Julie Delcourt

Today some drawings by an artist I have long admired. Most of her drawings show females engaged in spanking or enema’s. Occasionally a young man will appear. I see all engaged in pleasure, not punishment. I like the clothing and the grooming. There is a softness in her drawings that I like. It should come as no surprise that straight women will from time-to-time enjoy an interlude of passion with another woman. It might be in college or in mid-life.

EndArt – Once More

I don’t know the name or anything about of one of the most prolific spanking illustrators. Today, I bring you a few illustrations that have not already been worn out on other sites. Along with humor, there was often an erotic element to the drawings. Most illustrations were of women being spanked by men or women. There were more than a few illustrations showing men getting the board from a woman. No one got off easy.