Over the Shoulder

These images remind me of the time when I was fit and could easily take a gal over my shoulder and administer a few swats to her bottom while she giggled.

I stole all of these from Vanilla Spanking, except one which I got from Nu-West.

He does not seem to be a morning person.

A regular reader saw this post and sent this photo. Many Thanks


Role Play

Among my favorite fantasies to role-play with Bogey are parent and/or school administrator with an errant school girl, a sadistic pirate with a female captive, pasha and new harem girl ranks right up there among the top three. So much so that I put together an “I Dream of Jeanie” type costume years ago.

What Are You Reading?

I have enjoyed library visits since I was five. I was one of those kids who would take home a stack of books. The college I went to originally had not much more than a broom closet for a library. [It was the extension center of the University of Alabama] So I spent time at the main city library. In my free time, I would get on the floor between the shelves of books and flip through the pages of books that seemed interesting. The college completed a massive library during my second year. I paid alumni dues for years just to continue to have access.

One of the books that I read for a graduate studies Economic class was Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. In the first, and only, class meeting we were given our singular assignment to read both Smith’s work and Das Kapital by Karl Marx.

A few of us formed a study group that met on Sunday nights the last few weeks of the term. We would each present our understanding of the economic theories of the two authors.

The exam consisted of three questions. 1) Discuss in loving detail the theory of Adam Smith. 2) Discuss in equally loving detail the theory of Karl Marx. 3) Compare and contrast the theories. I filled up about 8-10 Blue books. Got an A.

I would say it was the most important class I took and has shaped my thinking through my life.  That exercise changed my thinking from socialism to free market.

Since college, I have read primarily non-fiction, history, heavily weighed in military history.

The book I am reading now is “A History of the American People” by Paul Johnson. It’s superb. The key word in the title is people. Who they were, what they thought, how they came to their personal philosophy, the cultural background of the times, who were their allies and opponents.

The publisher writes:

In his prize-winning classic, Johnson presents an in-depth portrait of American history from the first colonial settlements to the Clinton administration. This is the story of the men and women who shaped and led the nation and the ordinary people who collectively created its unique character. Littered with letters, diaries, and recorded conversations, it details the origins of their struggles for independence and nationhood, their heroic efforts and sacrifices to deal with the ‘organic sin’ of slavery and the preservation of the Union to its explosive economic growth and emergence as a world power. Johnson discusses contemporary topics such as the politics of racism, education, the power of the press, political correctness, the growth of litigation, and the influence of women throughout history

Bacall’s 50th Birthday

Butt Stuff posted this drawing and it reminded me of Bacall’s birthday some years back.

We had a spanking party scheduled and it also happened to be on my birthday.  I had cake and of course, fun gifts.  The normal spankings occurred.  But then a spanker took my hand and led me to a room. Oops, there was another guy in there also. They told me that they would give me my birthday spanking, but I had the count them.

So it begins with me between the two spankers.  I start counting: 1, 2, 3, 4 and I was stopped.  No, they said, count this way 1, 1, 2, 2 etc.  I got the giggles which only increased the intensity of the pops.  I was not 20 years old – it was going to be a lot of pops.  And, I couldn’t stop giggling and they didn’t stop spanking.

Finally I had decided that I had celebrated long enough.  I put my hands between the legs of each spanker and told them if they didn’t hurt me, I wouldn’t hurt them.  They were shocked, but not as much as I was that I would do that.

Great birthday!

I recall her telling me about the double spanking, but not the way she ended it. Goes with another tale of her OTK and she grabs his leg hair and says “We are not going to hurt each other are we?” You can’t get up early enough to out wit her.


Blue Eyed Girl

She had refulgent blue eyes. Or so I thought. Bacall took one look and told me they were contacts. But with her name being Robin, I decided to acquiesce to the harmless deceit. Most of the guys were focused on her breasts, which were massive and never unnoticeable or well concealed.

The blue eyed girl came to mind this morning when I was writing to a cyber chum about social security. Yeah. You see the linkage right away. Welcome to my mind.

I related to him that in 1972, I told Blue Eyed Robin at lunch that I would gladly forfeit SS, if they would just let me out of it. [Lunch with Robin consisted of a sandwich and long tokes on the bong attached to her dashboard]

I had not thought of Robin in a long time. She is worth a post. She told me in a matter of fact way that I could spank her if I wanted to. So we made a plan. When I showed up at her place, I found she was living with a guy, another computer geek. I was off-put with another guy around. I took him to be a bottom. Anyway, we talked, smoked, drank and I left without putting a hand on her.

I never knew why Robin brought spanking up. Perhaps because I had spanked two other girls at the office. The little darlings do talk.

So you see that payments to social security, blue eyes and spanking are all interrelated in my wee mind.

There were some non-spanking adventures with Robin and friends like the road trip to Gulf Shores where limited debauchery took place. On to New Orleans where mass degeneracy occurred. Bacall and I took no part of it. And finally to Baton Rouge where we did tame things like eating and drinking too much. Baton Rouge is our fav party town.

Years later I met a true blue eyed girl. That was her screen name. You have seen pictures of her back side here over the years.

