Just Bottoms

I only made one post last week. I will try to do better this week. This post should appeal to all you voyeurs out there.

For Openers

I never consider a wobbly ironing board, but this bound lass seems to like it judging by her smile.

This lass checks off all the boxes nice ass, Jeep’s, guns and heels.

The way I like a lass attired for a spanking

From the vault – It’s been a long time since I have seen her. Her bottom matches the felt.

I wonder if they are on break. Is there more to come?

Great picture!

Buns on the grill. Buns in front of the grill.

Showing off

Delightful Bottoms


If You Can Do This Call Me

The Classic Position 




Feeling The Heat



Have You Ever Wanted To Do This To A Woman You Did Not Know?  I Have and With Great Restraint, I Controlled My Impulse. [This was on Strick Julie Recently. I Have Had In My To Post Folder Since Last October]

Tanlines Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood

That’s a full lid folks

Not a damn thing