Looking Back

Health issues have interrupted our spankings the last several months. So I will take a moment and reflect on our spanking years. Since my activity is limited I have time to recline in my chair and type these words that appear on the 80″ on the wall.

As far as I know, OBB is the only blog about a couple that spanks one another. There are other couples that switch with each other. We have met a few of them. But, they are rare.

We have been at it all our married lives. It was a rocky start and that is all on me. Call it toxic masculinity.

After I forced myself to say what I wanted, rather than expecting her to read my mind,  she did the same thing and we made good progress.

When we attended our first spanking party we made a break through. I was spanking some gal and Bacall came in the room interrupted us and excitedly lead me to another room where a woman` was being spanked. Bacall had discovered leather.

Wood was too much for her and she had discovered a substitute. We acquired several leather straps to warm her nates. A hot button of hers is to be taken in a walk in closet and get a belting leaning over my arm followed by forceful fucking on the carpet. Is that TMI?

Originally our spanking sessions were for one or the other of us. She liked it that way. One day she would get spanked and I would wait until the day to get my bottom reddened. Who ever went second got a day’s worth of teasing.

Somewhere along the line she initiated what she call Joint Action Sessions. I would usually spank her and after a short interlude for her to compose herself she would put the wood to me. When it was my turn, she was either partially sexually satisfied or hotter than a fox. It depended on the day.

My go to paddling position is bent over. I am usually over the bed as we both want the bed close by when my paddling is over. When she overpowers me, I take a break and stand up and embrace, kiss and fondle her. My tongue usually reaches far down her throat as I reach around and kneed her bottom. She returns my kisses and fondles my boner.

We keep these breaks to one or two minutes as my bottom will go numb if we take much longer. And I relish a hot sting, not a thud. So I bend back over and stick my bottom out for the paddle. I normally recoil from each lick and she waits a second for me to get back in position and unclench my cheeks.

In my old age 18 to 24 licks on the bare is more than adequate for me. If I want more, I just need to stay in position and she will happily accommodate me.

I don’t need to look in a mirror back to know there is a white hot circle on both cheeks.

In the last decade, she has developed a fondness for wood. Not the principals paddle I enjoy, but she has one she really likes and occasionally she will ask for another really stingy wood one. If I am done paddling her and she needs more she asks for a few more licks.

We know which paddles we like and those are the ones that get used on us and in the way we want them used. Some need to submit to having what the spanker chooses. OK,  but that is not us. Sometimes we get out the paddles we want to feel a day before. It a tonic for the mind to see them out and know what is coming.

While I am usually bent over the bed, I also enjoy bending over the back of a low chair, the dining room table, a low table or my desk.

Bacall gets most of her paddlings laying over my lap while I am seated on the bed. She also likes to put her knees on a couch and bend over the back. Downward dog is good. Bent over a log or large rock outside is even better.

A Story by the Divine Miss E

For Openers

This is a follow on post to yesterday’s post. This is a short story she wrote. One way to communicate what is desired. She wanted to experience the cane. The aunt refers to Bacall.

From Tendril99@xxxx.com Sun Dec 27 19:08:15 1998

Dear D:

I am writing this to you, but I don’t want to hear a word about it.

She greeted him airly with a peck on the cheek and collapsed on the bed with her fav mag. She hoped he had forgotten his recent promise. He sat down beside her with the look of his face she had come to dread.” Sweetheart, we have some unfinished business. We must settle some affairs and then meet your aunt for lunch.” She pouted and threw down the magazine. “Oh puh-lease, will you just
give it up? I don’t want to be spanked and I’m not going to let you do that anymore!” He rose to leave and her heart gladdened. Good- that was showing

He walked to the closet and returned, cane in hand, to stand before her. The color drained from her face. Her brave resolve left her. “Please don’t!
Anything but that! I’ll take my paddling, PLEASE”

He heard the panic in her voice and for a moment pitied her. But, he was faithful to his task. “Young
lady, today you will learn an important lesson. You will not dictate how or when I will discipline you. I have decided that you will be caned for your
disrespect and refusal to mend your ways. You have had every opportunity, yet the behaviour has persisted. However, I will allow you this: After receiving one stroke of the cane, your behaviour during the rest of your punishment will
determine if and how many other strokes you will have. I require that you speak respectfully, prepare for your punishment, and assume the position as I
direct you. Any reluctance or refusal will be dealt with harshly. Do you understand me? ”

She eyed the door but noted she could not escape. She wondered if she could bolt to the bathroom and lock herself inside, but saw that avenue was blocked
as well. Terror stricken, she nodded, but could not bring herself to speak.

