What Are You So Afraid Of?

Many spankos live in fear of being discovered. Some even resist saying the word spank and substitute TTWD. It must be a burden to carry around so much guilt about what they relish doing or would relish if they could come out of their shell.

Spanking is not illegal. In fact, if you told your vanilla friends that you liked spanking they would say You call that a kink? Spanking is mainstream. You don’t think so? Browse Vanilla Spanking and see how many plays have spanking scenes.

This is from a guy who is on the extreme end of paranoia about being found out. On a spanking forum, his name is E and his icon is Alfred E. Neuman.

… you will find that I am steadfastly anonymous, and private about my spanking fetish in all walks of life. My wife and I are licensed professionals, and letting the cat out of the bag concerning this thing we do could and probably would spell professional doom. This aspect of my life has to remain strictly compartmentalized and in the closet. Also, my wife is too private to participate on the forum, even anonymously. But I mention her incessantly because she is the most important aspect of my spanko marriage. I wish I could get her to participate, but it just is not going to happen.

Licensed huh? Bacall was licensed. I had a security clearance for years. We met well over 200 people who were like us. Never had any fears.

Adm note: We will be home in 2 or so weeks. I will be able to get back to posting more frequently and with more pictures for you lecherous sorts.

Spanking Blogs Are In The Rear View Mirror

Like you, I have noted that for the last two or three years spanking blogs are in decline. Many are no longer active. Some are dim images of their former selves. Even the ones that were most popular now have little content. I mean milking the same thing for years gets a bit tiresome.

Take the one called Incessantly Spanked. She has not been spanked in two years. Her blog is now about what color shoes she bought or the like. I pick this one out because when she was being spanked, it was by a fellow employee in the company parking lot – their tree house – during lunch.

One of the most popular F/M blogs went toes up and now I am seeing comments that would have been posted there, being submitted to OBB. Sorry, guys, but we are not about you being spanked by your landlord, boss, MIL, etc.

A Letter From John

We are always pleased to hear from people that like OBB. It has always been a small niche blog – but it has taken off in the last 9 months. Why? I have no clue. Perhaps only because it is one of the few surviving blogs with more than pictures.

What most attracts you to OBB? Do you identify with the way we approach spanking?

Cheers, Bogey

Hi Bogey,

It’s always hard to answer the real reason something attracted you to a product, service, or even friend because it’s an unconscious process. But, here’s my first impression.

You have a sense of style and taste that’s missing from most blogs of any sort. You are curating your photos instead of just throwing up the first thing you find. (I hate that word, but it fits.). Your writing adds to the pictures. And, you have a point of view. I can get an impression of who you are.

I also think it’s about what’s not there. Your blog never offends me. I worked for a company where we were catering to upper-middle-class people and one of the guidelines our boss gave us was. “Class is what we do not do, not what we do.”. I never see anything on your blog that causes me to be offended. Nearly every other blog dealing with anything related to spanking is so offensive and irritating that I just can’t look at it.

I guess you also present spanking in a way that makes it seem natural and acceptable, which it is for me. You are very clear about who you are and what you like and how it is sexual for you. You don’t try to justify it but you’ve provided lots of interesting information about history and practices.

hope that was helpful. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.

Best regards,

In a second note he continued:

I’ve been thinking about this more because I was once considered an expert in consumer behavior. I developed an unusual approach that uses very advanced psychology involving one on one interviews with consumers followed by statistically valid testing. That doesn’t mean I know everything, of course, and I am guessing here because I have an interview with everyone. Only myself. But I find your question intriguing.

You show your interest in spanking is sexual but you keep it within the bounds of reasonably good taste, in my opinion. You also provide content. Anybody can just generate pictures. But yours have a theme and you generally have intelligent commentary that accomplishes them, even if it’s brief.

I’ve been very frustrated at the lack of content in spanking material. But there’s more than that. There once were classy places where we could discuss spanking. There was true value. But as far as I can tell, they are all gone. Fet Is now so offensive that I can’t look at it anymore. Even Jillian Kamen has deteriorated in her content.

