I consider this to be the prefect spanking photo. Why you ask, since there is no nudity, no red bottom, not even a spanking toy in the picture. Well folks, I don’t need a high degree of specificity for my mind to imagine what could be.

She could have posed herself like this knowing that when I found her, I would spank her for a long time.

I could have told her to get her panties off and get ready for a spanking. And she did, but she playfully put her pantyhose back on after taking her panties off.

Either way or another way, this tame picture is a great image to a long spanking.

PS, I have always liked half-slips.

What’s This? Click and see.

Delightful Bottoms


If You Can Do This Call Me

The Classic Position 




Feeling The Heat



Have You Ever Wanted To Do This To A Woman You Did Not Know?  I Have and With Great Restraint, I Controlled My Impulse. [This was on Strick Julie Recently. I Have Had In My To Post Folder Since Last October]

Tanlines Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood

That’s a full lid folks

Not a damn thing

Highly Spankable Bottoms

Today, more delectable bottoms with a small twist, all are pictured in different settings.

For instance, out hunting.


Getting Dressed


Doing the marketing

Taking a walk

Engaging in outdoor activities

Another day, another hike in the woods


The last one I flinched from Naughty Nora. I think it’s just splendid and one of kind.


Look it’s the Like Button

The End Of Summer

The last day of Summer, the first day of Fall and my birthday

Time to put away the sundresses

And the swimwear also

OBB Stats are back to normal since I quit writing about things that interest me, but not a broad audience. You lurkers just want T&A. And you lurkers will not even give a ‘Like”. How many times can you read My M-I-L Spanked Me? Geeze, the all-time high post, which only pokes fun at those who hold the fantasy. Been thinking about a restricted Blog where everyone would have to make four comments or 10 Likes every year or be shut out. Hey, it’s my fucking birthday.