Paddle Friday

Looking at photos’ of gals being paddled beats scraping paint off of windows, so you enjoy these, and I will get back to the windows and making Carne Asada.

What dreams are made of

Nothing like an amateur photo

Moment of contact shot. I was amazed when I saw my first one.

The spoon is very effective

She seems damn happy when Dallas says she is getting the paddle. My kind of gal.

What’s New?

For Openers

We moved here in 2012. We have been on the road at least 6 months every year, but two. Last year and this year will make three years we have stayed home. Our traveling days are over. Multiple health issues rule traveling out.

We normally crash when we get home and then cool weather arrives and that makes outside projects not at all desirable. Consequently, the place is not pristine like it was when we bought it. Some appealing shrubbery died, several trees got diseased and had to be taken down, etc.

I have a bit more “energy” with the meds I am now taking. Meaning I have more reds and fewer white cells. That means I can tackle some long over due projects. That in turn means less time for blogging. That will change when the temps go north of 90. I will stay in the air conditioned house.

Anyway, how about some spanking photos? And, hey, don’t be stingy with comments.

This one arrived this morning. She is certainly being well leathered.

I never thought about it before, but yeah, she would work for me.

This became a regular late evening event at our parties. There would be several guys flogging and several gals going mmmm.

A grateful recipient

Yes, more potassium

Topics We Need To Address and Those We Don’t

I wish we could have a candidate in 2024 who talked only about the core issues facing the U.S. (Economy, Deficit, Energy Policy, Immigration, Tax Reform, Healthcare, STEM Education, Housing, Defense, Social Security/Medicare, Foreign Policy) and REFUSED to discuss social issues at all.
No Me Too, No Abortion, No BLM, No Green New Deal, No LGBTQLMNorP, No Defund the Police.
Thanks Tex

You Got It In the Ass Again

The correct name for The Inflation Reduction Act should be tax credits for EV vehicles.

Democrats created an enormous new corporate entitlement. The Inflation Reduction Act may go down as one of the greatest confidence tricks on taxpayers in history. Democrats used accounting gimmicks to claim the partisan law would reduce the budget deficit. But now a Goldman Sachs report projects its myriad green subsidies will cost $1.2 trillion—more than three times what the law’s supporters claimed.

Inflation reduction, my ass.

Just How Did We Get Wrapped Up In Ukraine?

When we withdrew from Afghanistan, Putin took it as a message that he could invade Ukraine and Biden wouldn’t get involved.

Yes, Leftism Is a Religion: University Gives Greta Thunberg an Honorary Doctorate in Theology

The University of Helsinki announced that it was giving climate hysteric Greta Thunberg an honorary doctorate…in theology. As David Strom said over at HotAir, “Climate Change is a religion. We all know that.”

A little discussion of taxes or just where does free money come from.

The bar chart is based on a Tax Foundation analysis of the IRS data for 2020. Note that the top 5% of earners reported 38.1% of total AGI but paid 62.7% of all income taxes. The bottom 50% of earners reported 10.2% of AGI but paid 2.3% of all income taxes.
Put another way, of all the income earned the top 5% got 38% of it and paid 63% of all the tax. Is that a fair share? And BTW, the top earners are paying 10% more than they were in 2001. So much for fat cats getting tax breaks. That’s just fiction.
PS These figures are for income tax only, they don’t include payroll taxes or excise taxes on gasoline and other goods.

Green Fails – What to Do Then? – WSJ

by Nathan Myhrvold

Data from rigorous long-term CO2 measurements around the world show that “despite all the coal plants shut down, all the electric vehicles sold, all the solar and wind power deployed, all the people now working from home rather than commuting,” the concentration of CO2 continues to rise “just about as fast as it has for the past 40 years, and faster than it did in the 1960s and ’70s.”
“If the projections are true, and I think they are, I think we’re already screwed,” he says. If we stop “all human-done” CO2 emissions today, climate models suggest the Earth’s climate would continue to get warmer. “It would keep going up for almost 100 years. It would take 145 years before it eventually went down to the same temperature it is today. That’s just the physics of the problem.”
Mr. Myhrvold is no lightweight. He went to college at 14, graduating from UCLA four years later with both a bachelor’s degree in math and a master’s in geophysics and space physics. Mr. Myhrvold has four degrees—after UCLA, he went on to earn a master’s in mathematical economics and a doctorate in applied math from Princeton.
I would put my money on him and Bjorn Lomborg over Al Gore.

A Story by the Devine Miss E

For Openers

Let us close the week with a story. I did not read it, well since 1999, to see what it was about. Here we have reality turning into a story. A married woman’s dalliance being addressed by a no nonsense mentor.