Every time I try to make a post somewhere about spanking it quickly deteriorates into a bunch of trashy stuff and often includes a bunch of gay solicitations for partners. I believe spanking operates on even a spiritual level and a good spanking does incredible things for me And resets my whole neurology. Of course, I also find it very sexual. But it’s more than that.

Roger Daltry once complained about Pete Townsend’s writing for the Who that it involved spiritual and psychological themes. He said, “rock ‘n’ roll is about sex. Pete thinks it can be more than that but it’s about sex.”

So, of course spanking is about sex. But more than that for me.

If you think of the magazine era, you may remember that they had high quality pictures combined with writing. Playboy comes to mind. That magazine broke the barrier in showing attractive nude women. But it also combined insightful text and interesting articles. Hugh Hefner knew what his audience wanted and understood their aspirations. He also understood that they had criticism from externally generated forces (spouses often) and guilt. So, he put in enough intellectual contact for one to defend their purchase of the magazine. I also found myself reading some of the articles.

Penthouse took it a step further in starting to talk about spanking and other things that were forbidden to discuss. Those of us interested in spanking felt like we were alone, despite the fact that many of us played spanking games with playmates as children. I also loved (and love) enemas. I thought I was some kind of freak because of it and there it was in plain text validated in a magazine. no apologies.

Maybe more than you wanted to hear!

I hope your trip is going well.


Strict Julie Readers Are Loyal

Vegas is wide open

Now I have posted some eye candy for the ladies. Bacall sure likes it.


I recently posted a list of what I thought were some half-decent spanking clips. Well, those that had some appeal to me. I asked readers to submit their own favs. I got zero. Thanks a lot, folks

Strict Julie recently posted several clips. None of them turned my crank, but she got dozens of suggested clips. I guess her readers, mostly male subbies, are more loyal than OBB readers.

Julie shows her domme side saying things like I can whip a man like that. I enjoy doing it. Even writing that makes me gush a little.

That makes me cringe. I have never wanted to be whipped. I never wanted to be dominated or humiliated. But, I know I am in the minority for not giving a whit about such.

I have been reading Strick Julie for some time, usually dropped jawed. It might well be the most read spanking blog. I read it mostly drop-jawed thinking this cannot be true. For years she pushed every male sub fantasy. Then she turned sub. Now it’s a mix. I often thought this can not be a woman writing this, it has to be a man. But, the words seemed to be from a female POV.  I wonder how many people are involved in writing Strick Julie?

Recently she fantasized about being on a Spanish Horse. I thought why not go all in and add weights to the ankles as they did in the Spanish Inquisition?

In going through my drafts I found I had already written about this blog. It must have really bothered me. There are all sorts of critics. I guess I am a blog critic.

There are fantasies I would not participate in.  There are fantasies I don’t even care to know that exist in people’s minds. Lupus Pictures depicted such things.

I read a blog last week, that chilled me. Before I could control my impulses I commented that the author had crossed my line. My line. She had gone to a place I would never care to go. Yes, she has the right to go there. I think I have the right to say that is too far for me.

A lot of “play” is Please don’t throw me in that briar patch. I guess that is consensual non-consensual play. Would the ultimate fantasy be the ultimate punishment? Would death by guillotine be consensual non-consensual play?

She is one bright woman. I have enjoyed reading her political posts which her readers savage her for writing. Their vitriol rolls off her. Good for her.

That’s all I have for you today.

Pulling Her Panties Down

I have been a member of a spanking forum for over a decade. I have not participated in any meaningful way in the last three years. The members I knew well burned out and have gone on and the new members have different views than the original group did. It is now overly populated by men that have slim chances of spanking anyone but are consumed by the prospect.

In the beginning, the women of the forum did not hesitate to post pictures of themselves. Those days are long gone. Now the pictures of are pro models that circulate on spanking blogs, Twitter, etc.

The most common comment these men make on a picture of a woman being spanked, it that they would make her bottom much redder. The second place comment is that her panties need to come down for the spanking to be effective. Both comments stem from viewing spankings as a punishment. OBB readers well know that we don’t spank for any reason other than it turns us on. So when any element of punishment is introduced we may not be interested.

