Dick Etiquette

Men, you don’t take it out and squirt on her. You would not be here if men were supposed to take it out. Maybe you watched too many porn flicks and think the Money Shot is the way to do it.

Women, you never slap the dick or pull it backwards.

Women, you don’t twist the dick like it’s in a carwash. Soft, gentle and passionate.

Women, after he comes, it’s hands off.

There is no need to ever stick a dick through a hole in a wall, etc.

When giving a handjob, you don’t deep breath and moan like it’s you that going to cum.

Men, several orgasms a week is supposed to be good for your prostate.

Women, always allow time for morning wood.



2 thoughts on “Dick Etiquette”

  1. “Men, several orgasms a week is supposed to be good for your prostate.”

    With all we’ve been discussing lately on this blog you had to say this ?
    If only we could turn back time.

  2. I don’t agree with everything here Bogey… for my dick at least… an occasional slap is a good thing. After I come, please don’t stop… just be gentle. A moan during a blow job lets me know that she is well ok with what she is doing.
    Different strokes…

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