Persian Slave Girl – A Story From The Vault

This is a post from 2009 where Bacall lives out one of her fantasies.

In the throes of ecstasy during our last spanking session, Becall said she wanted to dress up in her Persian slave girl outfit and be hung from the door. That is like her, get her turned on and she turns herself on more. She worked all week getting her mind turned around so she could fully submit. I asked her last night as we were about to doze off if she was ready and she said she thought so.

I was ready two days before. I put her cuffs on top of the bedroom TV and leaned the crop on the wall next to our closet for her to see.

She appeared from her bath this morning with long dangly earrings, all of her gold bracelets plus her pearls. She had on her best Persian slave girl black bra and panties covered with a gauzy half slip she bought just for play.

She likes a thigh fry first, so I used not only the batten but also a light whippy cane. I had her sit in a wing chair and spread her legs. I gave her light licks with the cane followed by light taps on her most sensitive spot. I love to watch her almost reach orgasm when I tap her and…. then stop. When she gets all hot and bothered, she loves to suck me, so I allowed her. What a great lover I am. [grin] Back to the cane. I brought her close to orgasm several times and then asked her if she wanted the vibrator. She was apprehensive that I would not let her orgasm with it.

She was half right. I had her stand in front of me and I sat down and placed the miraculous machine where it would do the most good and after teasing her some more, switched it on. At once, she started gyrating her pelvis in a most indecent manner while I suckled her breasts. She came several times, but I stopped before she had a complete release. It was bondage time.

I placed her wrist cuffs on and secured her to a special hook on the door. She placed herself in a good position by spreading her legs and pushing her bottom out for the crop. She was either quite sensitive or feeling vulnerable, as from the first lick she was moving about with little ah’s. I did not overdo it and released her after ten or so licks. It was paddle time.

I took her over my legs and gave her 100 with the leather paddle over her slip. There were many yuummms along the way. I raised her slip and applied another 100 over her panties. I seldom count, but I wanted to be sure I did not abandon my effort too soon. There were more slaps to her bare bottom, but I did not count them.

I next gave her some pops with her holey paddle and finished with two-dozen with our stingy red paddle. Her bottom was now noticeably a dazzling shade of red.

I thought she was as geared up as she could get, so I had her get on her hands and knees on the bed and I took her from behind. It was a first-class lingering fuck. As she likes to say, I fucked her blind.



This guy is new to me. A reader put me on this guy. Listen to the lyrics. Hayes Carll and Bonnie Witmore – Another Like You.


Last Monday, I posted about Pulling Her Panties Down an event highly anticipated by women.

Today, I want to talk about anticipation. Yeah, I know you would prefer to just see pictures, but deal with it.

Building to a spanking has always been important to us. Sometimes it is a promise of a trip to the woodshed. Another time it may be showing her the paddle that will be used and telling how many licks she will be getting. Bacall also likes to tell me how she wants to be paddled the next day, then spends that time anticipating what she knows coming. Still another way is for me to tell her what panties to wear the next day. Just having her wait escalates the anticipation.

Here is an experiment for those with a willing partner. Describe in loving detail how you are going to spank her. When you are done, check her for excess lubrication. If her panties are not moist, perhaps you need to cultivate your storytelling?

A post from the past, that illustrates anticipation in a different way. It’s called A Case Of Submission.

The Valley Of Fire – Reprise

This is from 2015, Bacall wrote part of it. Here it is again, with proper punction and misspelled words corrected.

We are traveling in our motor home from one fantastic place to another. Today we are in the Valley of Fire State Park which is about 50 miles from Las Vegas. This is our first time here. This place has some fantastically colored and oddly eroded rocks. A wonderland of geology. Even in March, the weather is delightfully warm.

