Delightful Bottoms


If You Can Do This Call Me

The Classic Position 




Feeling The Heat



Have You Ever Wanted To Do This To A Woman You Did Not Know?  I Have and With Great Restraint, I Controlled My Impulse. [This was on Strick Julie Recently. I Have Had In My To Post Folder Since Last October]

Tanlines Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood

That’s a full lid folks

Not a damn thing

Spankable Bottoms

Just a few highly spankable bottoms for your viewing enjoyment. Please take care to not objectivize women who choose to give you a little thrill. They have been doing it since they were 12 or so.

In free fall position


Formal Attire

Wonderful Shape

One of the many talents of women is knowing how to accessorize. The pumps certainly add interest to the picture

For the word police



This is the first post of the week. I noted last week that suddenly eyeballs on OBB went down by 30%. Boom, off the ledge they have been on for a long time in one day and it remained there until this week when it went down another 30% because I have not posted. Wonder what’s up?

I have not been doing picture post, so maybe this will appease you that come here to wank off?

Yet another picture post of delectable bottoms that I would like to spank 

This sure looks like one of the hot springs in Oregon

And while we are on bottoms, here are some gals with a real talent

And if she misses?

Ain’t a college education great?