2 thoughts on “The Mob on Campus or the New Collegial Culture”

  1. I had an older brother who was a long-haul trucker. He was high-school educated and lost no opportunity to denigrate “book-learning;” his favorite topic was the study of history, for which he saw no purpose.

    Those of us who HAVE read a book look with alarm upon the BLM/Antifa riots and the Democrats’ apparent glee with same, but I am particularly alarmed by the doings at Stanford. This is not only a law school, where students are supposed to learn how to Use Their Words to influence, but an elite law school – supposedly one of the best.

    Over the course of history the communists/socialists have been responsible for more than 100 million deaths. As student of history, to my eye we are witnessing a replay of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the Killing Fields of Pol Pot in their early stages – our own Color Revolution, and nothing less. This must stop; the communists (I rarely use the term socialist any more) have made tremendous inroads in America – even to the point of the likely arrest of a former president this week on Trumped-up (pun intended) charges. We are watching a revolution unfold, and sometimes in responding to revolutions, talk is not enough.

    1. I saw the number of DEI employed at colleges. It was about 15,000 I think. That means some colleges have dozens of DEI. 15,000 adding no educational value, but contributing to tuition costs. Dilbert had a character the Preventer of Information. This would be the preventer of Education.

      Sanford was egregious.

      Color Revolution. I like that description. Just one way to segregate us.

      The pundits are saying that if Trump is arrested, it will put him back in office.

      Hmmm, if a Biden is arrested will that put him in office?

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