We arrived just before noon. We found a parking place that is U-shaped. High rock walls on three sides. Perfect privacy. For some reason, I thought of our decorative boat paddle which hangs on the wall. I took it down and we tried it out in our private canyon. The sound reverberated off the rock. I decided that it could be confused with driving tent stakes in the ground or splitting firewood. Besides, there was no one else around. So we took turns warming each other up with it. And it did exactly that and not just to our backsides. We hatched a plan to ratchet up our play the next morning. So with stinging bottoms, we took a short scenic drive and were back for lunch. While Bacall was fixing sandwiches, I asked her to come out and give me some more pops. Well, she wanted more also. So we had lunch on stinging bottoms. Still, we were thinking of delaying play until the next day – going for the teasing and anticipation factors.

fish paddleThe Fish Paddle

We wanted to rest for a short time before we took off to explore the park. That’s when our plan fell apart. When she took off her pants, I told her I wanted to paddle her. She was on board with that and I got her favorite holey paddle and started slow and easy for a few dozen licks, gradually upping the intensity. She started wiggling her naughty bottom around and I knew she was feeling quite randy. I used my left hand to fondle her and continued paddling with my right. I finally decided screw tomorrow we are going to do it right now. Our trusty vibrator was close by, so I slipped it on my left hand and continued to paddle her. Well, wouldn’t you know she came twice – rather loudly. Loud enough for anyone walking by to know what was up. Good for her.

When she came down off the ceiling, she wanted a piece of male tail. And I wanted her to have mine. I gave her our meanest stingy paddle. She said she was not going to hold back and I told her to go for it. After a few licks, I knew she meant business and was wiggling around. She told me to stay in position as she was far from though. I don’t know how many licks she gave me, but she sure had me on fire. Both back and front.

She slipped the vibrator on her hand and I erupted in short order. And then you know what she did? She put it back on herself and won the Triple Crown.

All in all, it was like we were 30 years younger. I think we will stay here for a while, maybe the red rocks are rejuvenative?

The Strap

I am imagining this young woman is on Spring Break, visiting her grandparents. While exploring the attic, she finds this strap. It makes her think about the stories she heard from her mom, as well as her aunts, and uncles.

I imagine she is thinking about how it would feel on her bottom. Perhaps she will soon find out.

Not Much Of A Spanking Picture

All six of my regular readers know that I don’t post many pictures depicting spanking. That’s simply because there are damn few that I consider worth posting. Do you know of a site that has good pictures? I don’t. Most of the pictures posted here are of women that have a bottom that I would love to spank. I let my mind do the work.

This is a not so good spanking picture, but I like it. Sorry, it does not show any parts. It was taken in a home – ceiling fans are not common in motels. So it’s possible they are not spanking models. I see two things. First, she dressed in a school girl outfit to get spanked. She may never have worn one in school, but she or her spanker like the look now.

Second, I see a look of pleasant anticipation on her face. He is standing far enough away from her to be using a paddle or strap. Whatever it is, she is happily waiting to feel the sting.

Our kind of spanking

Friday Was Play Day For Me!

Friday was play day for me!  Bogey took control; he told me Thursday exactly what was going to happen on Friday.  I love the anticipation of knowing I will get a spanking as it makes me think about it for 24 hours – very exciting.  Friday arrived and after breakfast and coffee, I was instructed to prepare myself for the paddling.  He gave me the choice of different panties to wear.  I picked the pair that we bought recently – I love the color and they are so smooth and soft, but on the down side, they are very thin – wrong choice.  I bent over the bed and he started applying the stingy paddle.  I counted how many pops I got and decided that was enough – wrong again!  He had me stand up and put a blindfold and handcuffs on me, then led me to the door where he clipped them to a hook.  I do like this a lot.  Next he started paddling me again.  I don’t think I counted this time as my mind was in a different place.

There is something special about having someone in control.  (For me, it has to be someone that I trust completely, but also know that I can escape if I need to for some reason.)  By this time I am now excited from the 24 hour anticipation and the stinging bottom. I gladly follow him to the bed.

 bacall 20151106 1

Bacall, the week before this, kneeling on the sofa 

Bogey writes: Normally I paddle Bacall with light to moderate licks over her panties until she is well warmed up, then she can take anything. Sometimes, I tell her I am going to make it burn right from the start and she will have to take it. Having to take it a real turn-on for her. Controlling herself to stay in position. I well understand the mental state.