Stick Your Tongue Out

I have seen very few photos of women exhibiting their tongues in the last few months. It’s a bit of playfulness left over from childhood to me. I sure could use a bit of playfulness in these times.

Is the act asking for a spanking?


2 thoughts on “Stick Your Tongue Out”

  1. The fifth picture down shows a model curling her stuck-out tongue, which I think she thinks is sexual. The third picture shows a model with her tongue WAY out, which I think came about with the open-mouth pose signifying an interest in providing oral sex. The same for the sixth and last photo in regard to the girl with her face by her friend’s bum. These ladies DEFINATELY need to be spanked! The others, I THINK, are just being cutesy. But, to err on the side of caution, giving each and every one of these attractive ladies a good bottom-warming would be wise. As ogang said above, we were ALL taught by Mommy that sticking one’s tongue out was naughty…!

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