Flash Day

I shared with you that the hormone drug I took to shrink my prostate had, as the doctor explained, taken away all sexual and spanking desire. I am sure this is the reason I am seeing fewer images that I deem candidates for posting on OBB.

I tried Bdsmlr, but what I see one site will be on several others in the next few days. This means by the time I post it on OBB, weeks or months later, it has to be old news.

No spanking images today. Just cute lasses having fun and showing off.

I was never a bus rider, but maybe I should try it?

What is it with the tongue? It seems to come out when doing something a bit naughty.

Friends can be so helpful on a Florida vacation

You pervs




I have a lot of images accumulated. I am going to have several picture posts to clear all the folders. I am sure this will be agreeable with the multitudes that never comment or like.