Tango? Por una Cabeza is the classic tango. Don’t look at her ass.

Por una Cabeza

A Moment With The Divine Miss E

It’s been a while since we heard from Miss E. Travel back to 1999 and read a few lines she wrote.

Tue Feb 02 19:19:59 1999
I love to muse on how delicious it is to hear your stern voice upbraiding me, knowing what will come next. The emotional struggle to
make myself raise my skirt. The terrible feeling of helplessness when you ease down my panties. The impending doom as I await the first
blow. Trying to not show how much it hurts, but finally having to beg you to stop. And just being OTK. The pressure of your left hand on the
small of my back, pinning me down. I know I can’t get away until you let me. The emotion in your voice as you spank me harder. Feeling so
exposed and powerless. Seeing you reach for another paddle, to start again. Arousal. Fear. Wishing for an even more intimate punishment. I miss you. I need you.

Tue Feb 09 20:22:27 1999
But promise me that you won’t cane me. I just couldn’t stand worrying about it.

And just why the hell does that amuse you so? I meant it! When I thought for those couple of hours that the hour of my doom had been moved up 2 months, I was feeling quite panicky. I realized I DON’T want to be caned. It would scare the bejesus out of me just to see you with it in your hand. As you have so kindly pointed out, I am not a pain slut. Next thing I know, you’ll be calling me up and hitting a pillow with it in the background just to give me the
jitters. The worst thing is, I know how evil you are. I know you wouldn’t feel you had done your duty just to tap me a time or two for effect. Ever since you stood me up against that wall and laid into me, I’m a little leary of your desire for authenticity!
So promise me! Or else!

Tue Feb 09 20:48:02 1999

<< We will have to tie one on in BR. >>
I wouldn’t DARE get drunk around you. I am an extemely amorous drunk and lose
what few inhibitions I possess. I’d turn into Trailer Trash Wanda the Wonderous Cock Sucker in two minutes flat. NOT a pretty sight. Trust me. You really wouldn’t enjoy seeing me leap out of my chair and do the Watusi while
singing at the top of my lungs. Been there, done that. Dancing on tables, my specialty.
Now understand, I don’t fear that you would take advantage of me; it’s just that your virtue wouldn’t have a chance.

A Note From the Divine Miss E

I got a shot yesterday and my ass is sore. It suppresses estrogen to entice my prostate to quit growing and perhaps shrink. Five hours after the shot I felt like a mule had kicked me and my right leg was partially paralyzed.

From Tendril@xxxx.com Sat Dec 19 00:47:30 1998

Dear D:

My friend Susan is intrigued by the spanking scene and my adventures. I told her she would enjoy meeting you because you are so witty and urbane and have such beautiful manners.

She said that she would love to, but I don’t think it
would be such a good idea. It would be just like YOU to ask her if she wanted to watch me get my bottom tanned; and it would be just like HER to accept with glee! I’m sure MY vote wouldn’t count.

In fact, she says that you need to take particular care to spank me hard enough to get xbf off my mind. (With friends like mine, I don’t need enemies.)

I am going over to his house Monday night to work on some pictures he’s scanned in for me and Susan strictly forbid me to touch or tease the little stud muffin. However, I say that if he touches me first, then all bets are off! I am such a bad girl, it makes me giggle.

Have a great weekend- E


Big mistake that I never asked to spank Susan. What a bubble butt.

Looking Back

Health issues have interrupted our spankings the last several months. So I will take a moment and reflect on our spanking years. Since my activity is limited I have time to recline in my chair and type these words that appear on the 80″ on the wall.

As far as I know, OBB is the only blog about a couple that spanks one another. There are other couples that switch with each other. We have met a few of them. But, they are rare.

We have been at it all our married lives. It was a rocky start and that is all on me. Call it toxic masculinity.

After I forced myself to say what I wanted, rather than expecting her to read my mind,  she did the same thing and we made good progress.

When we attended our first spanking party we made a break through. I was spanking some gal and Bacall came in the room interrupted us and excitedly lead me to another room where a woman` was being spanked. Bacall had discovered leather.

Wood was too much for her and she had discovered a substitute. We acquired several leather straps to warm her nates. A hot button of hers is to be taken in a walk in closet and get a belting leaning over my arm followed by forceful fucking on the carpet. Is that TMI?

Originally our spanking sessions were for one or the other of us. She liked it that way. One day she would get spanked and I would wait until the day to get my bottom reddened. Who ever went second got a day’s worth of teasing.

Somewhere along the line she initiated what she call Joint Action Sessions. I would usually spank her and after a short interlude for her to compose herself she would put the wood to me. When it was my turn, she was either partially sexually satisfied or hotter than a fox. It depended on the day.

My go to paddling position is bent over. I am usually over the bed as we both want the bed close by when my paddling is over. When she overpowers me, I take a break and stand up and embrace, kiss and fondle her. My tongue usually reaches far down her throat as I reach around and kneed her bottom. She returns my kisses and fondles my boner.

We keep these breaks to one or two minutes as my bottom will go numb if we take much longer. And I relish a hot sting, not a thud. So I bend back over and stick my bottom out for the paddle. I normally recoil from each lick and she waits a second for me to get back in position and unclench my cheeks.

