Growing Up Jim

This is the first of a series of memories of one of OBB regular readers.

My punishment spankings looked almost exactly like this below except I can never recall being spanked by my mom with her wearing a skirt or heels – she was more of a shorts or long pants lady with flats. 

I don’t think I have ever gone into much detail concerning my mom’s discipline spankings.

She was the disciplinarian in our home; me, my older brother and I suspect my dad also on occasion. There was never the threat of “just wait until your father gets home”.  Mom was quite capable of handling us all by herself.

She was a mid-west farm girl that I suspect had her bottom warmed on a fairly regular basis and probably learned her techniques from her mother.

When mom had decided one of us needed some discipline she simply said, “You need go get things ready in the basement.”  Resistance was futile.  “Getting things ready” meant: go to our basement which was unimproved; retrieve a low backless, stool which she generally used to hold laundry baskets while she hung wash to dry on the basement lines; retrieve her paddle which was a “fly-back” type kept in a cabinet; close the basement windows if it was summer (privacy); remove your shoes, socks, and pants and then wait for her arrival.

There was a possibility of 4 different implements that she would apply to your bottom – hand, paddle, belt or switch and one never knew exactly what was coming until she arrived in the basement.  The implements are listed in the order of severity.  The number of strokes was always predictable – your current age which she would round up to the next year if you were passed the 6 month interval – so if you were 11 years and 7 months old – she would round up to 12.  She would claim that was an early birthday present!

After a while she would come down the basement stairs hopefully empty handed – her spanking belt was kept upstairs and if she planned on using a switch she would have gone to cut that from a neighbor’s tree.

Following a brief recount of your offense the first half of the spanking would begin – on rare occasion I would be permitted to keep my underwear on for this segment (she called it a “warm-up” ) but generally it was preceded by the command – “take off your underwear, I’m going to spank your bare fanny”.  Until I was about 8 years old, spankings were always OTK with mom seated on the stool using her hand or paddle; after 8 years old, I would stand and bend over the stool gripping the edges of the low seat.

Once in position, mom would spank me with her chosen implement – number of strokes equal to my age.  I have described her as a “full swing” spanker, regardless of tools used.

Once she completed the “warm up” it was time to move on to the main event – if I still had underwear on they were removed (rare), the second half was ALWAYS bare, and mom would change implements – moving up one on her list.  If the warm-up was by hand, she would change to paddle. 1st with paddle = 2nd with belt, 1st with belt = 2nd with switch (worst).

I really hated that belt or the switch because they left marks which would sometimes still be visible at my next gym class – yes, I still got spanked in junior high and occasionally in high school.  Spanking was common among my peers and marks would be seen on others, but it was always embarrassing and drew comments in the locker room.  I could sometimes manage to negotiate a delay to avoid the locker room exposure – usually that cost me a “late penalty”, third round of spanking which guaranteed the use of either the belt or a switch on Friday afternoon after school – sometimes it was worth it.

After a spanking, I would be left in the basement to compose myself and put things away.  There was never any additional mention of the offense or the spanking after it was completed – my slate was clean.


Tighty-whities were invented in 1934. Men at the time were sporting incredibly uncomfortable knee-length flannel knickers. Tighty-whities remained popular for a few decades. They began to lose their appeal in the 70s and 80s. In today’s society, tighty-whities act almost solely as a hilarious punchline.

  • 58% wear boxer brief
  • 18% wear boxer shorts
  • 16% wear colorful briefs or bikini briefs
  • 6% wear tighty whities
  • 2% wear thongs

So what is this post about?

I saw this picture and it got me thinking back. File it under TMI.

My Dad wore them. My mother bought them. I grew up wearing them. I don’t recall any guys wearing boxers in school. It seemed normal to me.

When I think of being paddled I always think of what I will be wearing. So does Bacall. That’s why she has a drawer full of spanking panties. I wore tighty-whities when we married, so they were naturally what I had on when Bacall put the board to me. For a while, my spanking ensemble was a white t-shirt, white socks, and tighty-whities. [The only time I wore white socks]

So for me, tighty-whities were my original spanking attire and so occupy a place in my memories.

Bacall started buying boxers for me and I found out how damn thin they were.  No protection from the paddle. Then one day I decided that I wanted to start out bare bottom. But, I still like to wear panties before a paddling. Call it a fetish. I have a fetish about wood paddles and panties.

PS Someone gave us a souvenir Attitude Adjuster paddle as in the picture. They are made of red cedar, a rather fragile wood for the purpose. It lacks a proper handle for a good grip.

The Picture That Started It All

For Openers – From time to time, I may post an image before the topic of the post, that will have nothing to do with the post. Like this one.