Before, she could always delay the inevitable by arguing or refusing to hold still. Now she knew that would be impossible. If he meant to do a thing, that
thing would be done.

“Raise your skirt and put yourself over this chair.” As he spoke, he rolled up the sleeves of his beautifully starched shirt. She walked slowly to the
chair he had placed in the middle of the room. Slowly she raised her skirt and lowered herself as instructed. Her legs trembled as he pulled the white
panties below her bottom. “Now then, that’s no position for a proud minx like yourself- he tapped her legs-straighten your knees and lift that bottom.”
Cowering against the chair, she did as he required, bottom now ready for the cane. Stroking her cheeks with the cane he said, ” Now perhaps you’ll be in a
mood to have a little talk. Tell me why I’m having to cane you today”

Whimpering, she listed her misbehaviours. “and what should I do about your impudence?” “Correct me, Sir” Her eyes were full of tears, from the
humiliation of her position as well as the dread of the pain to come. “I am angry that you have pushed me this far, and when I am finished, I trust we
will not have this conversation again.” Tapping her bottom one last time, he drew back his arm and brought down the cane as firmly as he could. She cried out and leapt up, hands on her bottom in agony. “You will remain in position until I give you leave”.

Back across the chair she went, struggling to regain her composure. “Will I need to use this cane again, or do you plan to accept the rest of your punishment gracefully?” “No, please! I will!” He placed the cane on the chair before her. ” Let this be a reminder for you.”

And then he reached for his favorite paddle, and wondered what the lunch special might be today. He resumed his task briskly, “mustn’t keep your Aunt waiting”, he thought.

Spanking Her The First Time

For Openers

I don’t recall discussing how we would have sex with a girl before we went out the first time. Maybe you did?

Contrast that with discussing how to spank a gal before we met in person. The discussion was always led by the women. I listened and took notes.

She had the fantasy of how she wanted to be spanked in her head for years, maybe from 5 years old. It was my job to understand how to make it happen. It usually took me several conversations for me to internalize her needs so I could spank her the way she wanted to be spanked, not the way I might take. For the more complex roles, I memorized the steps so I would hit my marks.

I was always amazed at how close their ideas aligned with mine. Her sharing her most intimate thoughts, perhaps for the first time with me was a real high for me.

Tomorrow I will share a short note from a gal who wanted to experience the cane.

Fli-back Paddles

I did not know that the ubiguous 1960’s Fli-back paddles were made by the same company with different names. Same logo.

I had one and I was adapt at missing the ball with the paddle. It would hit my eye instead.

I was never spanked with one. Until a year after I married Bacall. Our only toy our first year was a wooden ruler. She put a Fli-back in my Christmas stocking our second Christmas together. I loved her all the more.

She welded it with gusto and after a time, it broke. I did not have any wood working tools or experience at the time, so I bought another Fli-back, glued it to the original and painted it red. We still have it. It still works. The extra few ounces made it a formidable paddle. She wants no part of it and she can make me do the spankee dance with it in quick time.

Here’s video of a Fli-Back in action. The password is obb.



Another Note from the Divine Miss E

From Tendril99@xxx.com Mon Nov 23 16:51:47 1998

Dear Uncle D:
Now that it is all over, I have to thank you for taking me in hand and setting me straight. I drove home observing the speed limit and went straight to bed (but did have to sleep on my tummy). This morning my bottom was very sore, and I have to move gingerly. Several times I forgot and plopped down at my desk, much to my dismay. And of course, I could not let my coworkers see me wince. My hands are very sore also. It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong, and then I remembered that I was punished there as well. There are no marks, just exquisite tenderness.

During the day, several times I refrained from saying or doing things that would have displeased you, because I know I will have to account for myself with you. I trust that you will never again have to correct me so thoroughly.

Notes From The Devine Miss E

This is from my days as a Dom. Her words argue that I was good at it. I would have preferred a less demanding role. Amazing to me the feelings she had going on in her mind.

