Men Getting a Hot Bottom

It’s Hump Day for the working folks

Paddling With a Grin

I Would Love to Feel Her Slapper

Audrey is Showing Him What It Feels Like

He Seems to be Getting What He Wants

I Suspect There Are Men Looking at This and Wishing They Were OTK and Under the Skirt

I have always wondered what was behind the fantasy of big women dominating little men.

9 thoughts on “Men Getting a Hot Bottom”

  1. Hump Day for working folks or for the amorous ladies out there? If there’s one thing the naughty girls love more than romantic fiction… it’s good friction!

      1. Abused???… Oh, nay – nay! We should all be so lucky I think, as to be a naughty lass’s pillow!

  2. Gosh, I miss Audrey Knight! Never have found out what happened. One day she’s running Spanking360, the next she’s gone *poof*, completely disappeared from public view.

    1. She is one of the very few pros that I find interesting. She does not come across as a meanie. No fetish wear, etc. Bacall had a back-and-forth dialog with her when we retired. Bacall was thinking about paddling guys where we traveled. Audrey made her understand the downside of it.

      1. Well, wherever she is and whatever she’s doing, I wish her every happiness. She has such a cute, genuine appearance, almost like MTM, if that makes sense.

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