half dozen pair or so, I ravaged her. The girl has too many panties. hmmm, I don’t recall her ever trying the same with me.

panties couple10

I had this post uploaded for publication. I woke up this morning and realized that I had wanted to take a picture of us in our new panties. So I put a pair on and walked in the den where Bacall was reading. She admitted that she had been thinking the same thing. So she put on the other pair and we paddled each other. And then did you know what. A fine way to start the day. Panties and paddling go hand-in-glove.

Thin are they?