Just Cute Girls

I forgot to schedule any posts for this week until Monday. So spank me.

Yet another picture post of cute girls

Would this pattern not look good on sheets, curtains, placements?

Who cares if she catches anything or even if there is water in the creek?

Images To Brighten Any Voyers Day

Housekeeping – For whatever reason readership at OBB is way up. That’s gratifying. I think it is more meaningful to me in these Covid times. Like you, I miss the companionship of friends. Several of you have found and pressed the Like button that appears at the bottom of every post. Thanks

Comments – I have always limited comments to those who take the time to register to WordPress. I have never cared for anonymous comments that are commonly off-topic about some guy who claims to be spanked by his M-I-L. Hope you can understand. Hope you will register and comment. No one is going to show up at your front door if you do.

And now

How about a dose of nine cute smiling women?

An amazing figure