A Farrago of Scrumptious Derrière

For Openers

She enjoys full-body mobility

The title indicates I learned a new word farrago, a collection, medley. I don’t know if derrière has a plural.



She should be switched for a messy room



The polka dots add interest

I make several dishes with chilies and I can attest that washing your hands or using gloves is highly desirable.

Look At The Ass On That One

I need some love. Comment damnit.

Word Of The Day

We are indebted to the ancient Greeks for coming up with words to describe our environment.

Agastopia expresses fascination or love for a particular part of the human body.
“Have you ever noticed his agastopia? He cannot raise his eyes above waist level when a particularly callipygian woman walks by.”

“Everyone occasionally comes under the spell of agastopia. Those who do not wish to advertise the condition may purchase a good pair of dark sunglasses from their five-and-dime store. It is a proven fact that people who frequently experience agastopia are far more likely to fall down open manholes than the population as a whole.”

Let’s be careful out there!