From Sat Mar 20 00:30:17 1999

He settled himself on the loveseat and opened the newspaper. “Elise, come here”. She stood before him and waited. The only sounds were the hammering of her heart and the beauty of the horn concerti. “What?!” She began to fidget; unable to will her hands to be still. He lowered the paper and said quietly, “You will stand silently until I decide to deal with you”. The clock chimed, and he continued to ignore her. She was filled with dread, but determined that he would not see her fear. The minutes passed until she was longing for anything to happen, just to be able to move her aching legs.

At last he put away the paper and fixed his gaze upon her. Now, she wished above all things in heaven and earth he had not learned of her affair. She prayed that the earth would open and swallow her. “Now we will have a little
talk. Give me your hand.” Taking her hand in his, he turned it and admired the delicate shape.” Taking the ruler in his hand, he said ” First I will set the ground rules for our chat. You will look at me when I speak to you; you will answer and address me as Sir, and you will only speak when I give you leave. I will punish each instance of disobedience. Do you understand?”

“Yes! But don’t- I can explain everything- it’s not what you think! ” The ruler descended with a sharp crack on her palm. “You will answer me with respect, and a simple yes or no is all that is required.”. She tried to draw back her hand, but he clasped it firmly. “Do you understand me, young lady?”

She gritted her teeth and from behind clenched teeth answered “Yes, sir.” Another blow of the ruler reddened her palm. “You will look at me when you answer me.” His face was calm, but his eyes blazed and she could hardly meet his gaze. “Give me your other hand”. Reluctantly she complied, rubbing the freed one against her thigh. “How long have you been playing the whore?” “I’m NOT – you don’t understand!” Two blows fell in quick succession. “You will answer my question directly; now.” She looked wildly around the room, but found no avenue of escape. “Three months, but not anymore, sir.” “I see. I am glad that you have come to your senses, but you will receive ample correction to assist you avoid future such errors.”

“Are you ready to accept my correction?” Terrified, she nodded slightly. She loved him, and yet feared him. She knew he was disappointed and saddened by her foolish dalliance. She knew he would be severe with her. Again the
ruler fell, this time on her thigh, leaving an angry red stripe. “I did not hear your reply.” “Yes, sir.” It was the most she could manage at this point.

“You have forced me to take serious steps to discipline you. You must remember that I care about you but will show no mercy.”

“Raise your skirt and come across my lap.” She broke out in a cold sweat and was rooted to the spot. Her hands clenched the hem of her skirt.

Memories of previous trips across his knee flooded into her mind. The humiliation, the pain; feeling like a small child again. Too afraid to rebel, she eased the skirt up and bent herself to lean across his lap. Halfway down, she stopped-
“please let me explain, please don’t spank me now.” The ruler fell on her exposed thighs, adding to the stripes she’d already earned. She tried to stand with a jerk, but instead he pushed her down and held her in position. “You
will not speak unless spoken to, and I am going to spank your bottom right now.” With that, he pulled her panties down in one smooth motion. “I’m going to spank your bottom until it is on fire, and then I am going to cane the
devil out of you. Fucking your little friend will be the last thing on your mind when I’m through with you.” Without hope of rescue, she was determined to gut it out. She grasped the edge of the cushion and clenched her fists as hard as she could. By God, she thought, let him do his worst!

He saw her defiance and felt her brace herself. He smiled to himself and admired her spirit. But he would break that spirit of rebellion tonight. Using a small paddle, he began to cover her bottom with spanks, slowly at first, and
then faster until every inch was warm and pink. As the sting became more intense, she began to cry out and struggle to escape the punishing blows. He stopped for a moment. “Elise, tell me darling, did you enjoy fucking him?”

Another silent struggle ensued as she desperately wanted to escape. He hit her then quite firmly. “Answer me, young lady.” In a trembling voice she complied in a whisper, “Yes sir”. She knew to lie would make it unbearable. He ran his hand over her ass, feeling the heat, imagining the tenderness.

Allowing her to stand, he looked at her and shook his head in exasperation.

“I am so ashamed of your behavior. Is this the way you were raised to act?”

She looked at him, face somber. “No sir”. “I should think not. Go to the closet and bring me the cane.” She turned to obey him, cursing the lust that had brought her to this point. Her palms burned and her bottom was on fire.
She brought the cane to him and hung her head. “May I say something, please?”

One last chance to talk her way out of what was sure to be a thorough thrashing. “No, you may not. Remove your skirt, lower your panties and bend over my desk.” She silently did as he instructed and waited. He moved beside her and lightly rested his hand on her back.

“Now then, my dear, did you let him kiss your breasts?” Before her faint reply was finished, the cane struck her. “Did you suck his cock?” On and on he interrogated her, caning her with each answer. She was soon pleading and
begging him to stop, each question more embarrassing than the last. Finally she began to sob. The pain, the humiliation were more than she could bear.

