The Man’s Turn


Good picture, but a smile is always preferable.

One I can relate to.

I love the way women play

Slim, white dress, yumm

I normally detest captions, but this one like. Her smile.

So how come it’s OK for women to grab other women, but it’s taboo for men to do? Watch women’s volleyball and it grabass after every point.

Musical Bonus – a Tango – La Cumparsita

I Got Your Clean Energy Right Here

If spending trillions will not get the world green, ask yourself where will the money go? Who will benefit?

This appeared in the Wall Street Journal May 13.

The International Energy Agency, the world’s pre-eminent source of energy information for governments, has entered the political debate over whether the U.S. should spend trillions of dollars to accelerate the energy transition favored by the Biden administration. You know, the plan to use far more “clean energy” and far less hydrocarbons—the oil, natural gas and coal that today supply 84% of global energy needs. The IEA’s 287-page report released this month, “The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions,” is devastating to those ambitions. A better title would have been: “Clean Energy Transitions: Not Soon, Not Easy and Not Clean.”

The IEA assembled a large body of data about a central, and until now largely ignored, aspect of the energy transition: It requires mining industries and infrastructure that don’t exist. Wind, solar and battery technologies are built from an array of “energy transition minerals,” or ETMs, that must be mined and processed. The IEA finds that with a global energy transition like the one President Biden envisions, demand for key minerals such as lithium, graphite, nickel and rare-earth metals would explode, rising by 4,200%, 2,500%, 1,900% and 700%, respectively, by 2040.

The world doesn’t have the capacity to meet such demand. As the IEA observes, albeit in cautious bureaucratese, there are no plans to fund and build the necessary mines and refineries. The supply of ETMs is entirely aspirational. And if it were pursued at the quantities dictated by the goals of the energy transition, the world would face daunting environmental, economic and social challenges, along with geopolitical risks.

The IEA stipulates up front one underlying fact that advocates of a transition never mention: Green-energy machines use far more critical minerals than conventional-energy machines do. “A typical electric car requires six times the mineral inputs of a conventional car, and an onshore wind plant requires nine times more mineral resources than a gas-fired power plant,” the report says. “Since 2010, the average amount of minerals needed for a new unit of power generation capacity has increased by 50% as the share of renewables has risen.” That was merely to bring wind and solar to a 10% share of the world’s electricity.

As the IEA notes dryly, the transition is a “shift from a fuel-intensive to a material-intensive energy system.” That means a shift away from liquids and gases whose extraction and transport leave a very light footprint on the land and are transported easily, cheaply and efficiently, and toward big-footprint mines, the energy-intensive transport of massive amounts of rocks and other solid materials, and subsequent chemical processing and refining.

Spooling up production can’t happen overnight. The IEA observes something every miner knows: “It has taken on average over 16 years to move mining projects from discovery to first production.” Start tomorrow and new ETM production will begin only after 2035. This is a considerable problem for the Biden administration’s plan to achieve 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035.

In what may become the understatement of the decade, the IEA concludes that such long lead times “raise questions about the ability of suppliers to ramp up output if demand were to pick up rapidly.” The conditional “if” is a discordant qualifier given the IEA itself has endorsed, and nearly all its member states have already pledged, a rapid transition. The clear consequence is that “deployment of clean energy technologies is set to supercharge demand for critical minerals.”

Credit the IEA for acknowledging that this will require a global mining boom that leaves in its wake all manner of environmental implications. “Mining and mineral processing require large volumes of water”—a serious issue when around half of global lithium and copper production takes place in areas of high water stress—and “pose contamination risks through acid mine drainage, wastewater discharge and the disposal of tailings.”

The IEA falls backs on the usual admonition that mitigating these risks will require “strengthening international collaboration” for everything from pollution to labor practices. But the history here isn’t promising. IEA data show that expanded ETM mining will occur mainly in countries with “low governance scores” where “corruption and bribery pose major liability risks.”

The IEA may be the first major agency to flag the geopolitical risks of the energy transition, again with copious data. Today the oil-and-gas market is characterized by supply diversity. The top three producers, among them the U.S., account for less than half of world supply. The top three producers for three key ETMs, however, control more than 80% of global supply. Here we find China utterly dominant while the U.S. isn’t even a player.

