Donna Morefield

Donna was from Zanesville, OH, 39 at the time. She knew everything about percussion play. She told us so.  She worked as a cake decorator at a supermarket. She did a fine job on a spanking-themed cake for a party.

She identified as a switch, but her interests I came to understand leaned to spanking guys for tribute. She had been a mistress to a Key West attorney. He was married to a cartel woman whose family imported drugs. He had been a swimming star in college. One morning he was found floating in a motel pool. Oops, meal ticket cancelled. Anyway, that was the story as Donna told it.

I wrote last month about how vanilia I am. I like to paddle women. I like to be paddled by women. I have a panty fetish. That’s it.

Donna was quick to inform me that my interests would expand. Hmmm. I had the same fascination with spanking as I did as a teen and now it was 20 years later. Same interests. Now 20+ years farther along and still no change. Donna I guess you were wrong.

In The Fake News

Thousands of women around the country are being forced to face a terrifying new reality in which they actually have to use one of the dozens of cheap, readily available methods of birth control In post-Roe America.

“For the first time, my habit of having unprotected sex with a different Tinder date every week to fill the empty hole in my soul may have consequences,” said local concerned woman Sandra Tibbensburg. “I can’t be bothered to stop at the gas station and pay three bucks for a pack of Trojans every time I go to a sleepover at a strange man’s house!

“I can’t believe it has come to this point, but I may have to start being responsible with my body and relationships,” said another concerned woman.

At publishing time, men reported being terrified they may actually have to start working hard for a woman’s affections and getting married before having sex.

The Myth of Dominate Females

There are a lot of men who want a dominant female. Most are Beta males which seem to be a majority of the current generation.

“The notion that Minoan Crete had been a form of matriarchy (that is to say, actually ruled by women) was popularised in the twentieth century and still has its adherents today—although it has been pointed out that no such society is known to have existed anywhere in the world. But it is a striking fact that Greeks of the classical age reserved prime positions for dominant females in their stories, while largely excluding women from public roles or positions of authority in real life. Is this the result of perennial male anxieties, of the sort proposed by Freud,”

— The Greeks: A Global History by Roderick Beaton

Pain Slut, Submissive, Punishment or Erotic

Pain slut




Which one are you? I have had all of you across my lap. Some of the time I did not know what you were. You had not told me and I had not figured it out. I wanted to spank you and you were up for it. And that was a good start I thought. 

I always preferred a lass who was into erotic spanking. Boy meets girl. Boy spanks girl. Girl spanks boy. They have mutually satisfying sex. It was always that simple for me.

To me, a pain slut is one who can take any amount of spanking and still want more. No matter how hard or long you spank them they show little to no reaction. They may well be floating on an endorphin high and not even experience the spanking as pain. As I am ADD, they bore me.

Submissive’s need to feel they are accountable for their behavior. They relish external control. I have no interest in controlling others. [Makes me a lousy progressive]

Those into punishment chase the ultimate spanking that can relieve them of their guilt. Somehow the guilt always remains.

Banned by Bonnie

I saw the list of spanking blogs voted most popular. Most of them were lame.  Several have not had six posts this year. A brand new blog had only two posts! And it’s a fav? BS.

Fondlers Anonymous and Incessantly Spanked made the cut tho they have not been about spanking in years. Incessantly Spanked was about a gal who got spanked and fucked in her tree house [car] in the company parking lot at lunch. Until he was no longer interested.

OBB was not on the list. OBB is not even listed by Bonnie (or Hermoanie – purposely misspelled) Why, you might ask? A few years back Hermoanie posted a few stories that seemed popular with women. They featured underage girls being spanked by employers and then being sexually groomed and exploited. I asked Hermoanie to pull them back. No response, but she posted another story. So I put it in her chums lap Bonnie. No reply. Later an OBB reader told me OBB had been delisted. They showed me.

I spanked teen age girls when I was a teen. I have spanked a few adult women, always with express consent. I have no desire to spank teenage girls. To my way of thinking it is perverse.

So you are reading the only banned spanking blog. Rare air.

Bonnie get her wide bottom spanked every Friday night. Hermoanie gets her ritual spanking every Saturday afternoon. After over a decade of blogging neither of them has posted a picture. Of them or anyone else. All words.


