Photographs of Women Being Spanked

For Openers

Did she wake you up?

This image was on Richard Windsor’s blog recently. It perfectly captures my memory of spankings I gave some gals after school in their homes. As this one is doing, they all vigorously protested the indignity.

Wearing shorts under a skirt was common at my HS. The skirt came off after the final bell.

The agony and suffering of being spanked

Typical of commercial shoots. Cute girl wiggling over his leg. The set is third-rate. Electric wire over plaster marks it as British. The guy is well, he is not Robert Redford is he? More cute girls than guys in the commercial world.

Simply Exquisite

Another image that brings memories to mind

The state of pixieish

51 days until Spring

3 thoughts on “Photographs of Women Being Spanked”

  1. Good selection. Your experiences in school were WAY better than mine. And yes, Pixie has to be at or near the top of all-time spankable young ladies.

    1. Truly amazing since I had no plans to spank at the time. It just happened – again and again. I was 16-17. I did not consciously think about spanking until I was 19.

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