Well buried in the report is a warning about the “high emissions intensities” of ETMs. Energy use per pound mined is even trending up. This is no arcane nuance. It’s the key hidden factor that determines whether, or to what extent, a clean-energy machine actually reduces carbon-dioxide emissions on net. The IEA data show that, depending on the location and nature of future mines, the emissions from obtaining ETMs could wipe out much or most of the emissions saved by driving electric cars.

Worse yet, radical increases in demand will raise commodity prices, which reverberate throughout the global economy. When it comes to batteries, the IEA notes this could “eat up” the anticipated reductions in manufacturing costs expected from the “learning effects” of increased production. It’s an outcome that runs counter to the narrative of inevitably cheaper green-energy machines over time.

If such a report had come from a pro-hydrocarbon organization, the group would be dismissed, if not canceled outright. Credit the IEA for boldly going where few policy makers have gone before. As President Obama might say, we can’t dig our way out of this problem.

Mr. Mills is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a partner in Montrose Lane, an energy-tech venture fund, and author of “The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and a Roaring 2020s,” forthcoming in October.

The First 100 Days

Policies of de facto open borders, blanket amnesties, cancellations of pipelines and fossil fuel leases, planned radical increases in corporate, income, and capital gains taxes, identity politics and Green New Deal rhetoric, along with his appointments and resets in the Middle East, are the most left-wing agendas since [Franklin D. Roosevelt]. Their common denominators are utopian globalism, redistributionism, criticism of America’s founding, traditions, history, and values, and identity-politics tribalism.  VDH

No Education

Ever wonder where the young ones get ideas that defy all logic? From professors. This website features some of the more egregious. Pick a few and see what they think and what they teach instead of knowledge.

Schools want to teach critical race theory rather than accelerated math. They probably are not qualified to teach math.

Reparations? If any group is liable to Blacks for enslaving them it would be the Islamists. And since they enslaved whites as well as blacks, I am due compensation.

Spanked Together

Regular readers might remember that in my “old age” I have become fascinated with Bacall and I being spanked together.

This scene comes quickly to mind. (Tho with a slimmer spanker)

This might be interesting. I wonder if her sister will lift the blinds to allow the boys to peek in when she gets her comeuppance? Or does her hand on her bottom indicate Mom has already attended to her?

It’s a British spanking party, but gals are being spanked together. Those skimmer hats are a British staple. I like them.

More like this is what I have in mind.

Trivia footnote, same room, different bedspread, different scene.

You Wanna To See A Trick?

We were both in college when we met. She lived with her parents. I had a room in frat house. [It was an urban college, mostly night students, that did not have any panhellenic organizations. A few of us got drunk, someone suggested we start a frat. That sounded like a good idea and so about a dozen of us got it started. Thankfully,  it was not charted until after I graduated.]

So anyway, two of us paid token rent on a huge victorian home. There were parties every weekend. Usually several of the faculty joined us to suck up. Yeah, a different time.

The house was our rendevous site. One day, I asked her if she wanted to see a trick and started quickly taking off my clothes. She surprised me and had her clothes off, her ass on the bed with her knees up before I finished. That’s when I knew she was Olympic caliber keeper.

Intercrural Sex

Admin note: We left home today in our motor home. Our direction is to North Dakota and then turn west. We have no destination in mind. As usual, we will keep to the back roads avoiding cities. We will have limited bandwidth and will be in dark places at times. I have posts scheduled through the end of May. We expect to return home before Halloween.

Intercrural sex. Isn’t that an odd term? I had never heard of it when recently I learned that intercrural sex is a fancy way of talking about leg humping. It is also referred to as a pussy job. You insert an erect member between her legs and rub it on her pussy. So many ways of getting off other than PIV. Oral, hand, foot and pussy jobs.

So keep leg humping in mind while I change the subject.

A lot of men are rigid before and after a spanking, but go soft when the action gets serious. I would too. But, that is not what I want to happen. I like hard paddle licks, but I want, what I demand, are a few seconds between licks to absorb the sting before the next lick lands. Recently, some women revealed the metal gymnastics they do to get themselves through the initial pain until the endorphins kick in. While I am absorbing the sting of a lick I imagine it flowing from my bottom to the intense swelling on the other side. Seems to work as the swelling increases during my paddling. 