I have written that I spanked almost all of my dates in HS. It was never something I planned to do. It was never something that I fantasized about doing. The little darlings must have read “I spank” on my forehead and would do something to earn a spanking. The reward for both us was they had on fewer clothes than before I spanked them. They had not had to give up their clothes, they were taken from them. That’s way different. Isn’t it girls?

I was paddled all through school. I never fantasized about it. I never wanted to be paddled.

In spite of my spanking activity, I was a late bloomer to spanking. I was suddenly turned on to spanking by seeing a few pictures quite by accident. I was 19 and in the Navy. I was trading magazines with a shipmate and one of the magazines he had showed women in bra and girdles spanking each other. I was instantly mesmerized. From seeing women spanking each other I now wanted to spank women and be spanked by women.

It was a picture like this.

You Wanna To See A Trick?

We were both in college when we met. She lived with her parents. I had a room in frat house. [It was an urban college, mostly night students, that did not have any panhellenic organizations. A few of us got drunk, someone suggested we start a frat. That sounded like a good idea and so about a dozen of us got it started. Thankfully,  it was not charted until after I graduated.]

So anyway, two of us paid token rent on a huge victorian home. There were parties every weekend. Usually several of the faculty joined us to suck up. Yeah, a different time.

The house was our rendevous site. One day, I asked her if she wanted to see a trick and started quickly taking off my clothes. She surprised me and had her clothes off, her ass on the bed with her knees up before I finished. That’s when I knew she was Olympic caliber keeper.

I Lost More Than A Friend

I am somewhere on the depression scale. January and February have always been dismal months for me. Often too cold to be outside and I have many projects to do outside. So I am anxious about not being able to do them. This puts me in a mood, without even taking into account social isolation and the political crap. It would be nice to have someone to have a beer with. I have had exactly 12 beers in 18 months. I’ll bet most of you are feeling about the same to one degree or another.

All these brought me to reflect on a dear friend I lost in November. We went back to our 20’s together. He loved music. He played a Les Paul, not all that well, but enough to amuse himself. We spent many nights together listening to music while smoking some weed. [His wife always carried a Mason jar of all buds in her purse]

Tom was losing kidney function and refused dialysis. If he could not have a transplant he was resigned to die. He refused contact with all of his many friends. Even his sister was mostly excluded. The last time he would take my calls or acknowledge an email was six months before he died.

Tom was always quick with a laugh and a solid friend. If he had an enemy, I never knew it.

I not only miss our sharing of music but our conversations. I miss Tom.

In the end, all we have are memories. I treasure them.




Sue and I knew a bit about each other from reading each other’s online profiles, but we had never met or even chatted online.  I knew she was married and she and her husband switched, but since she had not given any hint that they might attend a party I did not pursue her. So it was a surprise to me when they did come to a party. I did not talk with her long, but later that night she came to me and said “You are sitting on what I want to paddle”. That’s all it took for me to follow her to her room where she expertly gave me the most wonderful spanking of my life.

This memory came back to me the other day when I was corresponding about leather slappers. The ones with a slightly flexible piece of thin steel sown between the leather sides.

This is what Sue used on me. My profile indicated that I did not care for a warmup and she remembered that, confirmed it and she got right down to business. My bottom had the most wonderful glow for hours afterward.

The Early Years

Over the years I have written about spanking my dates in HS. I would say I spanked every date, but that seems beyond incredible. I can’t say how many girls with any reliability as ADD left me with few complete memories of those years. I barely recall any of their names.

The odd thing to me is that I never planned to spank anyone. The little darlings would push my buttons and I spanked them. Not a one protested. Some of them repeated their behavior to earn another spanking. Looking back I see they were playing me. I wonder if they acted the same with other boys or did I have a sign on me that said “I spank”?

I had never seen anyone spanked nor been spanked OTK, but I found it was a natural position. I spanked on couches and the back seats of cars.

At that time, I did not connect spanking and sex, other than once their panties were down it was seemed reasonable to me that sex might follow. And sometimes it did.  I had no clue that spanking a gals bottom would give her a sexual thrill – both mentally and physically. We were not taught that nerves went from the posterior to the sex organs.


My Dad had a 33-foot boat and he would sometimes head down river and dock overnight at a business associates river cabin. The cabin was on a bluff, so it was a long flight of steep stairs from the dock to the cabin. That ensured the adults would not be checking on us down below. Especially after they had had a few drinks. We would sneak a few brews to enjoy on the rear deck of his boat. That section was hidden from their overlooking view.

One time Dad’s friend had his two nieces at the cabin for the weekend. I think they were a year older. We spent the day skiing. I spent a good deal of time gawking at their boobs and bottoms barely covered by their bikinis.

