Hail and Farewell

I have had a fetish about girdles since I was a teenager. They are a dim star in history. Today, I make a final post about them.

I liked gals in panty girdles who did not need to wear them.

These pictures are of an English model who would come to your flat and model.

Hail and Farewell






Entirely suitable spanking attire

So a reader who shares my fascination with girdles worn by women who don’t need one, sent this. It just ramps up my desire to paddle it.

So a few days later I see this picture

She is just going about mundane house chores, in unremarkable underwear, but damn if she is not deserving of a few smacks.

As one of my early bosses would say she has eyeballs

Looks she is having fun

Thigh-Hi Hose are always in style