In my old age 18 to 24 licks on the bare is more than adequate for me. If I want more, I just need to stay in position and she will happily accommodate me.

I don’t need to look in a mirror back to know there is a white hot circle on both cheeks.

In the last decade, she has developed a fondness for wood. Not the principals paddle I enjoy, but she has one she really likes and occasionally she will ask for another really stingy wood one. If I am done paddling her and she needs more she asks for a few more licks.

We know which paddles we like and those are the ones that get used on us and in the way we want them used. Some need to submit to having what the spanker chooses. OK,  but that is not us. Sometimes we get out the paddles we want to feel a day before. It a tonic for the mind to see them out and know what is coming.

While I am usually bent over the bed, I also enjoy bending over the back of a low chair, the dining room table, a low table or my desk.

Bacall gets most of her paddlings laying over my lap while I am seated on the bed. She also likes to put her knees on a couch and bend over the back. Downward dog is good. Bent over a log or large rock outside is even better.

A Story by the Divine Miss E

For Openers

This is a follow on post to yesterday’s post. This is a short story she wrote. One way to communicate what is desired. She wanted to experience the cane. The aunt refers to Bacall.

From Tendril99@xxxx.com Sun Dec 27 19:08:15 1998

Dear D:

I am writing this to you, but I don’t want to hear a word about it.

She greeted him airly with a peck on the cheek and collapsed on the bed with her fav mag. She hoped he had forgotten his recent promise. He sat down beside her with the look of his face she had come to dread.” Sweetheart, we have some unfinished business. We must settle some affairs and then meet your aunt for lunch.” She pouted and threw down the magazine. “Oh puh-lease, will you just
give it up? I don’t want to be spanked and I’m not going to let you do that anymore!” He rose to leave and her heart gladdened. Good- that was showing

He walked to the closet and returned, cane in hand, to stand before her. The color drained from her face. Her brave resolve left her. “Please don’t!
Anything but that! I’ll take my paddling, PLEASE”

He heard the panic in her voice and for a moment pitied her. But, he was faithful to his task. “Young
lady, today you will learn an important lesson. You will not dictate how or when I will discipline you. I have decided that you will be caned for your
disrespect and refusal to mend your ways. You have had every opportunity, yet the behaviour has persisted. However, I will allow you this: After receiving one stroke of the cane, your behaviour during the rest of your punishment will
determine if and how many other strokes you will have. I require that you speak respectfully, prepare for your punishment, and assume the position as I
direct you. Any reluctance or refusal will be dealt with harshly. Do you understand me? ”

She eyed the door but noted she could not escape. She wondered if she could bolt to the bathroom and lock herself inside, but saw that avenue was blocked
as well. Terror stricken, she nodded, but could not bring herself to speak.

Before, she could always delay the inevitable by arguing or refusing to hold still. Now she knew that would be impossible. If he meant to do a thing, that
thing would be done.

“Raise your skirt and put yourself over this chair.” As he spoke, he rolled up the sleeves of his beautifully starched shirt. She walked slowly to the
chair he had placed in the middle of the room. Slowly she raised her skirt and lowered herself as instructed. Her legs trembled as he pulled the white
panties below her bottom. “Now then, that’s no position for a proud minx like yourself- he tapped her legs-straighten your knees and lift that bottom.”
Cowering against the chair, she did as he required, bottom now ready for the cane. Stroking her cheeks with the cane he said, ” Now perhaps you’ll be in a
mood to have a little talk. Tell me why I’m having to cane you today”

Whimpering, she listed her misbehaviours. “and what should I do about your impudence?” “Correct me, Sir” Her eyes were full of tears, from the
humiliation of her position as well as the dread of the pain to come. “I am angry that you have pushed me this far, and when I am finished, I trust we
will not have this conversation again.” Tapping her bottom one last time, he drew back his arm and brought down the cane as firmly as he could. She cried out and leapt up, hands on her bottom in agony. “You will remain in position until I give you leave”.

Back across the chair she went, struggling to regain her composure. “Will I need to use this cane again, or do you plan to accept the rest of your punishment gracefully?” “No, please! I will!” He placed the cane on the chair before her. ” Let this be a reminder for you.”

And then he reached for his favorite paddle, and wondered what the lunch special might be today. He resumed his task briskly, “mustn’t keep your Aunt waiting”, he thought.

Spanking Her The First Time

For Openers

I don’t recall discussing how we would have sex with a girl before we went out the first time. Maybe you did?

Contrast that with discussing how to spank a gal before we met in person. The discussion was always led by the women. I listened and took notes.

She had the fantasy of how she wanted to be spanked in her head for years, maybe from 5 years old. It was my job to understand how to make it happen. It usually took me several conversations for me to internalize her needs so I could spank her the way she wanted to be spanked, not the way I might take. For the more complex roles, I memorized the steps so I would hit my marks.

I was always amazed at how close their ideas aligned with mine. Her sharing her most intimate thoughts, perhaps for the first time with me was a real high for me.

Tomorrow I will share a short note from a gal who wanted to experience the cane.