A Farrago of Scrumptious Derrière

For Openers

She enjoys full-body mobility

The title indicates I learned a new word farrago, a collection, medley. I don’t know if derrière has a plural.



She should be switched for a messy room



The polka dots add interest

I make several dishes with chilies and I can attest that washing your hands or using gloves is highly desirable.



A year of war in Ukraine hasn’t changed Putin and we hope Western politicians preaching “peace” were listening to his speech on Tuesday. The Russian promised nothing but more war and blamed the West for it. His choice in turn means there is only a binary choice for the West: Give Ukraine the weapons to win, or abandon Ukraine and live with the fallout for decades.

If you care to read the whole article.

Why I’m Running for President

Vivek Ramaswamy is running for President. He has a chance to make a contribution to the race even if he is a long shot. I like what he says.

We must revive merit in who gets to govern in America. Democracy depends on a simple principle: The people we elect to run the government must be the people who actually run the government. The next time unelected bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci or Merrick Garland reach beyond their legal scope, I commit to doing what the president is constitutionally empowered to do: fire them. I will repeal civil-service protections for federal employees, by executive order if necessary, and replace these managerial protections with sunset clauses. If the president can’t hold his position for more than eight years, neither should most bureaucrats. I will stop funding agencies that waste money or have outlived their purpose. I will shut down agencies that can’t be reformed and create new ones built from scratch to replace them.

The whole article.

Down in the Trailerhood

I am feeling guilty about not posting this week.

I was looking at spanking blog, which I have not visited in years. And I came across this short clip.

To Catch (And Swat) A Cougar

Which reminded me of this.

Which has a better care wash scene than Cool Hand Luke

20 years ago Paul Thorn, not Toby Keith, did a song, My Baby Needs a Spanking. It disappeared. I had it, but it did not transfer to a new computer for copyright infringement.

Panties Headed South

For Openers

I see by the time on my laptop that it is 30 minutes past the publication time of 4:30. Mea Culpa. I will toss a few pictures at you and hope you will be partially satiated.

I did not post yesterday and OBB got more eyeballs than any other day in the last six months. Go figure.

If you get a thrill pulling panties down theses gifs may give you a moment of pleasure. They are not getting your jollies off images. So get your hands out of your pants.

The Campaign to Ban Gas Stoves Everything Else

Biden and the media deny it exists, but the effort is calculated and well-funded.

They are coming for your stove. This is way the Deep State works.

Read Kimberly’s analysis

[Who is Richard Trumka Jr? He is the son of Richard Trumka who served as president of the United Mine Workers from 1982 to 1995, and then was secretary-general of the AFL-CIO from 1995 to 2009]

Electric cars and renewable energy may not be as green as they appear. Production of raw materials like lithium, cobalt and nickel that are essential to these technologies are often ruinous to land, water, wildlife and people.

Not just your stove

The Climate Crusaders Are Coming for Electric Cars Too

A new report makes clear the ultimate goal: tiny, uncomfortable apartments and bicycles for all

Climate Crusaders




You Say You Want a Revolution

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out

That’s me sometimes. I want to stop what I see as destroying the USA. I see people spewing nonsense and made up bullshit. That would be The Squad all the time, 1619, gender shifters, dicks in women’s sports, Whoopi opening her mouth, defunding the police, not prosecuting criminal offenders, open borders, forcing someone to bake a cake against their beliefs, the list goes on.

The war between freedom and authority has always existed, usually subdued before the great democratic experiment we now call America.

I want personal freedom. I don’t want authority telling me what to do or what to think. Do you?

It seems that sometimes I want the freedom to bash the heads of those who want to control me, the country. It could be important things like 2A or lesser things like forcing people to give up their gas stoves.

So that makes me like them, dictatorial. I get it.

What ticks me is, using just the two examples above, is that my possession of a weapon or cooking with gas does no one any harm, yet they want to restrict me while gaining not a damn thing for themselves.

Mixed in with committed ideologues are the under-educated students made possible by decades of dumbing down the public schools by unions and  discarding traditional core courses in favor of something-studies classes by colleges to make graduation possible for the under-educated.

Now get this. Most of us want a leader with authority.

Maybe I do have a calling.