Male Paddling Fantasies

Men’s spanking fantasies seem to be  lot different than women’s. Here are two that are popular.

F/MF Fantasy

I saw this on a message board: My current biggest fantasy is to be spanked with my wife by a woman. Since my wife and I switch, we spank each other. I would like to know what it would be like to be bent over a table beside my wife. To be spanked with her. Listening to the smacks on her bum and knowing mine is next.

two over

I really hope they can find a willing spanker. We have had the pleasure of the company of a female switch on many occasions where everyone spanked everyone. Red bottoms all around. But, I don’t recall Bacall and I bent over the same time. I would like that. I think I would like it if she went back and forth giving each of us a few licks and then switching to the other one. I would want to hold hands with Bacall. I know she would get into competitive mode trying to accept her licks.

FF/M Fantasy


If one woman giving a man paddle pops is good, then two women is even better. In this fantasy, the wife invites her best friend, a neighbor, her sister, etc. over to help her paddle her husband. [Hey why not all three?] I have to tell you from personal experience, this can be a lot of fun for all. [See first fantasy] In the spanking stories, the man is humiliated by the presence of the second woman. That is lost of me, the more the merrier as far as I am concerned.

My Long Time Personal Favorite Fantasy

We would live in a neighborhood of couples who switch. One could be sent to fetch a implement and bring it home for use. Anyone that looked out their window could see who was carrying what to where. Or one could be sent for a paddling at a neighbors home. Most Saturday mornings, both men and women would be seen walking in their panties to a neighbors for a bottom warming. That’s all. Not very kinky is it?


Personal note: When I was going to be spanked as a kid, fear set in as soon as the sentence was pronounced. The longer the interval, the more time it worked on me. I would like to be able to have a little of that again. But, it’s all long gone. Likewise, the few times I was paddled by a woman with another female teacher as a witness, it doubled the humiliation. It would be nice to be able to have a little of that feeling as an adult, but like fear, it is not a feeling any more.


Two on one is a fav of mine. I never tire of the imagination and resourcefulness of women. I wish I had some pictures from some of those play sessions.


Here is a greatly edited vignette that I stole from some other blog. I would give credit, but I failed to record the source.

After we both paddled his bottom until it was hot to the touch, I stood to his side, put some lube on his cock, and stroked him.  She was sitting in front of us, her skirt hiked high so her hose tops were visible, legs crossed provocatively, looking interested in the proceedings and laughing a little bit as I jerked him off. As he got closer and closer, she leaned forward and grasped his balls, which put her cleavage even more on display in her bustier. I had one hand on his ass, with my finger straying into his crack, while I was rubbing him with the other. As I was doing this to him I looked into his eyes and saw he was transfixed looking at her. She squeezed her breasts. I slid my middle finger up his bum hole and jerked him firmly. It was all too much for him, he moaned, and shot his load. She laughed heartily and literally applauded his climax!

Girdles and Paddling

Another post from my demented mind.
Ken [Spanked By My Lady] posted about their getting together with another couple for some spanking fun. The pictures he posts of Cora in her girdles are captivating to quite a number of men, including me . [err Ken those pictures just might explain why you got to 500,000 hits in one year] Regular readers here know that Bacall and I also have a thing for Lycra and paddling.
So I fantasied how I would want a paddling session to go if Bacall and I found a couple who  liked Lycra and paddling like we do.
Keep in mind, that I am not saying that any of this did or would happen with Ken and Cora or is even desired by them. This is all in my deeply warped mind.
First, we would have to meet another couple that shares our taste for fun paddling’s and are ideally also switches. [The odds on finding such a couple are about one in a gazillion trillion]
These are my pictorial stand-in’s for this fantasy. Bacall and her new friend. I have no idea which one is Bacall. Does it matter?
lingerie girdle16lingerie girdle28
I would prefer to have both women all to myself. The other man is welcome to go first and try and wear them out for me.  Winking smile
I would like to spend some time with them so they could tease me with peeks of stocking clad thighs. This would give them time to show me their paddles and tell me what they plan to do with me. I like to bask in anticipation.
After a time, we could all get down to our undies. Perhaps, they would want me in a panty girdle? Anyway, here is where it gets sticky. I  no longer separate sex from paddling. I did this a little at parties. I would will my mind to not get a stiffie when I was either getting or giving a paddling. Call it being silly, a gentleman or whatever. Now, if I can not be me, I no longer have any interest in playing. So this one in a gazillion trillion woman would have to feel comfortable with my having a stiffie. I would not expect her to do anything with it – just to be comfortable with the elephant in the room. [No, not talking about size here]
And that readers, the prequel,  is about 80% of my fantasy. Sure they would redden my bottom with their paddles and laugh while doing it. We would all have some laughs. My stiffie would wangle around and Bacall would grab it and rub it from time-to-time. And after they have paddled me, I would get lucky and Bacall would rub it until it squirts which would elicit more giggles from them.

