Another Saturday Here in Fly Over Country

Still no drag shows or Furry conventions here. Check back when you see pigs flying.

As far as I can tell, we are still on course for a Brandon/MAGA showdown. Perhaps solar flares will take them both out?

How about a graph kids? You guys don’t seem to appreciate the stories graphs tell. Here is one that tells the story that there is no free lunch – except at schools. It shows the carbon based emissions from acquiring and constructing batteries for Tesla’s. You get carbon out of the exhaust pipe or up front making batteries. I would say your choice, but the government will decide for you. Now back to your video games.

Oh yeah, nickel is strip mined. But’s that of no concern as it’s done in Indonesia and most folks could not find it on map, so it’s of no concern. I told you about cobalt being mined by kids in the Congo last month.

The State of the Disunion

Things we don’t have in Fly Over country. Organized shop-lifting, the ability to go outside with being shot, ticks that don’t carry Lyme Disease, no tent cities of homeless, darn few rabid Karen’s.

Please note the South’s northern border is closed. MS13’s and damn Yanquis will be gut shot at the border.


The country is being destroyed. Putin is not giving up. He needs Ukraine for Russia to be an empire again. Looks like the only way it will end, is if the Russians throw out Putin.

The Ukraine are magnificent.

Assault Weapons Now!

How about a 28th amendment to repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934 to allow fully automatic weapons, including belt fed machine guns. Knock off, stamped AK47’s are cheap in the foreign markets. Be the first on your block to own one. If you are higher on the food chain you could impress your neighbors with an M4 or even mini-gun.

M134 available for $180,000

Imagine you and your close friends celebrating the 4th by burning through cases of red and green tracers.

Instead of free college, how about a free M16 for all?  There’s no better response to criminals and aspiring tyrants than a bunch of Americas packing heavy-duty selective fire weapons. Just flip it to Rock-n-Roll.

The problem of gangs of thieves swarming stores or mobbing people has a 12-gauge solution.

The Inflation Reduction Act wins the prize for the most mislabeled legislative act ever.

What do we find the Inflation Reduction Act?

We find the unjust taking of property under the Fifth Amendment and violation of free speech rights. 

Did Stalin write it?

If an assailant points a gun at your head and threatens to shoot if you don’t hand over your wallet, is that a negotiation? This describes the Inflation Reduction Act’s Medicare drug-price scheme, which Merck & Co. claims is “extortion” and unconstitutional in a compelling lawsuit filed Tuesday. Merck v. Becerra may be destined for the Supreme Court.

Congress last year gave the Health and Human Services Department carte blanche authority to fix Medicare drug prices under the guise of a negotiation. But as Merck argues in its lawsuit, the program “involves neither genuine ‘negotiations’ nor real ‘agreements,’” and is all “political Kabuki theater.”

HHS forces companies to provide drugs to the government at its dictated prices. The agency selects drugs to negotiate and then compels manufacturers to sign an “agreement” promising to sell their products at whatever “fair” price Medicare decides. The agency could demand Merck sell its drugs at a 90% loss, and the drug maker couldn’t refuse.

After “agreeing to” having the drugs confiscated they have to publicly declare it was fair. 

Adding constitutional insult to injury, the IRA launders “its mandates through performative ‘negotiations’ and ‘agreements’” that require “manufacturers to endorse and express the view that they ‘agree’ to HHS-dictated forced prices, and that those prices are ‘fair,’” the lawsuit explains.

Our Constitution does not countenance compelled speech in service of state propaganda,” Merck argues.


Global CO2 emissions will rise for decades owing to growing coal production in India and China. Another inconvenient truth is that government policies to reduce CO2 emissions will be swamped by wildfires and the occasional volcano eruption.

Whatcha Gonna Do?

California wildfire emissions in 2020 were two times higher than the state’s greenhouse gas reductions from 2003 to 2019.  2020 is 2x then the sum of 18 prior years.

Solar wind consists of a continuous stream of charged particles emanating from the sun’s outermost atmosphere, known as the corona.

A solar storm could leave people without internet access for months or even years, rendering satellites and power lines useless.

No internet, that bad. No power. Hey kids, that means the sewers will back up quickly.  Whatcha Gonna Do?

Real men don’t drink light beer or eat gluten free anything.

Low Fashion Edition – Greyhound Skirts

Reader Summertime liked this 2022 post this morning. I looked at it and decided a repeat would be in order.

Greyhound is a slang term that refers to a very short skirt.

The explanation is a bit “adult”. When greyhounds are raced, they are chasing rabbits (or hares)…and are often said to be “an inch from the hare”.

That’s where the short skirt comes in…as it is said the hemline is an inch from the “hair”.


As I knelt down with a pair of size 4 shoes in front of this blonde in a short skirt, I couldn’t resist a quick glance at her knickers:

“Hey, cheeky!” She said as she gave me a playful kick.

“I bet the only reason you work here is to look up girls’ skirts isn’t it?”

“That’s an absolutely ridiculous accusation, madam,” I said sternly.

“I don’t even work here.”

Asking for it

For Openers – Horseplay

A comment yesterday got me to thinking about what one gal told me. She and her friend broke class rules in Chemistry to provoke the teacher to paddle them. When he did not paddle them, they protested he would have paddled the boys for the same offense. He still kept his paddle in his desk drawer.