“So, now you are beginning to regret your little fling, are you?” “yes sir.

In heaven’s name, please stop!” The cane fell four more times. “How interesting. Go stand in the corner while I consider your unhappy situation.”

Tears streaming down her face, she stood in the corner as he poured himself a drink, trying to decide if he had blistered her sufficiently.

It’s Spring Already

It’s Spring! Show me some freaking sunshine. Spring days came here two weeks back and retreated. Grumble.

Pulling Her Panties Down has remained the most viewed post for several months. It was posted two years ago, but took off last fall.  Lots of guys searching for panties I suppose. Well this post has the same theme, but only regular readers will see it as the post title is about Spring, not panties. Not that there is a damn thing wrong with pulling her panties down and exposing her cheeks to some sunshine.

Properly attired in white panties and a slip

This happens to Bacall at least once a week

Yep, that right, pull that schoolgirls panties right down

Dreams come true – for both

Another schoolgirl getting her comeuppance what she wants.

Some need to do this as part of the scene



BLM’s Incredible Funding

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and related causes received an astonishing $82.9 billion from corporations.

“As a point of reference, $82.9 billion is more than the GDP of 46 African countries. In 2022, the Ford Motor Company’s profits were $23 billion.”

The list reveals that several popular corporations from a wide range of different industries supplied the movement with large sums of cash. Walmart, for example, which is based in Arkansas, gave a whopping $100 million in support of BLM and related causes focusing on “racial equity.” Amazon gave even more, supplying the movement with an astonishing $169.5 million. Silicon Valley Bank gave the movement $73.45 million.

If you want to read the whole article.

Afro-American Studies

“Professor Leonard Jeffries, head of the Afro-American Studies Department at City College, New York, taught that whites were biologically inferior to blacks, that Jews financed the slave trade, and that the ‘ultimate culmination’ of the ‘white value system’ was Nazi Germany.

Jeffries’ students were informed that white genes were deformed in the Ice Age, producing an inadequate supply of melanin, which in turn made whites capable of appalling crimes, while black genes were enhanced by ‘the value system of the sun.’

Other self-evident truths were unveiled by Professor Becky Thompson, head of the Women’s Studies Department at Brandeis University—the college named after the first Jew to attain the Supreme Court—who described to a meeting of the American Sociological Association her teaching methodology: ‘I begin the course with the basic feminist principle that in a racist, classist and sexist society we have all swallowed oppressive ways of being, whether intentionally or not. Specifically, this means that it is not open to debate whether a white student is racist or a male student is sexist. He/ she simply is. Rather, the focus is on the social forces that keep these distortions in place.”

— A History of the American People by Paul Johnson

The link will take you his book.

Lighter Stuff

“In the 1920s, Dorothy Parker (1893–1967) had created for herself a special upper-class accent of her own—a special little drawl that was very attractive’—and used it to become the first American woman who could swear with impunity and make sexual wisecracks:
‘She hurt her leg sliding down a barrister;’
‘She wouldn’t hurt a fly—Not if it was buttoned up;’
‘We were playing ducking for apples—There, but for a typographic error, is the story of my life;’
‘If all the girls at a Yale prom were laid end-to-end, I wouldn’t be at all surprised;’
‘She speaks eighteen languages and can’t say no in any of them’—and so forth.”

— A History of the American People by Paul Johnson

Going Green – Lithium Batteries

E-bike lithium-ion batteries have already ignited 25 fires within New York City limits this year, killing at least two and injuring 36.

Doctor, My Ass

The only people that rate being referred to as doctor have an MD. Lawyers have a doctorate, but no one calls them doctor. Countless people have a doctorate in many disciplines. Seems those who have a doctorate in education are the only ones that refer to themselves with the honorific. I guess they need the boost as they know their phony-baloney paper is worthless.

Dr Jill

I am more than just a white racist

Students at Auburn University (just down the road from us) came up with seven pages of names for honkies.

They call them Creaker names. I had to look that up.  Creaker is slang for an old white man.

Women are not left out – they might be called Klux Klux Karen.

Pick your creaker name.

Auburn is a different place now.

You Still Here?

I wrote this in 2009. It still rings true.

Liberalism has become a philosophy of Western suicide


Some of this and that and not one thing connected to spanking.

A fine elixer

If she can still do this, she is fit

Sometimes you can can not suppress the urge

This is a mobile penis in Libya, They think it is penetrating an evil sprit. I know damn well I have tangled with a few evil spirits along the way.

Damn Cats

She is happy. Take a cue from her and enjoy the weekend.