Where is the Summer of Love?

We could sure use a Summer of Love again. This one is sucking.

What happened to climbing a tree and playing a flute?

Group of friends hippies men and women laughing and playing guitar near vintage minivan into the nature

This year we have ever increasing quantities of these things. Aliens? Loud hailer sales are way up.

I know – hard to look at. Who would want to fuck them?

We need more of these. Can I get an Amen?




Action Zone

While I was going to college, I worked part-time in a Men’s clothing store. They were very accommodating letting me set my own hours depending on my class schedule.

There was a cafeteria in the same mall where young men would carry your tray to the table. The tips were small but were enough to buy a $35 pair of Sansabelt pants every shift.

The store moved several hundred pair of Sansabelt pants in bright colors in waist sizes of 28-30 every month.

I never knew about the Action Zone.

PS I met Bacall at this store when she came in to buy her brother a suit. Had her number on the alteration ticket. I purposely mis-marked his suit so she would have to come in again.

I wonder how many 16-year-old lads bought this?

Best Lines While OTK

This post is a retread from 2010. The first three are by Bacall

“Now remember, I’m very delicate today”

“Are you sure you wanna do this? ‘Cause if you’re at all in doubt…?”

“Have you started yet?”

“Why don’t you save yourself for later?”

“You call that a spanking?”

“Have you started yet?”.

“You’re making a BIG mistake! Huge!”

“How ’bout a ham sandwich?”

Looking at the carpet: “I gotta get that new vacuum cleaner…”

“Okay. What’s in it for me?”

“You call that a spanking? My butt has hurt more standing on a crosstown bus!”

“What? You wanted my attention, too?!”

SMACK! “One.”

SPANK! “Two.”

WHACK! “Buckle my shoe.”

When a Shadow Lane party attendee paused to change implements, the young lady brightly inquired “What time does the buffet start?”