Entirely suitable spanking attire

So a reader who shares my fascination with girdles worn by women who don’t need one, sent this. It just ramps up my desire to paddle it.

So a few days later I see this picture

She is just going about mundane house chores, in unremarkable underwear, but damn if she is not deserving of a few smacks.

As one of my early bosses would say she has eyeballs

Looks she is having fun

Thigh-Hi Hose are always in style

Musically Inclined?

From 1983, 37 years ago! The lingerie is still hot.

Listen and enjoy the models


She’s got legs, she knows how to use them
She never begs, she knows how to choose them
She’s holdin’ leg wonderin’ how to feel them
Would you get behind them if you could only find them?
She’s my baby, she’s my baby
Yeah, it’s alright
She’s got hair down to her fanny
She’s kinda jet set, try undo her panties
Everytime she’s dancin’ she knows what to do
Everybody wants to see if she can use it
She’s so fine, she’s all mine
Girl, you got it right
She’s got legs, she knows…

37 years and counting. They knew how to write, perform and market.

What’s Going On In This Picture?

It’s certainly not a racy picture. The women are attractive, but not the “cute young things” usually depicted. For reasons that I don’t understand I find the image to be most interesting. What’s going on? One is caressing the other and the caress seems to be welcomed. What’s your take?

Maybe it’s just my life long fascination with garter belts.


Diaphanous material is characterized by such fineness of texture as to permit seeing through.

I sent a reader this picture of Bacall wearing her Paddle Me Now And Paddle Me Hard slip. No idea who the guy is.

He replied with this picture. As long as she would be willing to be spanked, I would go a round with her, sans the leather collar.

Here’s a recent one of some royal, Violet something or other.

Another gal out and about showing off

Seems that once I started this post, I see all sorts of sheer fabric. 

Just A Single Picture

You know of my fondness for lingerie. This picture has just become one of my favs. While it does not show an especially gorgeous woman in exquisite lingerie it rings all my bells.

It seems to be a one-piece garter belt and panty.

Her hands seem to be going to the waistband of a woman. I say it’s a woman because the legs are in stockings.

You know I don’t like being paddled OTK, but I would sure try her lap.

Bacall got a walking cast today. Maybe in 2/3 weeks, she can put on stockings.