That said, women expect their panties to come down. It’s not a big deal for them. Men seem to think taking panties down is like getting to third base in HS.

I learned in HS, I could take her panties down to continue a spanking without more than a feeble protest. It was natural. However, taking her panties down while making out was normally met with resistance.

In my days of spanking women, other than Bacall, I tried to figure which would best work on her mind. My custom was to have her stand in front of me while I decided if I would take her panties down or I would have her do it. It’s all part of the delicious anticipation and excitement of a spanking.

My Fav Scene In Secretary

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Your Privacy

Think you are hiding on the web, by not posting or doing so anonymously. You are fooling yourself. I will get into all that in another post. This one is about the information on your credit report.
Take a deep breath – it’s a long sentence.
A typical report includes your first, middle, and last names, as well as other names you’ve used on an official document like a utility bill or a credit card application or a property deed; name variations; your date of birth; your Social Security number; the state your Social Security number was issued in; the approximate date your Social Security number was issued; the names of other people who have been associated with your Social Security number; home phone numbers; mobile phone numbers; phone numbers you have used previously, landline and wireless carriers; your address and every address linked to you during the past generation; the counties in which those addresses are located; the approximate dates you have been linked to those addresses; the names of the owners of every address you have ever been linked to; your driver’s license number and the state in which it was issued; the cars you have registered in your name, along with the model, make, and vehicle identification numbers of those cars and the dates those cars were registered; your current and former employers and other companies linked to you; professional credentials (such as an accounting or law or pilot’s license); planes you have owned; boats you have owned; your voter registration information, including the state in which you are registered; your party affiliation and the date of your most recent vote; any hunting and fishing permits you have; tax liens placed on you; civil judgments against you; Uniform Commercial Code financing statements naming you; the names, states, and addresses of companies you have set up; the names of other people who helped you set up those companies; the names of your close relatives, the names of your neighbors, and the names of your neighbors from every place you have lived in the past generation; the block, lot, and parcel number of every one of those addresses; the assessed value and market value of every one of those properties; the census information on any addresses linked to you and your neighbors and neighborhoods; the dates the buildings you lived in were built; the most recent sale price of every one of those properties; how much you paid for any piece of real estate you have bought; the amount of any mortgage you took out to make those purchases; the names of the people or companies that sold you those properties; the names of the people or companies who bought those properties from you; certain criminal records; and your bankruptcies.”
— The Modern Detective: How Corporate Intelligence Is Reshaping the World
Now consider, if you will, tying that information to your online presence with the email addresses you use. I’m betting your bank and the DMV have your email. You say you have a vanilla and kink email. But, are they tied together as recovery emails? Did you give your phone number for “recovery” purposes?

Maybe Spanko’s Are Ashamed Of Their Kink

Are you almost quivering in your boots of being found out that you are obsessed with spanking? Is that why you don’t comment here or elsewhere. Of course, there is the possibility you don’t have a free hand to type with since you are using one to scroll and the other is on your willy or clit. But, I think most of you are just afraid of being found out and then something undesirable will occur.

It’s no different for you than those of yesteryear who feared being unwilling outed as not in the penis in vagina club.

Spanking is not illegal. In fact, spanking is widely accepted. That you think it is a “bad” thing to be hidden is all in your mind.

I was one of you until I was 35 when I decided to screw the paranoia and started talking and meeting with others who shared my interests.

A few of us have engaged with other spanko’s and found freedom, but most will stay in the shadows and feel embarrassed about the fetish all your life.


In the last year or so, Twitter is infested with couples making spanking videos for sale. They are not ashamed to reveal body parts, sans faces, to make a buck. I have not watched them, but I suspect they are like most that are found on Spanking Tube, poor lighting, messy backgrounds, little dialog, and cut off heads.

Cheerleader Spankings

OK, I put up a picture post last week and eyeballs returned to normal. That proves most OBB readers are perverts. I looked back and all posts for the last month were me writing about whatever happened to be on my wee mind. I surmise that what’s on my mind is of little value to most OBB readers. But, it’s our blog and we will continue to post what want knowing that fewer pictures mean fewer viewers.

So here are a few pictures of delectable bottoms, mingled with pleasant memories and half a rant.