Another was an Honors student at a Catholic school. She had a major crush on one of the priests. On some days she and the priest worked on a project by themselves. She said she wiggled her bottom at him, “accidentally” flashed her panties and brushed up against him to no avail. No paddling, no cherry popped. She wanted to relive that with me as a priest (laughable). So we did.  We used a dark basement to simulate the work area and I thrashed her bottom with a cane. Since she had a cast iron bottom, the physical results were nothing to write about, but it satisfied her mind

I found it to be most intimate when they would show me their toy box. The one they kept hidden near their bed with paddles, straps and vibrators. All things they used on themselves and wanted me to use on them. Sharing toy boxes left damn little difference between girls and boys. It was a piece of space time equally shared.

My Sweetheart

Teenage Spanking

Richard Windsor is doing a birthday smash of news print photos of spankings “in the old days”. The days when I came of age. School paddlings were common. They were publicly depicted in yearbooks and school plays. Like this one.

Sex was repressed, it was going on, but fiction declared it was not. Good girls did not do “that”. Like hell they didn’t. They just had to delay it to protect their portrayal of being good girls.

I have related that I spanked a lot of dates. Most on their panties, some bare bottom. Groping their backsides would have been in poor tastes, perhaps rewarded with a slap. Ah, but spanking was a justified reason to explore her bottom in detail. It gave an opening for other more intimate exploration and mutual pleasure.

My Fraternity Brother

We did it backwards. We married and then graduated. Like most of the students in my college, we were older, we worked part or full time and often took night classes.

One guy in our loose social group had pledged a fraternity at another school before dropping out and then matriculating at our college. He had the bright idea of starting a new chapter of the fraternity he had pledged. Sounded OK to us. Out college did not have any Greek organizations and they were eager to assist us in getting one going. The national fraternity was ardent to see a another chapter in the state.

So all this to say the first couple, John and Sheila, to marry after we got the fraternity going had a built-in group of friends at the wedding. It solidified the group. We all felt even closer.

A few months after the wedding we were smoking the evil herb when Sheila announced that John spanked her and wondered if this was common. I froze,  Bacall said nothing. This was our first awareness that we were not alone in spanking. Sheila got plenty of counseling and consoling from the group. All I could think of was her spectacular bottom being tended too.

Your Coming Summer of Blackouts

If you like your beer cold and ice for your drinks. Pay attention, the EPA could give a shit if you lose power and have neither. Emission reduction is way more important than your happiness.

The grid monitors say two-thirds of the U.S. risks electricity outages

Big Brother Is Watching

Is this 1984 or what?

I asked an OBB reader:

Do you think the Prez needs to be a politician?

Our Presidents being politicians FIRST has become a bigger part of our ‘problem’, but still I’m near to concluding it’s our two-party system which is going to require the most overhaul. We’ve lost the ability to negotiate domestic policy without severe brinkmanship and rancor. The extremes of both sides openly argue to ‘change the rules’ or risk everything going ‘nuclear’ just to get their way… not caring the other side will only reverse everything the next time they hold the leverage. It’s the whip-saw populist politics the Founders sought to avoid. Radical, devastating action is on the table like that’s going to solve our inability to get along … a la default, invoke the 14th Amendment, eliminate the Electoral College, open borders, stack the Supreme Court, etc.
We need term limits to restrict the power in the hands of too few;  2 years for Senators, 3 for Representatives. PAC’s and Lobbyists have to be reined in too. They wield far too much influence and money. Need to overhaul the role and restrict the power of the Speaker / Majority / Minority positions to force coalition approach versus party top-down compliance. Way too many back-room deals and agendas. More transparency to the public… every vote, every committee action, everything on the record and easily seen by anyone who cares to look.
I know I’m pipe-dreaming and this won’t happen; but it all starts with a little damn integrity and something we all should have learned in First grade… you don’t always get your fucking way without learning to share and co-exist, or just plan on being pissed off all the time.
With that… I yield the soapbox

He continued in another note:

We need experience in Washington, not homesteaders. Maybe they should have to live in barracks like the military and eat at the mess hall? That’ll make ’em motivated to return to their day jobs and home State real quick. While we’re at it? Cancel pensions, limit medical benefits to ACA plans, and mandate IRS audits every year someone’s in a politically elected or appointed post. Washington shouldn’t be the net worth financial windfall it’s obviously become.

And in my home state

ESPN framed a recent Alabama as a law banning “transgender women” from certain sports.

“Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation on Tuesday that will ban transgender women from playing on female sports teams in college. This expands the state’s existing ban on transgender athletes on K-12 sports teams,” it said.

In response, Ivey told the network to replace “transgender women” with the word “men.”

“Look, if you are a biological male, you are not going to be competing in women’s and girls’ sports in Alabama. It’s about fairness, plain and simple,” Ivey said.

Steaks Are High And About to Get Higher

With costs rising for nearly every aspect of raising cattle, ranchers say they are running out of reasons to replace the livestock they send to slaughter, let alone enlarge their herds. “We’re spending $1 million to make $4,000,” said Ryan Stromberger, a rancher in southwest Nebraska.  [That is a .004% return. You could do better picking up pennies on the sidewalk]

The National Education Association has been fighting any choice in schools for a century.

Have you noticed that prison sentences for 1/6 offenses are longer than those for violent crimes?

I Guess I Just Needed Some Love

I felt like I gave a party and no one showed up. I needed some love.

These folks encouraged me to keep posting. Dan Quale, Ethan, hands63, Anonymous, Ron, Al, Roscoe, Julie Strict, PFesser. Several of them posted more than one comment. So whatever happens they share the blame.

Caption This

Caption by Tex: Bruce Banner wishing the script made him an ‘Ass-Man’ instead.

White is in style after Memorial Day

Short Jean Shorts Are Always in Style

Wipe the drool off your chin

Jeans that Fit

The Tongue Comes Out