I Need Spring

For Openers

The calendar says Spring is next month. We had glorious day yesterday. The high was a sunny 77. Today, a severe storm is forecast. Grump.

Across the country, girls are trying on short shorts to tantalize men when Spring springs.

Some lucky women have jobs with benefits. The Devine Miss E did.

8 thoughts on “I Need Spring”

    1. Two things: as an old coon hunter from my teenage years, I reflect that the last thing you did before going home at dawn was to “Call in the dogs and piss on the fire” – very important since coon hunting was done during the winter fire season.

      The second was the picture of the delicious ladies on the beach. A million years ago during some flight lessons near San Diego, we had the opportunity to closely inspect a nude beach from the air – from out over the water, of course – you can’t overfly people at low altitudes. I still remember my young flight instructor’s comment. “Looks like a huge griddle of fried eggs.”

      1. Sorry – left out the part that we never had any girls with us. Couldn’t piss on the fire, you see….

  1. Trust you did not get blue dick like Prince Harry. Grin Pissing on the fire in front of girls back them would have been offensive. Now you would be branded as sexist for having the right equipment for the task.

    I have had the “humor” images accumulating for years. Never could decide to post them or not. I hope you and others find some amusement in them. A break from murders, etc. that are now a daily occurrence.

  2. I’ve never come across naked women on a beach like your first photo shows. Then again according to a libertarian authoritarian from New Jersey I’m gay do it wouldn’t interest me. I’m obsessed over his ass full of objects.

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