WordPress is forcing a new editor on everyone. I hear Blogger is doing the same. I discovered that searching a WordPress blog for a word/phrase is futile while Blogger zeros in. I am thinking of reverting to Blogger. I think that means leaving behind all of the WordPress posts.


Roll Tide (Bacall’s alma mater)

I would have loved to have spanked the cheerleaders in my HS. Cheer outfits are popular play outfits. But there comes a time when a woman becomes too old to pull off looking anything like a Cheerleader. Maybe still in her mind, but it does not work in a video. That’s my view, but my view runs against the grain. As there is a new emergence of cheerleader spankings in video clips.

A sample of the titles of clips of just one day on one guys Twitter feed.

Cheerleader Ariel Anderssen…is spanked on her white ass cheeks by a pervert

Sarah Gregory spanks Cheerleader Donna for fun

Cheerleaders Mona and Kathy spanking on the bed

Volleyball player Susan is spanked by a priest for lewdness on the field

Grandpa beats the hell out of Cheerleader Sarah Gregory because she asked him to

Foxy Cheerleader Nancy is put into wheelbarrow position by her Dad for a foul mouth

Cheerleader Cherrie is spanked by Sarah Gregory for her red hair

Cheerleader Sarah Gregory is spanked OTK for a foul cheer

All Hail

PS Grandpa mentioned above is Tubaman who has been a fixture at spanking parties for two decades. He is now in his 70’s so he can play a convincing grandpa. I met him once. The girls referred to him as a legend in his own mind. In the last few years, he must be making a video every day. Nice job. He gives the lamest spankings I have ever seen.

Well beyond 21, but still able to pull off being a cheerleader

Finally, luckyfunhappy started following OBB. Well that’s what OBB is about.

Sex Is Important To Me

I watched Jullian Keenan’s Do All Spanko’s Think The Same and I learned something. Or re-learned. I had forgotten that some people are asexual. I had to think for a while to recall the word, asexual. We all tend to see things as we are. I am sexual and I have lived my life thinking everyone enjoyed sex.

While it was only a small group of her friends, 5 of 6 disagreed with the statement sex is important to me. WTF! The Prime Imperative of all life forms is to reproduce and the physical and mental pleasures of sex are there to provide the incentive to reproduce. And here 5 of 6 could care less about sex. For them, spanking was the big thing.

I did a little research and found that aside from sexual attraction, you can also experience:

  • Romantic attraction: desiring a romantic relationship with someone
  • Aesthetic attraction: being attracted to someone based on how they look
  • Sensual or physical attraction: wanting to touch, hold, or cuddle someone
  • Platonic attraction: wanting to be friends with someone
  • Emotional attraction: wanting an emotional connection with someone

It’s possible for asexual people to experience all these forms of attraction.

So I have been walking around asexual people all my life totally oblivious.

So I asked Jillian to clarify.

Hello, I have watched several of your Youtube videos. Very thought-provoking. In Do All Spanko’s Think The Same I understood that you and your partner have no interest in sex, just spanking. Moreover, 5 of the 6 people in the video felt the same way. I think the term is asexual. Did I understand you correctly?

Jillian Keenan

Thanks for watching! You did not understand me correctly. We are not asexual; we are fetishists. Some people use the term “altersexual.”
I looked up altersexual, but found no definition.
This does show the ranges in spanking. From folks like Jillian who have no interest in sex to those like me who have no interest in spanking without sex.
The only maxim I ever came up with about spanking is after two people admit their interest in spanking, that will be the last spanking thing they fully agree on.
Edit: This kinda dovetails with the fact some men only want to be spanked for real-life offenses and they experience pain, not sexual excitement. This is discussed in my 2017 conclusion to a survey called How Men Like To Be Spanked.
In other news, if you have not seen this Wolfie Tunes post. it’s worth the read.
… there is really nothing perverted about erotic spanking, with the caveat that no one is seriously hurt, denigrated, disrespected, bullied, or belittled.  If it’s actually consensual and fun, whatever the pretense might be, it can be quite a thrill!  Spanking’s certainly no stranger than any other sex act…