That evening the girls showered and put on short shorts and perfume. I can recall the scent now. We started making out and they both got playfully sassy. Well, you know what happened. Their shorts came down and they got spanked on the dock. We then returned to making out. I would like to say more happened, but it did not. I think it was because I was apprehensive that we would be caught.

I was 19 when I connected spanking and sex and then I also wanted to be spanked. I continued to spank, but now I could occasionally be on the bottom.

Flash forward to just now – The Older Years

I took a break from writing this post. On the way back to my computer I found Bacall bent over in the kitchen. What’s a guy to do? I took down one of our too seldom used spanking spoons that hang in the kitchen and gave her four firm wacks.

Then she wanted me to Feel The Burn, so I bent over and got four and I did ever feel the burn.

Footnote, our spoons are like nothing you have ever seen or felt. They are hand-carved from Arkansas Cherry. A friend had them special made – the spoon side is only slightly dished out, so it fits the curve of the bottom well. They have long handles and are on the tuddy side. I would say they might compare to a long handle bath brush.


Safe Words And House Cleaning

Long ago, Bacall’s good friend Bill gave her a safe word. Well, a safe sentence. It was I want to clean the house. During a recent paddling that I posted about, she gave me that safe word. I was amazed that while getting a dose of fast and furious she came up with it from a long distant past.

BTW, she did clean the house, well she washed all the baseboards which were getting rather seedy-looking and scrubbed the tile bath floors. I think the next spanking might get the windows washed.


2020 will be better

These are two cool cats. We were never this cool. Is that a Lincoln?

Bacall serving my cocktail. Yeah, right

Bacall enjoying the holidays, last year

Bacall being spanked by Bill at a party a decade ago. That’s them on the right. We were playing a custom card game that ensured the girls were well spanked.

Cancer took Bill soon after this party. We will always miss him.

Six Of The Best

This was written by Bacall in 1997.

He was showing me the program he had downloaded, Six-of-the-Best, written by a British chap, George Ware. It was definitely oriented towards getting strokes from a headmistress/master, but it solved the dilemma of “how many” quite well and from an unconcerned third-party. I liked that. After the program determined the number of licks, it concluded with a very stern British lady saying “Very well, bend over”. I was inspired. I knew I would put this to good use very soon.

Most of our spanking play happens on weekends, after breakfast, showers and coffee. Saturday was far too hectic and so it was Sunday until we had some time to play. I told him before we got up that he was going to get his bottom paddled right after lunch. I reminded him several times during the morning. After breakfast, we did a little yard work and then went in to shower and clean up. He likes to wear panties when he is going to be paddled, I have bought him several pair for the purpose. Sometimes, when he returns from the shower he finds a pair of panties on the bed that I have laid out for him to wear. I didn’t do that this time. And I was only mildly surprised when he came into my bathroom and told me I was going to be really “mad” when I saw the panties he was wearing. He wiggled his bottom at me and, stuck out his tongue – I gave him a playful swat on his jeans. He left and I dried my hair.

When I was ready, I found him in the office and told him it was time for his paddling and I wanted to use Six-of-the-Best. He started the program up. He must have been feeling bullet-proof, as he clicked the “Tough Butt” button twice, thus increasing the number of licks he was going to get. He appealed his sentence three times, costing him 5 licks for each appeal, then he got a surprise, the program had warned him to remember the headmistress’s name, but when it asked for her name he could not recall it, so he was awarded an extra six licks. All total, he was going to get 38, a little more than I usually give him.

I sent him to get the paddle from the closet. This paddle is like the ones that were once found in so many principals offices. [So you can guess what we call it] When he returned with it, I gave my best impersonation of a British headmistress as I said: “Very well, bend over”. He laid over the large desk and gripped the opposite edge. I pulled the paddle back and brought it down with more force than I ever have. Like I said,  the audio in the program had really inspired me. I gave him five more and told him to stand up and take his down jeans. Now I really had to laugh, he was wearing a pair of my floral print panties. He had never done this before. All the panties he had worn before had been solid colored and very plain. I told him he would be very sorry he had put them on and told him to “Bend over”. He did and I put the paddle to his pantied-clad bottom 24 times. When he got up, I could tell he had really felt them. But, he still had another eight licks coming. I told him to follow me. Holding his jeans up, he followed me down the steps, through the den, down the hall and into our bedroom.

I got out the cherry paddle. It’s 3/8 inch in an oval shape that fits his fanny just right and stings like a swarm of bees. [I know!] I told him to pull the panties down and bend over the bed. He did. His bottom was bright-bright red and was now going to feel the cherry paddle on his bare bottom. I stood to his side and laid on eight hard licks in quick-time. I was somewhat surprised that he was able to take them so well.

With his paddling over, it was time for fun for me!