Just Bottoms

Some are spanked. Others are inviting you to spank them.

This lass has on her “I want to be spanked” outfit.

Pulling a Bacall, teasing me to spank her. It always works.

Spanked and waiting for more or just posing for the camera?

A walk in the woods

Girls Just Want To Have Fun


Just Bottoms

I only made one post last week. I will try to do better this week. This post should appeal to all you voyeurs out there.

For Openers

I never consider a wobbly ironing board, but this bound lass seems to like it judging by her smile.

This lass checks off all the boxes nice ass, Jeep’s, guns and heels.

The way I like a lass attired for a spanking

From the vault – It’s been a long time since I have seen her. Her bottom matches the felt.

I wonder if they are on break. Is there more to come?

Great picture!

Buns on the grill. Buns in front of the grill.

Showing off


I consider this to be the prefect spanking photo. Why you ask, since there is no nudity, no red bottom, not even a spanking toy in the picture. Well folks, I don’t need a high degree of specificity for my mind to imagine what could be.

She could have posed herself like this knowing that when I found her, I would spank her for a long time.

I could have told her to get her panties off and get ready for a spanking. And she did, but she playfully put her pantyhose back on after taking her panties off.

Either way or another way, this tame picture is a great image to a long spanking.

PS, I have always liked half-slips.

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