Thoughts Recorded On My Evernote Clipboard

Progressive politicians have been around long enough running cities that some distinguishing characteristics can be noted. One is they don’t listen to anybody. To stop them you have to fire them. They’re not like normal politicians who have some give, who tack this way and that. Progressive politicians have no doubt, no self-correcting mechanism.


From the Earth to the Moon and back takes 4,930,523,316 U.S. Dollars laid end to end, just shy of $5 billion dollars.
Jeff Bezos is worth 200 billion so could do this 400 times.

“When it comes to taking chances, some people like to play poker or shoot dice; other people prefer to parachute jump, go rhino hunting, or climb ice floes, while still others engage in crime or marriage. But I like to get drunk and drive like a fool. Name me, if you can, a better feeling than the one you get when you’re half a bottle of Chivas in the bag with a gram of coke up your nose and a teenage lovely pulling off her tube top in the next seat over while you’re going a hundred miles an hour down a suburban side street. You’d have to watch the entire Iranian air force crash-land in a liquid-petroleum gas storage facility to match this kind of thrill. If you ever have much more fun than that, you’ll die of pure sensory overload, I’m here to tell you.”
— Thrown Under the Omnibus: A Reader by P. J. O’Rourke

Human beings, across the world and throughout time, have believed in invisible supernatural beings, sacrificed enormous amounts of wealth to them, and incurred great costs to serve them. The laundry list of painful, costly, or merely super-inconvenient behaviors inspired by the world’s religions is startling, once you start to think about it. Cutting off the foreskin of your penis, forgoing delicious and nutritious shellfish and pork, fasting, kneeling, self-flagellation, chanting mantras, sitting through hours of boring sermons in an uncomfortable suit on your only day off, stopping everything you are doing to bow in a particular direction five times a day. None of this makes any biological sense.
— Drunk: How We Sipped, Danced, and Stumbled Our Way to Civilization by Edward Slingerland

“As a fragment from a play by Euboulos puts it: “For sensible men I prepare only three kraters: one for health, which they drink first, the second for love and pleasure, and the third for sleep. After the third one is drained, wise men go home. The fourth krater is not mine anymore—it belongs to bad behavior; the fifth is for shouting; the sixth is for rudeness and insults; the seventh is for fights; the eighth is for breaking the furniture; the ninth is for depression; the tenth is for madness and unconsciousness.””
— A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage

Cannabis and the Violent Crime Surge

Full disclosure I smoked the evil weed in HS. I smoked it and hashish in Vietnam. I have a stockpile of legal and homegrown, plus lots of edibles.  Like liquor, I just have no taste for it anymore.

This follows on to the post made about mental illness and violence by teens. Believe it or not.


So, What’s Up?

I mentioned last month that my twin diseases were kicking me hard – leaving me with little energy and absolutely no interest in sex/spanking. This has in the past lasted a week or a month, then I feel almost normal. I have been in the ditch longer than a month this time. The famous line spoken by Edgar G. Robinson came to mind “Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico?”

Recent posts reflect my mood.

Last Saturday Bacall fell and fractured her tibia. The surgeon said he would operate if she were younger but since she no longer a spring chick and also a heart patient he thought surgery was not the best option.

We normally share cooking, now I get to do all the cooking. I do the prep, rest and resume.

Night before last I had my first sexual dream in sometime. Does this mean better days are ahead? It was a new dream, but closely followed my kinks. We met a switchy couple and decided to play. She had an inventory of spanking panties and panty girdles and we all changed into our choice. The only one that I recall was the girdle Bacall put on. I have never seen one like it. Multicolored like finger painting. Her hands were in a stock and I was paddling and diddling her while the other couple watched.

Speaking of paddling and diddling, this couple does it like we do or should I say did before recent events.

His arms and beard remind me of Bluto.


Memorial Day

You may see some celebrating Memorial Day next week. They just don’t know the history and purpose of the day.

Memorial Day was established to honor those who died in American wars. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. It originated during the American Civil War when citizens would place flowers on the graves of those who had been killed in battle.

There are parades on Veterans Day to celebrate all those who are currently serving or have served. Memorial Day is more solemn – a day of remembrance.

This distinction is important to the families and friends who had one that did not come home in his/her boots.