Callipygous for the Holidays

Women say men leer at women too long. I know why. If other men are like me it takes a while for us to process what we are seeing. Bacall can look at a man or woman and in a fraction of a second, she has “processed them.” She knows if they are wearing rings and other jewelry and if they are real or faux. I think she even gets a complete DNA reading.

Delightful Bottoms


If You Can Do This Call Me

The Classic Position 




Feeling The Heat



Have You Ever Wanted To Do This To A Woman You Did Not Know?  I Have and With Great Restraint, I Controlled My Impulse. [This was on Strick Julie Recently. I Have Had In My To Post Folder Since Last October]

Tanlines Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood

That’s a full lid folks

Not a damn thing