Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Another in the vein of Girls Just Want To Have Fun – and be spanked. Does making it out of college and into the real world mean that the guys become too uptight to spank? The women remain interested.

Oops, wrong blog

Sure she just happened to add a cane to her ensemble.

Hoping someone will give her an assist

She seems to be in a blissful state

More young lasses finding a second use for the ping pong paddles.

Whatever gave the idea to paddle each other?

A delightful addition to her costume

I recall a woman at a spanking party who put sticky notes on her panties indicting what she wanted.

Well there you have it – spanking is something many people sweep under the rug and are embarrassed about their thoughts. Then there are some who are public about their needs.

Fun Spankings

OBB readership doubled in the last month. The only change is that I have posted more than the usual twice a week. I can do five picture posts much quicker than two posts with me going on about something that interests me, but not so much many of you.


I am not big on captions, they usually distract from the photo. But this one I like.

It’s a weird feeling trying to chat with other parents at school drop-off while you keep thinking about how sore your butt is. Like, shut up brain just let me be vanilla for three seconds.


I have all these images that want to share, so here is another picture post. [Hope your mouse wheel holds out Tex]

BTW, I don’t think I have ever spanked a gal without a wide grin on my face. And usually hers too.