That Evil Tucker

The evil Tucker really wound up Schumer, et al. I could be wrong, but it seemed to me that they all doubled down on the lies.

I watch the clips. What I saw was different from what the 1/6 commission said happened.

In other incredulous “news”

Senator-elect John Fetterman (D-Pa.), who typically wore hoodies and shorts at campaign events, has achieved a unique distinction by being named one of the “most stylish” people in 2022, by the New York Times.


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  1. Those of us paying attention at the time re. Jan.6 already knew these things that Tucker exposed. Very suspicious bad actors in the crowd, under-policed, peaceful protesters having doors opened and being escorted through, no weapons, no plan, no intent to kidnap anybody, no police officers killed, the supposed “gallows” for Pence was a miniature a mile away. It’s always been a ludicrous proposition that there was ever any kind of “insurrection” attempted, but the brainwashers went at the gullible hard in yet another attempt to 1/ take Trump out, and 2/ increase the state’s police powers over its own citizens. I wrote about it previously citing Glenn Greenwald’s reporting (

    This event in stark contrast to an entire summer of BLM riots that were cumulatively far, far, worse by any objective measure.

    The correct framing of Jan.6 was a patriotic protest against fishy-looking elections that got overly rambunctious (likely egged on by bad actors), and then was overblown by the Dems who, ironically, themselves have a rich and recent history of challenging election results (2016) and storming govt buildings (Kavanaugh riots, …).

    The correct response should have been to tighten up how elections are conducted and have them be completely auditable so such questions do not arise.

  2. The damage inflicted by the Alleged President Asterisk “administration” – if in a moment of insanity you would call it that – is incalculable. Since the Senile Sonofabitch’s first day sitting behind the Resolute Desk I have watched financial, fiscal, and policy mistake after mistake being made by him and his ilk in the Uniparty Congress and wondered when we would go over the falls. This cannot continue, and what cannot continue must stop, as the old saying goes. The Great Depression began with the collapse of Wall Street; this morning I see that Silicon Valley Bank has collapsed. The utter disintegration of America had to begin somewhere, I wonder if this is that beginning.

    1. Thanks for expressing your view.
      I agree everything the Senile Sonofabitch’ has done has been a mistake, but they were all intentional.
      A little thing, but a big lie, was the mislabeled Inflation Reduction Act. It was truly the Inflation Creating Act

      1. Joe Manchin is the senator from my home state, West Virginia. Although a Democrat, he became somewhat of a hero for blocking the craziest of the Democrat schemes hatched once they took control of Everything after the 2020 Steal. He finally let Schumer talk him into voting for the Inflation Creation Act in return for a gas pipeline through WV. Once his vote was tallied, though, his colleagues reneged on that promise, making him look like a fool to the voters in his state, which now runs majority Republican. The governor, a rather colorful man who pointed his pet bulldog’s asshole – literally – at the news camera and admonished Joy Behar to kiss it, is probably going to take Manchin’s seat.

        Didn’t mean to dominate the thread with politics; shapely girl-bottoms are far more interesting than the politics of doom. Bread and circuses, you know ….

  3. January 6, like most of the riots after George Floyd’s murder by police, included numerous legitimate protestors, some who crossed the line and some who committed violent criminal acts. (In my view, blaming Black Lives Matter for the George Floyd riots is not to different from blaming Republicans for January 6.)

    I feared for my safety during the George Floyd riots, or at least I would have if I had gone to certain nearby neighborhoods.

    President Trump encouraged Jan 6 which sent Congress scurrying in fear of their lives. Not an organized insurrection, perhaps, but pretty darn scary.

    There’s room for some middle ground as we view this recent history.

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