Men Spanked

Today, it is men whose backsides are being given attention. Thanks Perfectd I used one of yours. My backside looked like these for many years. Bacall says it still does. I think she needs glasses or is blinded by love.

Someone needs a paddling for the messy background


We all know that OTK is by far the most favored position by spankers and spankees – male or female. I seem to always run against the grain. While it is the position that I commonly spank Bacall. It is NOT the position I want to be in when I am spanked. It’s a total turn-off for me. I can’t explain it. It’s just the way I am wired.

The conundrum is I get off seeing female laps inviting me to go OTK.  Explain that.

Here are 18 images that excite me.

F/M Spanking


It’s been a while since F/M spanking was featured. So let’s go whole hog on it. I hope some of these images are fresh to you.

Not much of a crop, but it should be fun anyway

Since I strongly favor tall slim folks, she has appeal

No fumbling around, she gets his pants down quickly. It’s a delight to experience.

And gets to work with gusto

She is an excellent spanker

I Love A Happy Spanker

Looks Like His Girl Friend Signed His Bottom

Looks Like Intermission

It would make my old knees hurt without a soft carpet, but this is what it’s all about for some of us.


Spanked By Your Girl Friends Mother

This photo has been around for a long time. Nu-West created it. I don’t think it’s from a film, but just a still photo. It’s been captioned many ways, I think this is the original Nu-West caption.

Through the lens of time, I wonder what I would have done if I were the 17 year old she was talking to. Spankings were something I feared then. Would I have suffered the pain to my flesh in order to continue to enjoy the pleasure of her flesh? errr, I meant her company. Would I have manned-up and taken the spanking because if she could endure it then I could.

Footnote – Nu-West was careless in showing an office style clock and a calculator in what was intended to be a home setting.


Girdle Spankings

I grew up with Nu-West. Ed Lee knew what I liked. OK, the whips were a turn-off, but most of his pictures and films appealed to me.

This is a classic Nu-West picture. I love my spanker to be in a panty girdle. I am not a fan of the cane, so this would be better for me if she had a wooden paddle in her hand.

Like this, but I prefer a panty girdle. Some folks just can not be pleased.

Love this picture

Like long-distance calls, girdles are mostly just a memory.



Sue and I knew a bit about each other from reading each other’s online profiles, but we had never met or even chatted online.  I knew she was married and she and her husband switched, but since she had not given any hint that they might attend a party I did not pursue her. So it was a surprise to me when they did come to a party. I did not talk with her long, but later that night she came to me and said “You are sitting on what I want to paddle”. That’s all it took for me to follow her to her room where she expertly gave me the most wonderful spanking of my life.

This memory came back to me the other day when I was corresponding about leather slappers. The ones with a slightly flexible piece of thin steel sown between the leather sides.

This is what Sue used on me. My profile indicated that I did not care for a warmup and she remembered that, confirmed it and she got right down to business. My bottom had the most wonderful glow for hours afterward.

F/M Spanking

I don’t do many F/M posts. But today if you like to be paddled by a friendly woman this your lucky day.

I like the sentiment on the T-shirt. I cropped his bottom as raw meat it is distasteful to me.

Oh Boy  Any day of the week

A Happy and Enthusiastic Spanker

Good Balance A Red Bottom and A Hard On

oops, a fav of a lot of men

Interesting Drawing

Retro – Polka Dot Dress and Hairbrush in a Harvest Gold Kitchen

I do wonder why so many pictures are taken in the kitchen. That was never a go place for us, except when we were cooking in the nude.