Show Em Your Boobs

Violence is up all in the more populated states. Hollywood only has diverse casts. [bi POC for instance] Movies are devoid of sexual content.

Could this be because boobs are no longer in the mainstream? Probably not, but just in case, I submit pictures of cute girls showing off to soothe the savage beast.

It’s All A Hoax Folks

I got note from a reader who said:

I have been into the “scene” for over sixty years.  [He says he worked for Ed Lee] I have never met a woman who enjoys being spanked, and if she allows it, she does it to please her significant-other. 

Well, there ya go. It’s fraud. I will just fold my tent, climb into a tree and play a flute.

Surely these college girls are faking it.

Look at the grin of the paddler.

PS, I will post some more pictures of young women experimenting, errr faking bottom slapping soon.