On Saturday

From Tendril99@xxxx.com Sat Nov 21 12:51:02 1998
Dear D:
I thrilled to know you are having a chuckle at my expense. I have fretted all weekend and will be a nervous wreck tomorrow. How am I going to sit through the meeting I have to go to at 2? Much less do the presentation I am
responsible for?

I am working on the grant budget now and keeping my mind on the numbers is impossible.

Had a hideous time last night (also your fault). Went shopping for some necessary dainties and flushed beet red at the checkout counter. Imagined everyone there could tell that I was buying things to wear to a spanking.

I’m telling you this: regardless how sore my bottom is after tomorrow, nothing is worse than this waiting and worrying. I am about ready to leap in the car, drive over there, fling myself over your lap and beg to get it OVER with.

On Monday

From Tendril99@xxxx.com Mon Nov 23 16:30:42 1998
Dear D:
At the likely risk of sounding corny, I have to tell you that yesterday was a life changing event for me. For the first time ever, someone called me on my willfulness, pride, and insolence, and then dealt with it. No one has ever done both. Either they would not have dared to speak to me as you did, or would not have had the nerve to correct me. I must have been an odd child, because I could intimidate adults even then. I got in trouble on a regular basis, but could always talk or bluster my way out.

I can’t tell you what it was like for me when you told me that you WERE going to paddle me and then walked me over to the wall. I was absolutely terrified. I had no doubt at all that you would do exactly as you said. I wasn’t afraid of you, that you would do something wrong; but that you would actually paddle me to your satisfaction, with no escape. When you told me to raise my skirt, it never crossed my mind not to. I did not want to do anything that would increase my punishment. When you took down my pants, at that point that was the least of my concerns. I will probably never utter the words “eat s—” again. The first blow of the paddle shocked me, it hurt so much. I really thought you would play with me for a few moments by giving light taps. After the first lick, I could see that this was unadorned punishment and set myself to bear it. I did fine for the first two, but when you held me in place to receive the others, I almost lost it. I cannot tell you how painful it was.

Plus, your remarks as you disciplined me quailed any thoughts of argument or resistance. When you stopped I thought I would cry from relief. I was proud that I had been able to stand and take it. (pride cometh before a fall.)

After that, when you told me that you were going to tear my bottom up, my blood froze. When you put me across your lap, I still didn’t realize you were going to continue to use a paddle. I thought it would just be your hand. When you started paddling me again and lecturing me, I thought I would die from
pain and fright. The blows to the upper thigh made me see stars. I was totally humiliated and in agony. I would have said or done anything to make you stop.

The worst part was when you stood me up and asked me if I wanted to safeword and I had to say no. My bottom hurt so that I didn’t notice too much when you strapped my hands.

It was terrible when you made me voluntarily go back across your lap, “nose to the bedspread”. That was one of my worst moments. I knew that you were going to finish me off and I was almost in a panic. Sure enough, I came within a hair of safewording. The pain was so intense, and you were so
unyielding. When you were finished, I was completely disciplined and almost had a sense of joy. The lotion was wonderful. Your hands, recently harsh and punishing, felt so firm and gentle then. It was an amazing transition and I was so grateful. When you held me and told me all was forgiven, I just had to rest my forehead on your chest and revel in the feeling of relief and peace.


Letters From The Divine Miss E

I am going to publish some letters from one of my “nieces”.  I think her words may be of interest to some of you. I previously published several of her stories as the author The Divine Miss E. She left a long paper trail.

I have always been drawn to women more intelligent than myself. I always enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with them. Miss E was one of the bright ones – two masters, a doctorate, and an enviable career.

And yes, my wife knew her. She came to our home, we to hers. We met her husband and kids. The DW even paddled her once.

The first letter shows her humor.

From Tendril99@xxx.com Sat Nov 21 00:48:17 1998

Dear Uncle D:

Please give me a second chance. I know that I have misbehaved a little
lately, but all that is over now. You know that I am not trying to get away
with anything, but just want you to be reasonable. I promise that I am sorry,
especially about the bf mess. I can’t imagine what came over me. When I see
you Sunday, we can talk about it and I’m sure you’ll change your mind. I would
give anything if it were already Sunday. I can hardly think about anything
else; worrying that you will take matters in hand before I can convince you to

Aunt D would be very disappointed if you were to act in a hasty
manner, and not completely hear my side. Besides, what the hell use is it to
be good if I’m going to have my ass paddled red anyway? Put THAT in your pipe
and smoke it!

