Cop City

Atlanta is about a 2 hour drive from here. When I traveled, I spent 1 to 3 weeks there every month. So I know a bit about the over-peopled and frenetic city.

When this story broke a week or so back, I thought this does not sound at all like Atlanta. After reading an article I know why. The Jerk Offs “Forest Defenders”  are not from Atlanta. They come from all over this country. They share one thing in common, they come from a privileged background.

The old saw says, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. That was true a hundred years ago before cover design was emerged. I looked up the faces of some of these folks. You tell me if they are your kind of people.

Maine millionaires son

Graduate of $82,000-a-year college in Claremont, Calif

Nevada native is a clarinetist who performed with orchestras up and down the West Coast

Native of Gross Isle, Mich. had a high-ranking role in Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project” organization, which served as her gateway drug to eco-extremism and vegan activism.

She grew up in a wealthy suburb of Portland, Ore.  went to tony — and far-left — Oberlin College where she “studied archaeological studies with a focus on decolonization.” She’s now a “trans nonbinary activist,” which means she’s a chick with armpit hair who goes by “Henri” (because when you’re high-class, why not choose a French name to transition to?).

I wonder if they were recruited for this mission?

Here is the article:

Atlanta Terrorists Are Children of Privilege

I finished this post Thursday morning. Friday morning I read:

Gov. Brian Kemp declared a temporary state of emergency in Georgia on Thursday and activated 1,000 Georgia National Guard troops in response to recent anti-police protests and destructive riots in Atlanta.

Kemp’s order referenced protests and riots that occurred on Saturday, which had stemmed from ongoing demonstrations against a police training facility the city is building in a wooded area of metro Atlanta.

“Cop City” is SE of the city inside the 459 beltway and will be on 150 acres of city-owned property, the site of a former prison farm that is now dominated by invasive vegetation and trash. So not so much forest.

Atlanta official said police on Saturday arrested six individuals after some of the protesters had turned violent and broken businesses’ windows and attacked police cruisers.

Kemp said “These individuals are members of a broader network of militant activists who have committed similar acts of domestic terrorism and intimidation across the country with no regard for the people or communities impacted by their crimes.”

Everyday, there is a senseless murder. About every week some deranged wack job kills several people. Now we have a network of militants engaged in terrorism in several places across the country.

Is something like the French Revolution coming? I am serious. With the radical left and the insanity of the ultra right, along with funding from the likes of Soros are we on a one-way ride to total chaos?

With all this going on don’t you feel safe with the leaders we elected?

In other “news”. Some kind of joke.

There is newly released “Satanic Golden Medusa” statue honoring the late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The eight-foot statue depicts a naked woman with golden horn-like braids and arms resembling tentacles on her sides. The sculpted woman wears a beaded collar on her neck and stands on the roof of the state courthouse in New York City’s Flatiron district.

I sure RBJ  would feel honored.

I plan to watch the Frontline show ‘Putin and the Presidents’  next Tuesday. I may learn something.

8 thoughts on “Cop City”

  1. Bogey,

    I lean farther left than you and support protecting our natural world in many cases, but agree these young folks are just a bunch of privileged wackos.

    One thing though – I do think armpit hair can be sexy. I’ve tried to get my wife Irene to grow hers for decades but to no avail.

    1. As I noted in the post: the site of a former prison farm is now dominated by invasive vegetation and trash. So not much to protect. Landscaping would be an improvement. The area is surrounded by forests, two parks and high-income homes.

      In re armpit hair, what humans find to be sexy is seemingly endless. I was the last holdout for bushes, but now I am OK with them being bare.

  2. I’ll give you one name as to who recruits these “activists”
    George Soros.

    I find it ironic that these “white privileged” children are the first to also protest against white privilege
    As a black friend of mine says, he doesn’t need these fools support to fuck him up any worse.

  3. One name behind these “activists”
    George Soros

    I find it ironic that the ones always protesting white privileged activists are white privileged kids

    As a black friend of mine says, he doesn’t need any help from these kids to fuck ip his situation any worse than it is.

    I know I’m a bit off the topic but it fits the narrative.

  4. I have a relative who is police officer at an airport. He said during the riots of 2020 there were confirmed tardtifa members traveling around the country with prepaid visa cards. All the same cards. Imagine that…

  5. I never agree with your politics. I have fun reading your posts. There is no New York State courthouse in the Flatiron district. The courts are much further south. That is a pretty statue.

    1. It’s on the State Appellate Court building facing Madison Square Park. There was recently an NYT article about the statue.

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