Start the Week Off Right

For Openers

What a rack!

Start the week off right, spank a schoolgirl.

No schoolgirl handy, spank a passing skater

Her hair color, her bottom color, I am in love

Take a hike, give a spank. Good memories.

Oh, My!


9 thoughts on “Start the Week Off Right”

  1. re: What a rack! I love a girl who’s a real sportswoman. Or at least a sport. She seems to fit both descriptions.

    re: Spank a schoolgirl – Skimming smacks drive me crazy. He’s more dusting off her panties than delivering the goods. I’ve done it enough to know that the young lady likes the solid, firm smack – not dusting off the lint. Sorry – pet peeve.

    re: Hiking memories – just got a text from an old friend recounting a memory of our yutes. He says, “Are memories all old age has to offer?” Maybe so, maybe so … one of the few good things, anyway. I hope that picture was of someone you still know – I shared some memories with my first love yesterday – first time I’d heard from her in decades. Planning on visiting her sometime soon. Hmm … maybe she needs HER seat warmed a little … one can always dream, I suppose.

    re: The racy cartoon. My older brother had a cartoon book called, “Let’s Play Doctor” when I was a boy. Nothing explicit – just suggestive, like your cartoon above. I found a copy last year at an old books store and bought it. Lovely. Man, we have really lost the fun of teasing and anticipation in sex now. Girls with body counts in the hundreds in their mid-twenties are the norm. Sorry – no tatted-up, hog-ringed Western princesses for me. If I remarry, I’m going to the Philippines or Russia to look for a woman, and I’m staying there.

    Sorry to dominate your comments section. It seems we may have a lot in common.

    1. Comment away Jim. I like comments best when they get others to chime in. Many times comments will cause me to recall events I had forgotten.

      No worries there will never be any tatted-up, hog-ringed Western princesses on OBB.

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