Men Paddled


Would you dare go a round with her and her sports paddle?

An oldie. I have seen several men hold that stand

From the NuWest days


The Girl [you wished lived] Next Door

Kelly Payne has made a living spanking

Divine – My kind of spanking

Not guy being paddled, but it is a paddling.

Men Paddled

For Openers

This one really works for me. I am a sucker for slim waisted women with a paddle.

A reader sent me this one of my GF. She knows exactly the effect she is having on me by flashing her thigh.  She plans to  have  me  in a high state of arousal before her strap is employed.

Two Handed!

You have seen it before, but isn’t it good to see it again. Classic


That Bookcase

Maybe I will do a series of posts on the bookcase?

This chap is enjoying my kind paddling. I would want more than Ping-Pong paddle can deliver. But her and is in the right place.

This, especially the last line, perfectly expresses the missed opportunities, we have all had.

You see, she was gonna be an actress
And I was gonna learn to fly
She took off to find the footlights
And I took off to find the sky

Taxi – Harry Chapin

Hard Ones

I am going to talk about something is not talked about in the spanking world – guys with stiffies while being spanked. The mere thought of being paddled gives me a stiffie. I would not want to be paddled if I did not have one – it would be painful.

A lot of video companies have followed the defunct Nu-West/Leda. But,  Nu-West/Leda remains the best of the best in many ways. The 50yo productions remain popular among men and no one has imitated them. Ed Lee was a switch and he knew what I liked.

Ed Lee did not shy away from showing men with erections while being spanked. I don’t need to see a man with an erection for sexual arousal. Yet, when I do see one in a spanking video, I feel comfortable as that is how I am before and during a paddling. It’s real to me.

The women in his films played with the men. They would paddle, pause to rub, then resume paddling. Exactly how I like it and that was what I did before I saw one of Mr. Lee’s videos. I never desired a paddling if I was not fully erect.

I don’t think I have ever seen a spanking video of an erect man since Nu-West/Leda. In amateur videos, if the guy is sporting one you will seldom see it. Is it self-censorship to avoid it being deleted from Spanking Tube?

I don’t dare illustrate this post.

Men Paddled

I know,  there have not been any pictures depicting spanking this week. Perhaps these pictures of men being paddled will atone.

This picture has been around, but it’s one of my fav’s.

Another oldie,  but a fav of mine. Bent over taking a wood paddle

I like Mrs. Daniels haircut and slow firm licks

She is serious. Probably too much for me

OK, readers answer this, why in many such pictures does the woman have huge breasts? Is this a wish for truly maternal punishment as the caption puts it?

This woman is my kind of spanker. Slim and effective. The loopy Johnny on the legs stings. OTK with a spoon





Women Paddling Men

We got our New Year’s paddling last Saturday. Hope you did also.

Just a peek of pink


This has got to be the strangest spanking image I have ever seen. What a disguise. I would not be interested in her spanking me.

The first picture I have seen of a woman removing her belt. Very sexy.

A double fake, the guy and the paddle have been inserted. But she cute.

I am not a fan of pictures taken in a bathroom. Not sexy. But this one is an exception.



Strick Julie

Strick Julie may be the most popular spanking blog around today. At least among men. She recently wrote that her blog will be more about her being submissive. Maybe, but what stands out to me, is her being dominant.

She seems to be able to press every submissive male hot bottom, some that I did not know even existed. It’s remarkable to me that a female sub is able to function so exquisitely well as a female dominate.

She is a good writer, but sometimes goes a little too long for me. Politically we are aligned. I like that she takes on the liberals and trounces them. I suspect she has studied the law. For a Canadian she has a firm grasp of the American political system, so she has studied US Constitutional Law.

But let’s talk about spanking.

This is a picture Julie posted that was supposed to be her. Quite delectable. I would like to see a few more and I would be assured that it is her.

In a recent post, she and her sister Sue paddled David. Julie introduced a new character, Amanda, as her sister’s new roommate who came along to watch.

Well that’s a hot scene to me. After the paddling David is sent to his room and Julie later rheems him with her dildo. Well if that’s what he likes. Me? I am into more immediate gratification. No waiting.

I understand that since her sister is lesbian acts of hetro sex would be off the table as being offensive to her.

Here’s how I would change the scene. First, I would play David. Bacall would play Julie. Bacall’s best friend Beth and I would paddle Bacall.

Then they would paddle me. The finale would be that Bacall bends over and I plant my flag in her and feel her hot bottom on my thighs. Beth and I would then play “May I have another” until I was close to squirting when she would place a finger on my rosebud to cause me to have a few extra spasms.

I realize this might be a good ending for Bacall as I would be so hard a cat could not scratch it and I might be done before her. Simultaneous orgasms are great, but sometimes it will be all about one person.

Sequel: Bacall would not object to my having my way with Beth, but some time, perhaps months, even years she would pull that arrow from her quiver and I would bleed. Best that Beth have her own partner. With four in the mix, Beth could be paddled by Bacall, her partner and me.