It’s Spring Already

It’s Spring! Show me some freaking sunshine. Spring days came here two weeks back and retreated. Grumble.

Pulling Her Panties Down has remained the most viewed post for several months. It was posted two years ago, but took off last fall.  Lots of guys searching for panties I suppose. Well this post has the same theme, but only regular readers will see it as the post title is about Spring, not panties. Not that there is a damn thing wrong with pulling her panties down and exposing her cheeks to some sunshine.

Properly attired in white panties and a slip

This happens to Bacall at least once a week

Yep, that right, pull that schoolgirls panties right down

Dreams come true – for both

Another schoolgirl getting her comeuppance what she wants.

Some need to do this as part of the scene



2 thoughts on “It’s Spring Already”

  1. Funny how the kitchen seems to just invite a bit of frolic and fanny warmings amidst all that food…

    1. I stay amazed at the frequency of photos taken in the kitchen. Bacall started dry aging a rib roast yesterday. So that will require some roasting. And then she bought a pork roast. I am going to be busy,

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