Intently, E


I got to thinking about the girlfriends I spanked in HS. I have no idea how many I spanked or who most of them were. (Refer to my ADD post)  I think I spanked almost everyone I dated. (Keyword think) I never had a plan to spank them. [Spankings were not contemplated and it was not sexual for me until one day when I was 20 when that switch flipped on] They would do something like teasing and it was my natural reaction to spank them. I don’t recall a single one of them giving me more than token resistance. Panties would come down and heavy petting or sex would follow.

When spanking did turn on for me, I was an instant switch. But, I was hesitant to say I also wanted some attention. So it was usually the girl that got the hot bottom. From 20 on, I spanked cautiously at first to avoid being accused of assault. All spankings were accepted with grace and sex usually followed. PS, I was probably a lousy spanker at the time.

Punishment, discipline, control were not reasons for me to spank (or be spanked). It was always light-hearted fun. It still is. So many spanking blogs are of the punishment bent. I guess about 20-25% of spankos are into fun, excitement, sex. The rest want to control or be controlled for real or the illusion.

It’s chaotic world for sure. Some seek religion to sooth their anxiety. Others drink and do drugs. I wonder of those with their hair on fire seeking to control this or that or me make up the 80% of punishment spanko’s?




As regular readers know what I post follows no formula. Most posts are pictures of women I would spank or I would want to spank me. Sometimes the topics stray from spanking. Even to topics that I am not drawn to, but find of interest. In short, there is no plan. That mirrors my life. I never planned my work career. A series of events landed me in a well-paying profession that I had a talent for.

Lack of a plan is typical for those with Attention Deficient Disorder. We muddle through life. If you watch an amateur shuffle a deck of cards, you will see a flash of some of the cards. That is the way ADD people see the world – in flashes. I don’t get every detail. I fill in the blanks based on the fragments I have observed or heard. In grade school, I daydreamed and was more interested in what was going on outside the window than what the teacher had to say. No window? I amused myself making life miserable for the teacher. Distractions are our forte. This also led to numerous paddlings.

So while I participated in the learning process at best a 50% rate, I could pull it all together and score well on tests.

Attention deficiency was in my social life. I probably did know the full name acquaintances . Talking with former classmates they would say something like “Do you remember when Tom was bitten by a snake on the mile run and had to be carried back to the gym? Tom? Snake? Gym? Yes, I recall a gym.

I took Dexedrine in college to cram for exams. It allowed me to laser focus for 12+ hours, take the exam, and crash. But, I did not connect the dots and realize my problem.

I was 40-something when I read an article that listed the symptoms of ADD. I had 13 of 15 listed. I took Dexedrine and learned how the rest of mankind experiences the world. I could relax and focus. I trained myself to slow down so I did not have to take Dex.

As I have aged, ADD is not that much a problem for me. However, writing about spanking experiences is difficult as I just can not recall all of the details – even from last week. Often a reader will say something and it will jog my memory about an experience. Presto a blog post.

I have no qualms about disclosing other health issues.  In the last three years, I have developed two biggies, Leukemia and Crohns. Neither are fatal, unless the Leukemia morphs into the acute form. Both slow me down, fatigue and shortness of breath. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing more than laying in bed and sitting in my recliner. Happily most days I am near normal – just needing to hit the mattress by 8pm.

Treatment for Crohns will be a game changer. I will have to take an infusion every 8 weeks for life. Consider that we have been traveling six to eight months every year since 2007, this shortened schedule will really crimp my life style. The way we drive it takes us 10 days to “get west”, say Utah. So using up 20 days out and back leaves only 40 days to play. I will see if I can arrange treatment while on the road. 

Can you stand another picture of schoolgirls?

How many hundred/thousand pictures of “schoolgirls” being paddled for not turning in their homework, being late for cheer practice, etc. have you seen? I have seen more than enough.

This picture triggered a memory of the kangaroo courts that were held at some of our parties. They were the idea of the girls. Let me tell you when they were “on stage” the rest of the group were in for some laugh-out-loud times from these instant comedians. When the girls were not cracking wise, they were throwing one another under the bus. One “on stage” would testify about a gal in the audience who would replace her on stage.

Picture an audience of 20-something people watching the performance.

Why didn’t we record these performances?

While being late for cheer practice is commonly punished, how come being late for Latin club goes unpunished?