Bedroom Submission

As our first posts described, we are not into discipline or punishment. Nor are we very much into dominance or submission. We both have dominate personalities and we are very much independent. However, in some of our sessions we engage in what we call bedroom submission. It is a great feeling to let go, but it only lasts for a few minutes. When Becall feels the need, she lets me know and we go through the footwork to get her mind into a calm, submissive state. A state where she wants to be paddled hard. A state where her normally vocal orgasms are ramped up several notches. Interestingly, it is all done with my voice. Over the years, I have learned the things to say that make her quiver.

I also enjoy being submissive, but I am an easy case. All she has to do is tell me something like, “I am going to give you another ten licks. I am going to make them really hard. Will take them like a good boy for me?”