In my 20-30’s, almost all F/M spanking stories I read had the man otk with his erection nestled between the woman’s thighs. The story would fork to either him losing his erection or coming on her legs.  I did not care for either path. I want to keep my erection for more conventional friction activities.

By reading other F/M blogs since I started this one, I have learned more about how other men mix sex and spanking. Anywho, I have learned that while some men get aroused by spanking they want the pain to overcome them and others do not want a happy ending. Better for them to be kept horny to be better serve their woman. I am sure it would help keep me focused on her. But, I am selfish. Besides I read that three orgasms a week will add four years to a man’s life. 

I saw a clip, where the man was getting a brisk caning. It made me filch. He was quite happy as he was vigorously humping the bench he was bending over and achieved orgasm.

There should be a point to this post, but it seems there is none.

Students on Chauvin


Perhaps there is some hope that enough students are getting an education and learning to think critically rather being fed crap. Here are three students.

Liberals and Democrats expressed relief at the verdict, while many conservatives criticized it. Many on both sides seemed to believe they knew the “right verdict” in advance, and then reacted to the jury’s decision accordingly. Few showed any inclination to trust the jury’s deliberation and judgment on their own terms. Since judicial bodies are designed to be authoritative sources, this is highly concerning. If Americans no longer hold any special reverence for institutions of jury and court, the legitimacy of the entire legal system is at risk.—Thomas Brodey, Amherst College, history

Even in the U.S., the rule of law is challenged by the desires of the mob. . . . In Book Eight of “The Spirit of the Laws,” Montesquieu warns that when the people “fall into a spirit of extreme equality,” they “want to manage everything themselves, to debate for the senate, to execute for the magistrate, and to decide for the judges.” . . . After the trial, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned against viewing it as an example of the system working, because it doesn’t and it needs to be torn asunder. But all is not lost. The Constitution establishes appellate jurisdiction and due process. With a renewed commitment from the people, these achievements can be secured.

—Micah Veillon, Georgia Institute of Technology, history, technology and society

(Betting AOC has never heard of Montesquieu)

The 1963 Birmingham Children’s Crusade had Americans glued to their televisions, witnessing the mercilessness of police commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor. . . . In 2020 the world watched Derek Chauvin murder George Floyd. Alongside three other police officers, Mr. Chauvin pinned Floyd face down, knee on his neck, neglecting to administer aid as Floyd pleaded for his life.

In both cases, the crimes were so inhumane and the evidence so damning, America had to pay attention. . . . America rejoiced when Mr. Chauvin was found guilty on all three charges.

Diana D’Souza, Dartmouth College, government and economics

Big Brother

The Biden administration is considering using private firms to track the online activity of American citizens in order to get around the Fourth Amendment and other laws that protect Americans from unreasonable searches and seizures and surveillance. The report says that the Biden administration wants to monitor “extremist chatter by Americans online” but can’t do so without a warrant, and thinks private firms can get around the legal restrictions.



Just another picture post of women being spanked. With a musical bonus at the end.


Perhaps these gals will be sitting down with care.


From time-to-time, I have shared some music with you. But, not with any consistency. Stop what you are doing and give this your attention.

What If ‘Misty’ Was Played By 8 Legendary Jazz Pianists?


Do you ever read Vanilla Spankings? I found some things of interest in this post.

Girls Trying To Get Paddled

Two women have told me they tried to get paddled in school. They were both in middle school at the time. One said she and her gf begged to be paddled just like a boy would have been for the same offense. Their pleas went unanswered.

I suspect they were not alone, just honest enough to reveal they tried to get the paddle in school?

Vanilla Spankings had an on-target post on the subject. Here is an excerpt:

Take this exchange between the characters played by Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1939 blockbuster, Union Pacific:

MOLLIE MONAHAN: Did you never know that flirting gets into a woman’s blood like fighting gets into a man’s? Now, a girl begins coquetting to discover if she has the power. Then she goes looking, like a fighter after a bully, for the hardest man to conquer. But ’tis never the man she wants, ’tis the pleasure of bringing him to her feet.

JEFF BUTLER: Till the right man comes along and gives her the spanking she deserves.

MOLLIE MONAHAN: Ah, that’s the man she dreams of.

This entire post on Vanilla Spankings.