Oh, one more thing, since we are all switches in this fantasy, now the women would feel the paddles over their Lycra. After their bottoms were reddened, the girdles would come off and the men would use deer skin floggers on them until they swooned.


Nothing criminal in this fantasy. No conduct that is really contrary to community standards of justice or good morals. We just have to love our fetishes.

Thanks for the post idea Ken!


I continue to write about women spanking men [and vice versa] for mutual pleasure. No lessons to be learned, no behavior to atone for. We are adults and we treat each other with respect. Is there anyone else out there in such a situation? If so, write us or start a Blog. There must be other couples who enjoy spanking without punishment as a reason. FYI, anonymous comments leave no trace of who or where you are.

Two on One

Many males who like to bottom, are keen to be spanked by more than one woman at the same time. Perhaps it is a limb of the male fantasy of making it with twins? I have been spanked by two woman – several times. For most of the occasions, Becall was one of the women on deck. An interesting part of it to me, was that they instantly empower each other. What one does not think of the other will. Sisterhood is terrific!

There is something about a woman you do not know all that well, taking charge and unbuckling your belt like she does it everyday. Then pulling your pants and underwear down to your ankles and telling you to step out of them. I sure hope that all the women I have done this to, enjoyed it half as much as I have enjoyed having it done to me.

The two-on-one spankings I have gotten have always gone on a little longer than I prefer, but you have to allow for the simple fact that if one gives x licks, the other is going to want equal time. I learned not to leave many toys out on these occasions, else it can turn into a paddle party.

At one party, a woman I asked to play with us was game, but a tad reluctant. Later I saw her and Becall talking and they were both smiling and laughing. It was not long before Becall found me and let me know they were ready for me. I had spanked this woman before and so I felt we were on comfortable terms. After they had me pretty much nude, maybe a t-shirt, I said it was not fair that they had all their clothes on. No problem, they got down to bra and panties. This woman always wore the finest lingerie and this time was no exception. And Becall is certainly no slouch in that department. I was in heaven.

I don’t recall all of the details of the paddling, but it was fun for all of us.

When they deemed my bottom sufficiently red, the fun continued in another direction. The oil came out and the stroking began. They each wanted to demonstrate their own unique styles for bringing a man to orgasm. While one was pumping me, the other was fondling the boys or probing my prostate. I am always dimly aware that just before I come they are alert to see how far the ejaculate will go.

I freely admit that not all two-on-one sessions have gone well. The simple fact is that most men and women do not know how to spank. Skeptical? Far too many spanking films show spankers employing techniques that can be harmful and painful. Such as hitting too high and on the sides. If the “pros” don’t know, it’s little wonder that amateurs don’t know how to spank. So yes, I have stopped a few sessions when the woman refused to spank the meaty section of my bottom after being cautioned. Hitting just anywhere, shows they don’t really give a damn and are just going through the motions. They may get away with such with their husbands, but I don’t tolerate it.

One recent two-on-one session that did go well was with an old friend, who after a divorce moved half-way across the country from us. She has since remarried and seems to really be enjoying her life, perhaps for the first time in her life. We had switched in the past, but we did not expect to play during this brief visit. We had never met her husband and had no idea about his thoughts on such matters. “You want to get naked with my wife?” He does not switch, but he gave Becall a fine spanking and Becall and Becky certainly had some fun with me.

Spanked Hubby thinks a two-on-one spanking might help him be more submissive. Five-on-one would not get me submissive, but what-the-hey, I am willing to try it.


One On Two?

This is a fantasy I have never lived – one woman spanks both Becall and I. Perhaps a neighbor? She knows we like spanking and every so often she calls and tells us to “get ready” and she comes over and reddens our bottoms. Becall would do this, she is an equal opportunity spanker. Both males and females know what it feels like to have her wielding a paddle behind them.

The drawing illustrates what I have in mind, sans the tears. Recall that we only spank for fun. The skin may be red, but it is exactly like we want it.