Bending The Cane

Frequently pictures depicting women with a cane shows them bending it. Is that supposed to be a measure of their authority or what?

While I have no interest in being caned (and I have been) I like to look at women who look like this. Well groomed in attractive lingerie and bright eyes.

The next three are in bras. My newly discovered attire preference for spankers

A cutie who is accurate with a cane



Canes have never been big in my life. Yet, I like these pictures.

The usual schoolgirl punishments. Do all women have a schoolgirl outfit? It seems that way.

Touching toes. Perhaps home punishment?


Canes in the best use –  for fun

My personal fav

Six Of The Best

As far as I know six of the best is a British phrase that means six firm strokes of the cane. It might have originated in the boarding schools that we have all read about, where headmasters, and sixth forms and other terms not familiar to American ear are common. 
Wherever you live, there is no one implement that feared more by most and loved by so few, as is the cane. I view it as the most exquisite of all implements. It takes skill to use. When done right the effect is to be treasured.
Here are six of the best of my collection of caning pictures collected over the years from the web. I don’t recall ever having one taken while I was using the cane. A pity as I am not likely to use one again.
I always retain watermarks, so if you are the owner of any these not marked, I will gladly remove or credit them as you may direct.