Comments stroke a blogger’s ego. We relish them. I would like to hear even comments the content sucks. There needs to be a Suxs icon right next to the Like icon.


I have had three reports from folks reporting problems in attempting to make comments. If three folks speak up, that means there are many more experiencing problems. I am aware that other blogs are experiencing like problems.

Comment Moderation

I have turned it off. I THINK it will now allow anonymous comments. Maybe that will rectify the problem? We will see how that works. I would appreciate it you comment anonymously to sign it with a name you wish to be known as.


Make a comment. Nothing to say? Tell us your dogs name. Your fav letter of the alphabet. Whatever.

41 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. Tried to comment before- this time it worked. Keep up the good work. Best wishes from the UK.

    1. Congratulations on the completion of your course of radiation! I am enjoying the random pic posts, even (maybe particularly) those without spanking images. I do look forward to the weekend current issues posts. Like you I am a WSJ reader and am always pleased to see such material show up on your page. BTW, I check your page every day. Wishing you health and increasing vigor!

      1. Magenta, Good to know you enjoy the pictures. So do I. Been reading the WSJ since I was 25. I value the way they handle a story. Without the WSJ I would have little idea of what people around the world think and why they think it.

  2. I don’t have a dog. I have been following your blog for a very long time and appreciate your writing very much.

    1. Pleased to know you have enjoyed OBB for a long time. We don’t have a dog either. Only because we don’t wish to care for one.

      How about signing your comments so that others can refer to you? A made up name.

      I turned off anonymous comments to prevent spam. We will see what happens now.

      1. I understand the need for feedback and comments… hope this reaches you this time. Keep up the good work!

  3. I understand the desire for feedback and knowing your audience is “out there”. Prior attempts to comment were unsuccessful .

  4. Enjoy the blog, especially those gorgeous female bottoms.

    Tempted to engage on the politics but that’s a digression.

  5. using comments to report comments problems 😛

    Perhaps captcha or anon comments moderation can provide a solution to dpam

    I always thought that a dashcam upload site would be a great option for crowd cloud license plate recognition/captcha and a resource for law enforcement and insurers both to identify high risk drivers/vehicles.

    1. Now that people are able to comment, I am finding out what they think about OBB. I wondered why 10,000 eyeballs a day were coming here every day if they didn’t like it.

      1. I’ve been visiting your site for over a year. I never left a comment (although I tried) because I’m not on Facebook or another of the listed options. I’m not up with new technology at all. One thing I’ve noticed (I was an editor till I retired) is your occasional use of the world “callipygous.” I believe you mean “callipygian.” I love your aesthetic. You show beautiful women in a classy, sexy way. It’s light and fun, not dark and creepy. Keep it up!

  6. It would be foolish of me to argue with an editor. So I will not. The closest I was to an editor was when I wrote and published a newsletter for a national organization. (circulation 450) The wife of one of the members was an English prof and from time to time she would mail back a newsletter marked up in red. I survived using the AP Stylebook.

    I am informed that the adjective callipygous is a derivative of callipygian. Either way, you are referring to beautiful buttocks. Merle Travis knew something about that when in 1947 he wrote “So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed” which was picked up as a jingle for Lucky Strikes.

  7. Comments you say?

    Enjoy The Divine Miss E. Enjoy the Photos. You say 10,000 eye balls a day? Merci! Easy to understand why turning off the commenting section to help fight the spam would be an issue.

    Probably been “lurking” for close to two years or so? Just not much of a joiner, I guess. Two lessons I suppose that I can say that I’ve learned. Don’t buy the wrong stain, if there is such a thing? Second, buy or borrow a wood router before you try to make a paddle (or 10), it sure helps round edges easier. Amateur woodworking 101, right? As one would suspect, a bit of humor comes in handy some times.

    1. The Devine Miss E was unique. I still have years of notes from her to go through and publish.

      When I did woodworking I had a dozen or so stains. I would apply them to scrap pieces of wood to see how they looked. Sanding to 600 grit and coating with polyurethane became a fav.

      It’s been years since I used the router. Thanks for your comments, Earnest.

  8. I will add, now I just want to twirl in a dress, and self-spank! Great pics! I suppose I could ask a friend to do the latter, hmmm…. SaraE

  9. Your blog is one of the best and I have been reading it for years. Thanks for your efforts.

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