From the Divine Miss E


This is a note she sent to a mutual friend telling about her recent adventure at our home.

Hi- a little spankee update- I may have to run and finish getting the kids to bed.

Our little adventure started in the beautiful sitting room. Bacall and I sat together on a loveseat and Bogey settled himself across from us. He thought he would issue a stiff lecture but Bacall and I acted so badly, he gave up. He then went and got a cane and told me to get myself into the bedroom. (the BR was through a large open doorway). I hemmed and hawed, but did go finally after Bacall said I better watch out he might lay one across my thighs right there.

Once there, I advised him he might want to draw the curtains- while he turned to do that, I made tracks back to the sitting room for more giggles with Bacall.

That escape turned up his thermostat a notch. He told me to get right back in there; that if he had to come and get me, I would regret it; so I did. Then he asked me if I was still refusing to prepare myself for punishment (I had emailed him that I would not raise my skirt). I wouldn’t look at him and said I had no intention. He sat down on the loveseat at the end of the bed, pulled me over, raised my skirt, and proceeded to give me a few cuts of the cane. It hurt pretty sharply but wasn’t too bad. Kind of “ow–ow–ow!”.

After he let me up, he sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to go across his lap. Of course I wouldn’t do it.

Big Mistake. He got up and proceeded to unbuckle my kilt and remove it. Then he put me across the bed and took my panties all the way down while spanking me with his hand. All the while berating me for my defiance.

Then he picked up one of the paddles. At that point, I told him to eat shit. Bacall was laughing at me from the other room and I told her to eat shit too. Big Mistake #2.

Bogey proceeded to wear me out with the paddle. When he let me up, he called Bacall in to deal with her. He put her across the bed and proceeded to spank her bottom with the leather paddle. I jumped and winced every time he hit her.

Then he put me back across the bed beside Bacall. I was terrified, but Bacall and I got the giggles again in the worst way. This levity did not go over well, and Bogey paddled us both until we were more serious. He worked up quite a sweat!

I loved playing with Bacall- even at the worst moments we had fun exchanging looks and grins (or grimaces!).

2 thoughts on “From the Divine Miss E”

  1. First… wow! Cute kitty. Quite a change, for openers. 🙂
    Second… cute note. Two brats together isn’t mischief doubled, it’s mischief raised by an order of magnitude! Glad you quelled the rebellion.

    1. Miss E and the recipient of her note were two of the four perpetually rebellious nieces. I never had them under control. They delighted in baiting me. I enjoyed the laughs.

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